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The Island Wo​rld is a star-shaped island above the Infinite Ocean.


According to Tecna, the world used to be underwater, but the Sirenix Curse made the ocean level drop and it became an island. It is where the Breath of the Ocean can be found. According to Tecna, it would take 2.5-7 weeks to travel the whole island. Its only known inhabitants are the Mantocefalus.


It is a star-shaped island that is currently above the Infinite Ocean. There are many rock formations that can be found there. There are also pink flowers and a long, rock bridge near the Breath of the Ocean.


Season 5


Flora finds the Breath of the Ocean.

In "Saving Paradise Bay", the Winx transform and fly to the island above the Infinite Ocean, which is now reduced to a barren rocky wasteland. As they try to search for the Breath of the Ocean, they get attacked by the Mantocefalus. The girls prepare to fight, but Flora tells them not to hurt them, which Stella rebukes saying that the mantises do not have a problem trying to kill them. Flora reasons that the mantises are acting on instinct, defending the stone they were looking for. Bloom then tells Flora to search the adjacent rock formations for the Breath of the Ocean while she and the others hold the mantises off. Flora flies off and uses her powers to scan the rock formation, where she finds the Breath of the Ocean. Taking it, she shines its light over the entire island, causing the mantises to vanish and the island to be returned to its former splendor.


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