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Return of the Trix Girls is the twenty-third issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


A party is being held at Alfea and everyone is enjoying themselves until the Trix arrive. Though they are still unaware of their past crimes due to their memory loss, everyone at the party cannot help but be either fearful or angry at the trio's arrival. The Trix try to enjoy themselves but leave once they find no enjoyment in being embarrassed by both the Winx and Specialists. When they return to Cloud Tower, the Trix are visited by Lucy, who breaks the promise everyone in the three major schools was expected to keep by telling the Trix of their past crimes, with the hopes of becoming the newest Trix witch. This blows up in Lucy's face as the Trix want nothing to do with her lies but, by the next morning, the trio begin to suspect that Lucy's lies may have been the truth. Although, since no one else knows that they are now aware of what happened, the Trix decide to stir up "innocent" trouble with the hopes of not only the Winx look bad, but by also garnering favoritism from everyone else, especially the Specialists.


RotTG p2

The Trix arrive.

At Alfea, there seems to be a huge party being set up. Bloom is amazed by how many people have shown up as Stella gets ready to save a table of themselves and the boys. Musa is quick to notice another group of people arrive: the Trix, as everyone else is terrified by their arrival. Once they find a table, Darcy wonders why everyone has been staring at them, but Icy thinks that everyone is just being overwhelmed by her beauty. Darcy scoffs at that claim and Icy tells her that they certainly cannot be amazed by Darcy's looks. Most of the Winx are not too happy with the decision of inviting the Trix and Stella wonders why they have not been imprisoned in the Underground Realm after what they did. Flora reminds the girls that thanks to their plot to erase everyone else's memories backfiring on them, the Trix do not even remember who they are or the past crimes they have committed, telling them that the headmasters all believed that it would not be right to imprison the Trix if they are not able to remember what it is they are being locked up for. Musa is disheartened at the fact and Flora tells the girls that letting the Trix re-attend Cloud Tower was the only choice that the headmasters could have made at the time. Despite all of this, Stella still believes that having the Trix around will only bring trouble and does not like the thought of being in the same party with people who have tried to kill her and her friends many times over. Bloom, however, feels like having the Trix around is not that big of a deal as she cannot even remember much about them or what they did. Tecna agrees with Bloom to not let the negativity that the Trix bring distract them from enjoying themselves.

However, on the Trix's end, they all become furious with how no one has tried to sit with them; more specifically, why any boys have not tried to sit with them. Darcy notes that the fairies, the Winx, have been sneaking glances and talking about them for a while now and Stormy believes that they are trying to start up rumors. Icy points Bloom out, saying that she has never seen a more hateful person, but Stormy and Darcy do not seem as bothered by Bloom's presence and ask Icy why she is so special. Icy does not quite know why but she feels as if something about Bloom is familiar and very easy to hate.

Faragonda is overjoyed by the party's turnout, proclaiming that she, Saladin and Griffin have all of the best students attending their colleges. Saladin agrees with Faragonda, but Griffin doubts their decision to take the Trix back. Saladin tries to reassure that if they made a mistake then they made it together, and that they have to try and raise the Trix to make sure that they do not throw the Magic Dimension into another crisis. Griffin claims that this will not be an easy task as many others will not be able to put aside their memories of the Trix and what they have done until Faragonda cuts in, reminding them about the evil wind and how it has affected everyone's memories permanently. Codatorta adds that young people forget things faster so they may be at a point where no one is capable of remembering the Trix's misdeeds. Griffin hopes that the Trix take this opportunity to become good witches as she notices that something is about to happen on-stage.

RofTG p8

Timmy introducing the rest of the Specialists as "New Magix Sound."

