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Logic and Love is the twenty-fifth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


Tecna is told by her father of the boy who has been chosen to be with her, but Tecna wishes to date Timmy and struggles to choose between her father's logic or her love for Timmy.


The Winx find Tecna in a panic.

Tecna is suddenly in a panic. The rest of the Winx ask Tecna why she is panicking, to which Tecna tells them that it is because of a message she just got from her parents. She explains that she and her parents write each other twice a week; she tells them how she is at school while they tell her how everything is back in her home kingdom. Musa asks why this is a problem and Tecna tells her that her father, King Cryos, just ran the Consultronic 3000: the most powerful version of this new counselor computer. Stella asks whose counselor this computer is acting as, to which Tecna explains that it is her father's. Reminding her friends that she comes from the kingdom of technology, Tecna explains that computers are very commonplace there and that as the king of it all, it was only natural for her father to assemble of counselor computer to help him run the kingdom. Musa asks in what ways could the computer help him and Tecna starts listing a whole bunch of issues that the king is expected to know until Bloom cuts her off, realizing that Tecna's father must let the Consultronic 3000 do everything. Tecna mostly agrees but adds in that the Consultronic 3000 does not handle everything, but that it processes the information it is given and gives the king advice. She further explains that, as the latest model, her father trusts the computer's advice for just about everything. Stella asks what the problem is, where Tecna tells the girls that her father asked the computer who her future husband should be and when the computer gave an answer, it was not Timmy. The Winx are shocked by this; Bloom asking why her father asked a computer of all things, Musa claiming that Tecna is a bit too young to get married and Stella asking why he would do such a thing. Tecna claims that it is not all that early for her to be getting married since she is already sixteen and, as the princess of her kingdom, it is only normal for her father to worry over who she marries. Stella quickly asks if the computer knows about her and Timmy to come to such a decision, and Tecna claims that billions of pieces of information are stored within the Consultronic 3000. It has her physical and emotional makeup, Timmy's, and the physical and emotional makeup of all the people she knows, in addition to the kingdom's requirements and political implications. She explains that it is very complicated to decide on what to do so a computer that accurately assesses a situation without biases would be the best option for a king and that when her father asked the computer, it gave him an answer in exactly 322 nanoseconds.

Tecna's father, the king, asking the Consultronic 3000.

When Cryos asked the Consultronic 3000, the answer came up with Tecna's best possible future husband as Hullio Pricezio, the son of Baron Pricezio. The baron is honored by this decision and remarks on how, if Tecna accepts, then the union between the royal family and the Pricezios will make the kingdom more prosperous and powerful.

Tecna continues by telling the girls that her father wants her to meet with her future husband by next weekend. Stella asks what she thinks of this whole ordeal, to which Tecna becomes angry and tells Stella that she does not want to even meet Hullio because she already loves Timmy. She further expresses her anger by telling the girls that she will not even go back home and that she will tell her parents that she will be the one to decide who she marries. The girls cheer her on and Bloom adds that they will all come with her to talk to her father.

The Winx accompany Tecna to talk to her father.

In Tecna's room, the Winx stand by Tecna as her Cryos's face begins to show on her monitor. He apologizes to Tecna about how she does not like Hullio but tells her that she must respect his decision. He reminds Tecna that the Consultronic 3000 is a very impressive computer and that it has not made a mistake at all so far. He further explains that if the Consultronic 3000 chose Hullio over Timmy, then there must be plenty of valid reasons for making such a decision, even if they are not so obvious. Stella chimes in to tell Cryos than since they know Timmy very well, they know that he is a very wonderful boy. Bloom also adds in that he and Tecna are practically made for each other. Cryos claims that Timmy must be some boy if her friends insist that he is right for his daughter but tells Tecna to think about it and that, in the end, she will make the right choice. He and Tecna say their goodbyes before the monitor turns off.

