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A Special New Year is the one-hundred and sixty-fifth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


In this issue, you will find a very unusual comic book. Here, you have to decide for yourself how the story of New Year's adventures of the Winx will develop. The main objective of the fairies is to save the holiday, and this time only you will be able to help them! Read the comics, "A Special New Year"!


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Spells Used



  • On the cover:
    • Aisha’s arm band reaches her shoulder.
    • Flora’s sleeve is on her left shoulder instead of her right.
  • In many pages, Bloom's top is colored black instead of having diamond patterns on it.
  • On page 8, 15 and 17, Stella's shirt is missing its details.
  • On page 13-14 and 16-17, Tecna's shirt is missing its details.
  • On page 14, Musa's shirt is missing some its details.
  • On page 16, Flora's shirt is colored lighter than its usual design and its missing its details.


  • Unnamed boy
  • Spirits




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