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Love for Layla is the thirtieth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


Alfea is holding its annual parent-teacher meeting party, which gives everyone a chance to catch up with their parents! Unfortunately, this is not good news for everybody as Stella fears meeting her mother's new boyfriend, Tecna does not want to put up with her father ranting about her relationship with Timmy and Aisha's parents were unable to show up. Coupled with the fact that she is the only one out of the Winx without a boyfriend, the Pixies take it upon themselves to find Aisha a lover to help curb her loneliness. Their search leads them to a handsome and adventurous young Specialist named Jordan and they are successful in getting Aisha interested in him! However, will they truly make a perfect pair?


The Winx getting ready.

Alfea is holding a parent-teacher meeting party and the Winx are getting themselves ready in their dorm. As they are picking out what to wear, Flora asks Musa if she is going to wear something more formal to the party. Musa explains that she cannot because she used all of the money she earned from working in the library to buy her father a gift. Musa then she asks Flora if she will break the news of her relationship with Helia to her parents, but Flora is not so sure. Bloom notices Tecna looking nervous and asks her what is wrong. Tecna confesses that while her parents now know of her relationship with Timmy, her father still does not favor the idea. Bloom cheer her up by telling her that her father will come around sooner or later until Lockette flies in and asks Bloom why they have no gotten ready for class, to which Bloom explains that due to the meeting party, classes are canceled for two days. Amore then flies up to Stella, asking if her parents will come visit her, too. Stella reveals that her father will not be coming and her mother is coming to the party with a "friend" of hers.

All of the students gather in the main hall, where Faragonda makes a short announcement and then formally invites all of their parents inside. As all the girls rush to meet their parents, Bloom reunites with her adoptive parents, Mike and Vanessa. The two of them comment on how much Bloom has grown and Mike tells her that he will defend her from any guys try to bother her. Bloom assures her parents that all of her friends are amazing people, to which Vanessa asks if that also applies to Sky. Bloom affirms that Sky is rather special to her and tells her parents that he was actually looking forward to meeting them. Bloom and her parents then go looking through the crowd for Sky.

Luna introduces Stella to Allan.

Stella manages to find her mother, Queen Luna, as she introduces her to her new partner, Allan. Allan tries to greet Stella but her rather cold demeanor makes it hard for him to do so naturally. Luna then pulls Stella aside to tell her that Allan is a very thoughtful man and that he makes her happy. Stella claims to be happy for her mother and promptly asks where her father is. Luna reveals that her father could not come due to dealing with important state affairs and that his belief that state matters being more important than family affairs is the reason why they divorced. Stella knows this and suspects that her father did not come because Luna brought "that one" with her. Luna lets Stella know that Allan is her partner now and asks her to make an effort to get along with him. Stella claims that she will try and the three of them go off to some place where they can all get to know each other better.

Tecna introduces Timmy to her parents, King Cryos and the Queen of Titania. Tecna notices one more person with them and Cryos introduces her to his robot-advisor, Cogitron. He reveals to Tecna that Cogitron advises him on how to rule the whole kingdom, and that it used to be the Consultronic 3000 that took up a whole room but, thanks to super-miniaturized components, it can always be by his side. He further explains that he had this done to Cogitron so that Tecna could meet him and, more importantly, so that Cogitron could advise him on what he should think of Timmy. The two of them start to argue until Cryos' wife cuts in to tell him that they should be enjoying themselves rather than arguing as Cogitron suggests they go for a walk in the garden to clear their heads. Cryos hopes that Tecna will come with him so that they may talk in private but Tecna invites Timmy to come with them. As they make their way to the garden, they walk past Flora and Helia.

The pixies find a boy for Aisha!