Bloom tries to reassure Tecna by telling her that her father is still unsure about his decision but Tecna tells the girls that her father is not one to change his mind so easily. She then tells Stella that she did not have to mention how brave and strong Timmy is because they all already know how he is, but Stella claims that she was trying to persuade her father some more. Tecna eventually claims that she just does not know anymore. Bloom asks what she means by this, to which Tecna says that she is also someone who trusts technology completely and that the court technicians of her kingdom are very skilled at what they do. Bloom still does not know what she means until Tecna claims that the computer may be right and that she may have to break things off with Timmy. Bloom tries to get her to snap out of it by telling Tecna that she should not decide by just using logic alone but Tecna exclaims that computers do not make mistakes like they would otherwise. Before she can doubt her relationship with Timmy any longer, Stella tells Tecna that she just needs some sleep to get this off of her mind and that her doubts will melt away like snow in the sun once she does so. Tecna thinks that Stella may be right and Stella suggests that they worry about what to do for the evening instead. That is when Musa realizes that they have a mathemagics exam tomorrow and that she does not know a thing that is going to be on the exam. Bloom realizes this too and suggests that they go prepare notes. However, Stella suggests that she watch a film on DVD and will tell the Winx about it in exchange for their mathemagics notes as a joke, but the rest of the Winx do not seem to find it so funny.

Tecna breaking up with Timmy?!

That night, it seems that Tecna called Timmy out to meet in a park. Tecna comments on how Timmy is late. Like he always is. Timmy claims that he was having problems with his hoverbike but before he can finish, Tecna yells at him, telling him that he always runs late, that he is always having problems with something and that he must be a completely inept person. She concludes that Timmy is not right for her, but before Timmy can even get a word in, Tecna tells him to that is better for them to just forget about each other and storms off. Timmy calls out to her, telling her that he still loves her even if he may be an inept klutz. He tells her that he loves her again and asks if that counts for anything, but Tecna shows no signs of running back to him.

Tecna wakes up in her bed, realizing that that was all a nightmare. She remarks on how realistic and terrible the dream was and that she really does not want to break up with Timmy. Tecna lies back down, wondering what she tell her father and even starts doubting if the Consultronic 3000 could be right. She wonders if the computer may know something about Timmy that she herself does not even know.

The three men plot to get rid of Timmy.

At the same time, back in Zenith, Baron Pricezio is not happy with Tecna's refusal to accept the arrangement since she is already in love with Timmy. A cloaked man next to Pricezio chimes in by saying that it is too dangerous to wait for her decision and that they need her to accept the arrangement as soon as possible. One of the technicians begins panicking, telling Pricezio and the cloaked man that they can and will be thrown in prison if King Cryos were to find out that they changed the Consultronic 3000's programming in favor of Pricezio's son, Hullio. Baron Pricezio is rather confident that Cryos will not find out that they changed the programming since the technician he paid to do so is also the head of the programming department and is the Consultronic 3000's creator. The technician, however, is still scared that the king can find out if he goes to ask one of his colleagues. Pricezio assures the technician that that will not happen, and then goes on to suggest that all they need to do is get Timmy out of the picture so that Tecna will only have eyes for his son. The cloaked men chimes in, saying that there may be a way to do so. He claims that his men who are stationed to watch Red Fountain have told him that there will be an aerial training exercise in a few days and that during this exercise, each Specialist will have their own shuttle and will have to fly into dangerous territory. He trails off as soon as he mentions that Timmy could get into an accident as Baron Pricezio asks the cloaked man how he will manage this. The cloaked man explains that one of his men have already sabotaged one of the shuttles by reducing its electronic defenses, and that once Timmy realizes what has happened, it will already be too late. He further explains that if the worst does not happen, then Timmy could very well be kicked out of Red Fountain instead.

