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Isotta is a minor character that has only ever appeared in the comics.


Isotta has bright, neon green hair, which is wrapped in a green hair-scarf, with two bangs on either side. She has a white complexion and hazel eyes.

She wears a blue stripy top that exposes her midriff and light blue flared jeans with fringes on the ends. On her feet, she wears blue pumps.


Isotta is quite friendly and helpful, preferably since she is a shop assistant, to Stella because she helps her pick out clothes to try them on. She is able to reason with Stella, and is shown to be able to remain calm.


#30: Love for Layla

Love for Layla - Isotta's First Appearance

Isotta greeted Stella when she and Allan entered her store. Without Stella's knowledge, Allan had already asked her to help him test Stella's honesty in which she obliged.

She helps Stella with all the clothes she wanted to "try" on well aware of Stella's real plan - to break Allan out of his "nice" facade. By the time Stella had selected over half of the store's items, she voiced her opinion on Stella overstepping the boundaries, the latter however was not about to give up.

And when it was time for Allan to go meet up with his girlfriend, Isotta is surprised to see that Allan actually giving Stella his credit card before leaving. She was hopeful that Stella would purchase all that she had selected but Stella refused as she did not want to do that to someone who is so kind. She gets a little sad but starts to put back the clothes, with the help of Stella, before her boss returns.


  • "Isotta", is a Welsh name for girls and means "fair lady". It is an alternate form of another Welsh name, Isolde.
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