A concert is underway as Timmy introduces the rest of the Specialists by their band name, "New Magix Sound." The girls notices their boyfriends on-stage and cheer as Timmy exclaims that New Magix Sound will win the concert contest. As the boys play their song, the crowd goes into an uproar as they dance along. Bloom and Tecna marvel at the wacky jacket Timmy is wearing as Stella swoons over Brandon. The Trix dance to the music as well, admitting that the boys are not half bad, until Icy starts to think that they deserve high-class boyfriends like the Specialists and forces her sister to move closer to the stage.

The boys finish their song as the crowd goes crazy, demanding an encore. Sky suggests that they go meet up with the girls now that they have finished but as they are making their way off of the stage, they bump into the Trix. Stella is furious as she watches Icy flirt with Brandon and jumps into his arms to prove that he is already taken by her. Icy then tries to make small talk with Sky but he approaches Bloom and tells Icy that all of them already have other people in mind, but wishes them luck on finding guys of their own. Icy is furious over being humiliated and she storms off with her sisters behind her as most of the crowd laughs. Stella also laughs at the Trix as they storm off and Tecna is offended by how they strut around as if they are completely innocent. Flora reminds the girls that they in fact do not remember what they have done in the past so that encounter was basically their first to the Trix, but Stella does not believe that to be a justifiable reason for them to try and steal away their boyfriends. Timmy is able to regroup with the others and asks if they liked him playing the role of MC. Tecna marvels at Timmy's hairdo and as the two of them talk about it, Sky suggests that they all look for a table to sit at.

RotTG p14

The Winx and Specialists enjoy themselves as Icy scornfully watches.

As the Winx and Specialists enjoy themselves on their way to a free table, Icy glares daggers at them. Darcy dislikes the fact that they were made out to be a laughing stock and Stormy refuses to stay at the party any longer. Lucy notices the Trix storm back to Cloud Tower to get away from the party.

RofTG p16

Lucy wanting to be let into the Trix's dorm.

At Cloud Tower, Darcy complains over how she really wanted to dance, but Icy tells her that she did not have to leave with her. Darcy asks Icy why she would settle for just any guy and claims that she really liked the drummer. Stormy comments about how she had eyes on the solo guitarist until Icy claims that she better back off because she had her eyes on him first. Stormy asks who could have made up that decision, which causes Icy to lunge at her and threaten to teach her a lesson. Stormy tells her to calm down and adds that she also liked the guy on bass, but that she does not care all too much either way. Darcy chimes in by saying that it does not matter either way since those fairies, the Winx, got to them first. As Icy starts fuming over the Winx, they all hear a knock at the door. Stormy goes to open the door and they find a witch called Lucy wanting to come in. Stormy tries to shut the door on her but Lucy claims that she has something very important to tell them all. Stormy reluctantly lets her in and Lucy greets Icy and Darcy. Icy asks if they have met before and Lucy explains that they have but Icy just does not remember anymore. Lucy makes sure that the Trix do not remember anything past what happened two months ago and teases them for acting as if they were born yesterday. Stormy does not think it is that big of a deal because they were all ill but Lucy insists that they were never ill but that a very potent magic potion was the cause of their memory loss. She tells the Trix that it happened when they tried to wipe the memories of everyone in Magix until the Winx defeated them like they had done so many times before. Icy believes that Lucy is trying to trick them since they only arrived at Cloud Tower recently and could not have been able to have fought the Winx, but Lucy explains that they just do not remember what happened. She begins to tell the Trix of all of their misdeeds, starting with their initial plan to take over the Magic Dimension with the Dragon's Flame.

RotTG p19

The Trix refuse to believe Lucy.

Lucy finally ends the recounting of their past crimes by telling the Trix about how the potion they used to create the "evil wind" made them forget everything and since they could no longer remember their crimes, they were pardoned. When she mentions that everyone was sworn to keep their past crimes a secret from them, Icy asks her why she would bother going against such an important oath. Lucy claims that she is their friend and that she also wants to join the Trix. Icy gets enraged and tells Lucy that she does not believe a word she says because they would be idiots that were being treated nicely by everyone just so they would not cause trouble. Most importantly, she claims that they would have to be absolute losers to lose to the Winx over and over again and would not be able to handle that. Lucy tries to tell them that what she told them was the truth but the Trix throw her out of their dorm before she is able to do so. Icy and Stormy scoff at Lucy's claims but Darcy is still unsure and wonders why Lucy would make up a story like that. Icy claims that she could have made the story up in order to convince them to let her become a Trix and tells her sisters that a mountain of lies will never change the fact that they are the best witches in Cloud Tower as they head off to bed.