A few days later, the aerial training exercise is already underway at Red Fountain. Sky is impressed with how great the shuttles handle, but Brandon tells him via radio that they do not want to break the new shuttles too early, even if they have all day to enjoy themselves. Even though Codatorta is supervising the boys, the cloaked man and one of his men are spying on the Specialists from the forest. The cloaked man asks his subordinate if he was able to do what he wanted, and his subordinate tells him that he already snuck into the garage and sabotaged the electronic countermeasure panel in Timmy's shuttle. He further explains that when the disturber they have in the territory the boys have to fly into starts up, Timmy will be unable to do anything.

Back with the boys, Codatorta tells the Specialists that this aerial exercise will count towards their final grade and explains to them that they have to fly into an unknown territory to follow the instrument flight plan that they were given. However, Codatorta tells them that there has been a change in the plans. After an agreement with the other magic colleges was made, they have decided to broaden the exercise by allowing each Specialist to be accompanied with either a witch or a fairy that will help them with the exercise. As the Specialists become excited with this new change, Codatorta warns the girls that they must go for the Specialist they have been assigned to and they should not make a fuss. Stella had been assigned to Brandon, Bloom had been assigned to Sky, Tecna had been assigned to Timmy, Musa with Riven and Flora with Helia. Aisha warns the Specialist that she has been assigned with to not make any mistakes, as she does not like it when she has to ride a machine she cannot pilot. Codatorta notifies everyone that the exercise is starting, so everyone hops into their respective shuttles.

In their hiding place, the cloaked man notices that Tecna is climbing into Timmy's shuttle; the one they sabotaged. He orders his subordinate to stop the disturber but his subordinate tells him that it is already too late to stop it. They would have to explain everything in order to stop the disturber, but they could be thrown in prison if they did that. The cloaked man comments that they might as well be dead anyway as Baron Pricezio will never forgive them if something were to the king's daughter.

Tecna and Timmy bonding in his shuttle.

The shuttles take off from Red Fountain and head towards the unknown territory. Timmy comments on how nice of a take-off that was, but Tecna advises him to be careful since this exercise will not be so easy to complete. Timmy tries to assure Tecna that they will be the first ones to arrive since he has been studying various maps in preparation for the aerial exercise, but Tecna still is not so sure. Timmy notices that Tecna has been acting out and asks her if anything is wrong. Tecna insists that she is fine and tells Timmy that she is just happy to be with him right now. As it turns out, they just enter the Enclosed Territory for their exercise. However, at the same time, the disturber gets itself ready for its job.

Timmy and Tecna are looking at a map of the Enclosed Territory as Timmy explains to her that their group's mission is to reach the Alpha Point and separate until they get to the Beta 126 Point. Tecna tells Timmy that she will help him calculate a flight path but an alarm starts to go off. Timmy claims that the radar is signalling strong radio impulses from just below their shuttle. Before he is able to check what it is, Tecna spots a tornado from the window of the shuttle. Their group gets caught up in the sudden tornado and they can barely manage to evade the storm. Brandon and Sky activate their shuttles' countermeasures and make an emergency landing. However, Bloom notices that Timmy's shuttle just continues to spiral downwards. Timmy is desperately trying to activate his shuttle's countermeasures but nothing he tries is working. Timmy then notices that something is interfering with the piloting computer but there is not enough time for him to deactivate it so Tecna tells him to just try to land the shuttle. Timmy, however, manages to level the shuttle safely. He then deactivates and rips out the piloting computer. Tecna claims that they will not be able to get around without but Timmy tells her that they have no choice but to do so. He decides to pilot the shuttle manually but they are already running out of fuel, causing him to perform an emergency landing.

Timmy manages an emergency landing.

Meanwhile, a long way away from Timmy's shuttle, many other shuttles that were caught up in the sudden storm managed to sustain less damage from it and have landed. Sky notices that his shuttle's indicators have turned upside-down. Bloom asks what happened to Timmy and Tecna and gets out of the shuttle to find out. Stella runs up to Bloom asking where the shuttle Tecna was in went, but Bloom does not know herself. All of them look on at the storm and see a pillar of smoke rising from near the storm, wondering what they should do now.

