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The Pearl of the Seas is the one-hundred and forty-second issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


To further honor solidarity between people of the terrestrial and undersea kingdoms of Andros, a ball is held at the Terrestrial Royal Palace to allow for a group of mermaids to celebrate as if they were land-dwellers thanks to a magic pearl held by the royal family. However, once the mermaids are to return home, they are unable to transform back into their former selves. The mermaids are then set to stay within the royal palace walls as the Winx search for the cause of their dilemma, which leads them to an ancient island of witches who had made off with the magic pearl.


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Spells Used



  • Musa's eyebrows are missing on the cover.
  • The interior of Andros' palace is that of the palace of Domino.




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