Later that night, Icy is tossing and turning in her bed having a nightmare. In her nightmare, Bloom is using the power of her Dragon's Flame to defeat Icy in a battle and, when she is attacked, Icy jumps from her bed screaming. Darcy and Stormy wake up to Icy's screams and ask if she is a crazy person. Icy explains her nightmare to her sisters until Darcy chimes in, claiming that she was having a similar nightmare where they were at Alfea, waging some sort of war. Stormy adds in that her nightmare was one where they were in a huge underground castle until a giant stalactite crumbled and fell on them. Darcy realizes that this all matches what Lucy told them earlier and Stormy wonders if she could have actually been telling them the truth from the start. Icy insists that it would be impossible but Stormy is slightly convinced that what Lucy told them has a possibility of being true and that their amnesia probably is not an illness as they were told. Icy tells her that it will not matter anyway because no one knows that they have discovered the truth and that Lucy cannot betray them because it would mean that she would be going against Griffin's orders. Now that they are free to do what they want, Icy suggests that they begin their new trouble-making reign by stealing the Winx's boyfriends and plans to have them make their move this coming weekend.

RotTG p25

A monster at the bottom of the lake?

In the morning, a couple is enjoying a romantic boat ride out on the lake near the White Horse until their boat bumps into something. The man checks to see what they hit and spots a large purple tentacle sloshing just next to their boat. The woman asks what that could have been and her husband claims that it could have been a big fish. The water near the boat starts to bubble up so the couple brings their boat to shore before possibly being attacked.

At Red Fountain, Codatorta remarks at how they had gotten three reports about a possible lake monster in a span of two days. He notices that people have reported having terrifying nightmares due to the lake water, and that most of them disappear when they wake up as others stay trapped in their dream realms until they eventually end up in Magix. Sky suspects that they have to get involved since a majority of the victims do not and cannot use magic and Codatorta assigns them to get involved next week since the submarine is still in the shop for repairs. Brandon tells Sky that they are lucky the weekend is almost here since they will be able to make up for lost time with their girlfriends.

RotTG p27

Icy and Darcy watch as the Specialists arrive.

Later, back at the White Horse, many customers are disappointed now that the lake has been closed off. Darcy reports to Icy that there is supposedly a monster in the lake but Icy claims that she is not interested in such a thing. She points out that the Specialists have arrived before the Winx, just as they had hoped, and Darcy tells Icy that Stormy is stationed at the road leading from Alfea to make sure the Winx arrive late, giving them plenty of time to get to know the Specialists and steal them.

As the Specialists make it into the cafe, Sky notices a sign prohibiting people from going into the lake and suspects that Codatorta put up the signs to be extra careful. Timmy suggests that they scout the lake for the monster, but Brandon reminds him that the submarine is still in the shop. Timmy reveals that he brought his crossbow with him so he will be able to protect himself and Tecna if they decide to go for a stroll. As the guys go to find a table, Icy and Darcy walk by them to say hi. Sky tries to get the two girls to go away by telling them that they are waiting for some friends, but Icy already knows that they are waiting for the Winx and suggests that they hang out while they wait.

Meanwhile, on Stormy's end, the bus from Alfea is on its way early. Stormy enchants the bus by casting a sleep spell, knocking everyone out. Due to the bus driver also being asleep, the bus swerves off of the road, crashing through the railing and into the lake.

RotTG p31

The bus crashing into the lake.