The rest of the Winx and Specialists look on at the storm.

Meanwhile, Timmy is caring for Tecna, trying to get her to wake up. Tecna manages to wake up and asks Timmy where they are. Timmy tells her that he managed to make an emergency landing as he tries to ease her out of the now destroyed shuttle. Tecna comments on how it must have been a miracle that they have survived in one piece and Timmy adds that the shuttle is completely in pieces now. The two spot the storm and it is heading their way. Tecna asks Timmy if he has any idea on what made their shuttle crash but Timmy is just as unsure as she is. He searches the destroyed shuttle for a bag of supplies before they try to outrun the storm, claiming that they need to get away from the storm as soon as they can. Tecna reluctantly suggest that Timmy may have made a mistake, but Timmy reminds her that everyone else was experiencing the same problems, so it could not have just been his fault. Now that he has thought about everyone else, Timmy hopes that everyone else has made it out okay. He then starts to make some calculations and comes to the conclusion that they need to get moving if they want to catch up with the others. Tecna asks Timmy why they cannot just wait for the others to find them, but Timmy tells her that no one would be able to fly a shuttle into the electromagnetic storm and that they need to find shelter from the storm.

Tecna and Timmy come to find an abandoned robot.

As Timmy and Tecna look for shelter, the storm begins to barrel down on them. Tecna suggests that they take a short break as she can barely walk anymore, but Timmy quickly tries to quiet her down. Tecna asks what it is and Timmy tells her that someone else may be nearby. The two of them climb a nearby pile of rocks and notice that there are chamelions roaming around. Timmy comments on how dangerous they are and that they need to make a wide detour in order to avoid them. Tecna claims that they will never be able to regroup with everyone in time if they do that until Timmy notices caves in the distance and suggests that they wait out the storm there. However, when they make it to one of the caves, they come across what looks like a giant abandoned robot. Tecna thinks it may be a monster until Timmy tells her that it is just an old miner robot. He goes in to examine the miner robot and realizes that it is still in fairly good condition. He comments on how the caves were mined out and the miner robot was simply abandon, but then gets the idea that he and Tecna can use the miner robot as shelter from the storm. They use a nearby pile of rocks that the robot is resting on to get into its head. Once inside, he claims that the robot is controlled from the head and comments on how there is a lot of room in it. Tecna is just relieved that they are finally out of the rain. As he manages to lock the door to the robot's head, Tecna claims that she is freezing. Timmy pulls her in close, telling her that she will be able to warm up. He asks if Tecna can use some of her magic but she reminds him that magic does not work while they are in the Enclosed Territory. Tecna tells Timmy that she is very worried about their friends and wonders if they made it out alright. Timmy tries to reassure her by telling her that they definitely made it out of the storm safely and that they are looking for them as they speak.

Just as Timmy suspected, Brandon, Stella, Sky and Bloom are trekking through the electromagnetic storm looking for them. Stella suggests that they should have waited for backup to arrive but Sky claims that the electromagnetic storm has made it so the radios and even the shuttles will not work. Sky reminds her that they need to hurry towards the pillar of smoke left by Timmy's crashed shuttle, however, thanks to the rain, Stella suspects that the rain may have put the fire out. Bloom claims that it does not matter now since they know where Timmy and Tecna's general location is and reminds Stella that Musa and the others stayed back with the other shuttles so that they can tell the rescue teams when to arrive. As they continue their trek, Stella comments on how the rain is getting harder as they keep getting soaked. As they scramble for shelter, Brandon notices some caves and their group ducks into them. Bloom wonders what they will do now and Sky tells her that they cannot travel in the storm as they can also get themselves lost and suggests that they start a fire to dry off.

Tecna tries to ask Timmy if he would date someone else if someone else decided that he had to do so.