Meanwhile, the pixies are flying around, enjoying how everyone is catching up with their parents and introducing their boyfriends to them. Chatta reveals that only one person is having a bad time as the pixies find Aisha standing all by herself because her parents could not come and she does not have a boyfriend. As the pixies take pity on Aisha, Amore suggests that they take advantage of the meeting party to fix Aisha up with a cute boy. As they fly about, they cannot seem to find a boy that would compliment Aisha's personality, until Amore overhears a witch asking a boy if he really does mountain climbing. The boy boasts about how he is a specialist in adventure and Amore calls the rest of the pixies. She explains to them that his name is Jordan, he loves adventure as much as Aisha and goes on about his good looks. Most importantly, Jordan does not have a girlfriend. Lockette asks how they will be able to get Aisha and Jordan to meet up and Amore tells them that they cannot let Aisha know what they are trying to do. Digit tells the rest of the group that she took a picture of Jordan on her mini mini miniature camera and whispers to them the plan.

Tecna and Stella rant about their day.

That evening, the Winx are talking about how their days went. Bloom tells the girls that spending the day with her parents and Sky was wonderful, but Tecna claims that she has had a rather terrible day. She tells them about her father's new robot advisor who is always reminding him of their kingdom's traditions and that whenever she tries to talk about her relationship with Timmy, her father's robot-advisor changes the subject. Stella starts to complain about how adults seem to speak an entirely different language and Musa suspects that it has to do with her mother's new partner. Stella claims that she will not buy into Allan's hollow smiles and Musa guesses that Allan may not want to be nice to Stella but is only acting that way. However, Stella confesses that she thinks Allan is actually trying to be nice but she is scared that he is trying to take her mother away from her. Stella then tells the girls that Allan offered to take her shopping all day tomorrow and promises to pay for whatever she wants to buy. Bloom does not understand why Stella is not happy about this, to which Stella explains that she is not going to fall for him trying to buy her affections and claims that she has a way of unmasking him, until she is interrupted by Aisha, who tells the girls that she will be going to bed. The girls wish her goodnight as she leaves their dorm. Once she is gone, Flora and Musa talk about how lonely Aisha must have been feeling because no one came to spend the day with her and Bloom claims that, as her friends, they need to get closer to her.

A poster of Jordan?

The pixies follow Aisha is she makes her way to her dorm as she finds a photo on the floor. While she finds the boy in the photo to be cute, she thinks that some other student dropped it because he is too good looking to not have a girlfriend and throws the picture away. However, she soon runs into another photo of the boy again and, when she makes it to her dorm, finds a poster of the boy next to the door! Aisha realizes that this is someone's way of fixing the boy up with a date but she believes that it has nothing to do with her and goes to bed.

Once Aisha has fallen asleep, the pixies come in and use a bit of pixie dust to get her to dream of Jordan. The pixies leave her room after Aisha starts muttering Jordan's name in her sleep.

The Winx meet up for breakfast.

The next morning, Aisha meets up with the rest of the Winx for breakfast. Musa invites the girls to come to a concert at Cloud Tower with her but Aisha declines, claiming that she has to do something at the White Horse. Stella asks what she could possibly have to do there but Aisha does not even know herself, she just wants to go. Tecna also declines Musa's invitation due to still being in a bad mood. Stella also cannot go because she has to spend the whole day shopping with Allan and so she, Tecna and Aisha see their goodbyes and leave the cafeteria.

Tecna goes up to the balcony until she is interrupted by Cogitron who claims that he came looking for her because he wanted to talk to her. Tecna suspects that Cryos sent Cogitron to check up on her, however, Cogitron reveals to her that he came on his own accord. Tecna asks Cogitron if he really does care about her and Cogitron tells her that he cares about the wellbeing of everyone in the kingdom. Tecna comments on how these are rather strange things for a robot to say, to which Cogitron explains that he is a very advanced robot thanks to his circuits being able to recognize even the most hidden emotions, such as the love a father has for his daughter. Tecna confesses that she believes her father does not even love her, that all he cares about is how she makes him look as a ruler since he never listens to her. Cogitron asks is she thinks she listens to her father, to which Tecna tells Cogitron that she does but he just says the same things over and over. Cogitron claims that that is where the problem lies because they need to talk to each other as friends and tells Tecna that he knows of a way to do so. While Cogitron is letting her in on an important secret, he believes that it will be well worth it in the end.

Stella trying on new outfits as she shops with Allan.