Back at the White Horse, the two Trix are complimenting the Specialists on their performance at the party that happened earlier that week. After complimenting Timmy, Darcy asks Helia why he is so quiet. Timmy whispers to Brandon that the Trix could have had a turnaround, asking if Brandon also thinks so. Brandon replies to Timmy, saying that he is still doubtful of the Trix but they still have to be polite to them. Timmy then wonders why the Winx are taking so long to get there and Brandon jokes around by saying that Stella is probably holding them up due to a "clothing emergency" or something. Just then, Stormy arrives at the White Horse, confirming to Icy and Darcy that she was able to do her part. Sky and Stormy greet each other until he asks if she had seen the Winx, claiming that they should not be running so late. Timmy adds that the girls have not been picking up their calls either. Icy and Stormy try to stop the boys from leaving by suggesting the go dance but Brandon pushes them out of the way and insists that he is going to go look for the Winx with the rest of the Specialists. The Trix are not happy with being rejected a second time until Stormy reassures her sisters by telling them that the bus the Winx were riding fell into the lake. Icy has her two sisters also leave to make sure that the Specialists do not make it in time.

RotTG p37

The lake monster attacks!

The Specialists ride down the road the Winx usually take on their hoverbikes and discover that part of the railing had been destroyed. When they make it to the broken railing, they spot the bus in the lake and assume that there was an accident. The boys rush down to the bus and notice that no one inside the bus is moving but before they can get to it, the rumored lake monster rises up to attack the bus. The Specialists run for the bus in an attempt to rescue everyone inside before the lake monster can drag the bus into the lake.

Meanwhile, the Trix watch the boys struggle to fend off the monster from afar.

As the boys try to swat the monster off with pieces of the broken railing, Timmy remembers that he brought his crossbow and shoots at one of the tentacles when it wraps around his ankle. However, the shots from his crossbow are not having any effect. Brandon notices that their attacks are distracting the monster away from the bus so he, Timmy and Riven decide to become the diversion in order to let Helia and Sky have a chance to sneak into the bus and rescue everyone. Sky manages to throw a rock at one of the windows and breaks it open.

RotTG p42

The Trix blow back the monster!

The Trix, while watching, realize that the Specialists are going to be able to rescue the Winx. Stormy suggests that they help the monster defeat them but Icy reminds them that everyone still thinks that they have turned good so they have to keep up the act. The girls transform and appear to help the Specialists fight off the lake monster. Stormy comments on how magic will not work against the monster but Icy tells her that it does not matter; that they just need to make it look like they are a part of the action. The Trix then combine their powers and use a powerful blast to push the monster back. As they do this, Sky and Helia manage to get the Winx and the rest of the passengers out of the bus. The Trix manage to blow the monster out to the far edges of the lake and, now that it is too far to fight, Brandon, Riven and Timmy run to check up on the Winx.

As the Winx manage to regain consciousness, Brandon tells Stella that even the Trix fought to keep them safe. Stella asks Icy what their motives were for even bothering to help them but Icy responds by telling her that they were just showing their gratitude and that it only matter so long as darling Brandon is happy. Brandon shrugs this off and tells Stella that the Trix could have made a real turnaround and could even be their friends but Stella is not so sure. Icy tells everyone that she just called security over and that they will take care of towing the bus out of the water.

RotTG p44

The Trix ride off confidently.

As the bus is being towed, the Winx watch as the Specialists thank the Trix for helping them out. Stella cannot believe that the Trix were the ones to rescue them and Tecna suspects that the accident that occurred to them was no common car accident. Bloom warns the girls that they should start watching their backs. The Trix take notice of the Winx's behavior and Icy proclaims that now that they have managed to stir up a little trouble between them and their boyfriends then their work is done. As the Trix ride off, Icy tells her sisters that they are back big time and will definitely win over the Winx.

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  • In the series, the Trix never sought to erase people's memories after Darkar's defeat.
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