Meanwhile, Timmy managed to start a fire inside the miner bot to keep himself and Tecna warm. Timmy says that it may cause smoke to cloud up but it is more important that the fire will keep them warm. Tecna asks Timmy if he is doing all of this because of her, to which Timmy confesses that he just happens to care for a certain girl, being Tecna. Tecna then decides to ask Timmy if he thinks she is the right girlfriend for him and goes on to ask him a hypothetical question: what would he do if he was told to go out with someone else? Timmy does not understand the question exactly and asks Tecna why he would have to date someone else. Tecna tells him that, in this hypothetical case, the other person would be better than her but Timmy cuts her off, claiming that he does not care what anybody else will say and that he is the one who makes his own decisions. Tecna then asks Timmy if he would continue to think that way if the person who came to that conclusion were someone who could never make mistakes, but Timmy tells Tecna that no such type of person exists and asks if these people know anything about either of them. Timmy then starts to tell Tecna that some things cannot be explained but felt, however, when he tries to explain his feelings for Tecna he chokes up and changes the subject. He tells Tecna that he has been looking around and thinks that the miner robot can still work. He further explains that, although the robot may be primitive, its controls are very simple; that it is mostly made up of switches and levers, but nothing electronic. Tecna claims that the robot just seems like a heap of scrap metal, however, Timmy thinks that the robot just needs energy as its batteries may have run out years ago. He realizes that he can get the energy cell from their shuttle in order to activate the miner robot but Tecna does not want him to go back into the storm. Timmy tells Tecna to wait for him in the robot and assures her that he can defend himself from the chamelions they saw before. As he climbs out of the robot's head, he keeps trying to assure Tecna that he will not take too long and that she should wait in the robot. Tecna reluctantly lets Timmy go to look for this energy cell but she realizes that Timmy can be as brave as the rest of the Specialists and that she had been all wrong about him from the start. However, she still thinks that she could be wrong about Timmy even now and still does not know how to handle the problem she is facing.

Brandon, Sky, Stella and Bloom are waiting out the storm until Brandon notices that the storm is starting to pass so they should get moving again. Bloom tries to keep Stella calm by telling her that they will be able to find Tecna and Timmy safe and sound. Stella hopes so as well as she struggles to deal with the cold.

Timmy being chased by chamelions as he returns to the miner robot.

A little while later, Timmy is running back towards the miner robot, being chased by a pack of chamelions as he calls for Tecna to open up the windows in the robot's head. As Tecna pries open one of the windows, Timmy beats back one of the chamelions from biting his leg. He jumps in through the window as Tecna quickly shuts it to keep the chamelions outside. Tecna rushes to Timmy's side to see if he is okay and Timmy assures her that he is fine and that he was able to retrieve the energy cell from their broken shuttle. Tecna tells Timmy that she was able to rest up and was able to recover enough magic energy to make a romantic dinner for the two of them. Since magic barely works in the Enclosed Territory, Tecna says that she tried her best to make a simple dinner even if it is just a sandwich for the two of them. When the two sit down, Timmy confesses that he is actually glad that they crashed. Tecna feels the same way, too.

Meanwhile, Sky urges the group to climb up the hill they are on so that they will be able to get a look at the entire valley but, when they make it to the top, they find out that the valley has been flooded thanks to the storm. Sky comments on how they will never be able to get through with a swollen river in their way, but the situation gets worse when Brandon points out a pack of chamelions below them that have spotted them. When the chamelions start to climb up the rift, the group runs off with Sky leading them.

The robot works!

Back with Timmy and Tecna, Timmy tells Tecna that he is going to try and get the miner robot up and running. As he goes down into the deeper parts of the robot with the energy cell, he asks Tecna to help him. When Timmy connects two wires together, he asks Tecna if anything is working. Unfortunately, no power is running through, so Timmy tries again. When he does, Tecna calls him and tells him that energy is starting to run through the robot again. Timmy climbs back up into the miner robot's head and goes for the controls to see if he can make it move. When Timmy moves the controls, he is able to get the miner robot to stand up and move! Timmy realizes that controlling the robot is similar to driving a tractor, he has the robot had in the southeastern direction to regroup with their friends. Tecna finds it to be incredible that the robot can operate but asks Timmy if the electromagnetic storm can still affect it. He reveals to Tecna that the storm may not be capable of affecting the robot because there are no electronic components in it. She is impressed by how Timmy can seemingly operate the robot flawlessly, to which Timmy tells her that he has read up on industrial archeology many times and now knows how machines like the miner robot handle. Tecna then asks Timmy if he can trust computers even if they are very powerful ones. Timmy responds by telling her that he does but in the end, there is always a person who is responsible for building the computer, no matter how powerful it is. He further explains that computers cannot create anything new like people can, so they can never be considered as their superiors. Tecna finds herself overjoyed by Timmy's answers and confesses that she loves him, kissing him in the process. Timmy, surprised by Tecna suddenly kissing him, asks what is up with her but Tecna claims that there is nothing wrong and advises him not to get a big head over a kiss. He warns Tecna that they are approaching the storm but Tecna is able to confirm Timmy's warning as the weather around them shows that they are near the source of the storm. Tecna spots a green metallic spot in the ground and thinks that the disturbance that is causing the storm is coming from it. To deal with the strange green machine, Timmy has the robot step on it. Tecna notices that the clouds are dissipating, meaning that the green machine Timmy destroyed was the source of the storm. Now that there is no longer any disruptive weather, the two of them can regroup with their friends more quickly.

Tecna kisses Timmy.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Sky are trying to fend off the pack of chamelions as Bloom notices that the storm is settling. Sky is relieved that the storm is finally over with, but they still have to deal with the chamelions. Stella hears a loud faraway noise and spots a large robot coming towards them. Before they start to think that the giant robot is another threat, Tecna waves at them from the robot's head, telling them that she and Timmy are safe. Timmy stops the robot to allow the four of them to climb aboard and once they are all inside, Timmy has the robot head towards Magix.

Sky, Stella, Bloom and Brandon are approached by a giant robot.

A few days later, the Winx are back at Alfea and they are amazed that everything worked out for the better during the disaster that was the Specialists' aerial exercise. Tecna tells the girls that the strange green machine they came across was the cause of the storm and that Timmy was not to blame for the incident. She adds in that since Timmy was able to operate the robot well enough and was able to bring them all to safety, he was able to pass the exercise with full marks. Stella also comments on how Timmy was able to prove himself to be a more capable person than they all originally thought. Bloom openly hopes that Timmy's actions were able to clear away any of Tecna's doubts, and Tecna assures Bloom that she is no longer doubting her relationship with Timmy. She affirms this by claiming that no computer can decide who she wants because she knows that she wants to be with Timmy, plain and simple. Stella asks Tecna if not even her father's computer could make her think otherwise, which gets Tecna to start talking about her father. She tells the girls that her father was so impressed by Timmy's actions that he started to wonder how the Consultronic 3000 could have gotten Timmy all wrong and reveals to the girls that, when he had someone make inquiries, it turns out that someone had manipulated with the computer's programming for Baron Pricezio, to favor his son, Hullio. She further explains that when her father asked the Consultronic 3000 again, the computer responded with a ninety-eight percent chance that the boy most suitable to be Tecna's future husband is none other than Timmy. The girls congratulate Tecna on the good news as she thanks them all, until Bloom notices that she is still bothered by something. She asks Tecna if she is happy with the decision and Tecna claims that while she is definitely happy about it, the other two-percent missing from the computer's decision is still bothering her.

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  • As the rest of the Winx and the Specialists look on at the storm on page 21, half of the large mountain to the left is blue.
  • Throughout the issue, Timmy's gloves are often drawn as regular gloves instead of being fingerless as they usually are.




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