In Magix City, Stella and Allan are walking through the streets until Stella notices a store where her friend works and asks if Allan would not mind if they shopped there. She then asks if he is really going to buy everything she wants and Allan confirms this. Once inside, Isotta, one of the workers, greets Stella and asks what she can get for her. Stella then starts picking out multiple outfits as Isotta helps her try on the various outfits chosen. Allan compliments Stella on one of the dresses until Isotta asks Stella if she really wants to buy all of the choices, however, Stella is far from finished.

Meanwhile, Aisha arrives at the White Horse just as the pixies hoped. As she makes her way to the pier, she walks past Jordan, accidentally catching his attention. The two of them introduce themselves and soon make conversation.

At the same time, in the Alfea Gardens, Cogitron shows Tecna her father sitting by himself on a bench looking rather forlorn. Tecna wants to talk to him but she is afraid that they will just end up arguing as usual. That is when Cogitron reveals to Tecna that he is also Cryos' bodyguard and shows her that he is an armored shell; completely hollow on the inside. He then explains to Tecna that he'd wish for her to hide inside of him so that she can talk to her father as a friend without him recognizing her, and he is very confident that they will reach an understanding.

Cogitron approaches Cryos, who is sitting alone, and tells him that Tecna says hello. Cryos has Cogitron sit next to him and confesses that he is scared that he will lose Tecna for good now that she will be a fully grown woman soon. Cogitron tries to assure him that Tecna does love him but Cryos believes that she only loves him as a king, not as a father, because she always treats him as if he is the enemy, resulting in her pushing him away. Cogitron suggests that younger people just want to be free but Cryos believes that that is the problem: she could make more serious mistakes due to a lack of experience which could result in her leading an unhappy life because he was unable to advise her correctly. As he explains that a parent will always love their children even if the child does not see it, Cogitron tries to explain that Tecna just wants to be advised rather than forced into decisions, and Cryos confesses that he knows Tecna finds him to be too domineering. Cryos then confesses that he is afraid of making mistakes as a parent because if he were to get anything wrong, it will be his child, Tecna, that will face the consequences. Cogitron then confesses that he never considered things from that point of view, referring to Cryos as "dad," and Tecna pops out from inside Cogitron, promising that things will be different from now on. The two hug and tell each other than they love the other until Cryos realizes that Cogitron let Tecna in on their secret. Cogitron tells him then this needed to be done and asks Cryos to pardon him. Cryos gladly accepts to pardon him.

Tecna and Cryos make up.

Back at the Fashion House, Stella is still picking out clothes to buy. Isotta even comments that she has almost bought out half of the entire store! Allan realizes what time it is and lets Stella know that he needs to meet up with Luna now. He leaves Stella with his credit card and leaves to find the meeting place, telling Stella to enjoy herself as he leaves. Stella realizes that Allan is genuinely trying to be nice and that she would be making a grave mistake if she continued to use him. Isotta asks Stella if she would like her to pack everything she put on the counter but Stella claims that she cannot buy all of that as it would be wrong to Allan. Isotta then tries to fold everything and Stella offers to help, as payment for the trouble she caused.

At the White Horse, Jordan and Aisha are still talking and it turns out that they spent the whole afternoon together. Jordan tells Aisha that he would like nothing more than to go on an adventure with her but he hurt his foot in an underwater expedition earlier and his foot is still sore. However, this does not mean that he cannot dance and he asks Aisha if they could spend the evening. Aisha claims that she would love to spend the evening with him but she needs to head back to Alfea early and asks Jordan if they could go dancing some other time. Aisha then makes her way back as the two bid farewell. The pixies rejoice up in a nearby tree until they overhear Jordan being frustrated over not having anything to do now. He then takes out his cellphone and calls another girl named Isabel, hoping that she would be free to hang out. All throughout the call, he tells Isabel that he cannot stand being away from her but Isabel cannot come hang out with him because she needs to study, despite it being a holiday. Once he hangs up, he tries to call another girl named Priscilla but she is not free either. The pixies realize that Jordan is a womanizer and rush back to Alfea to let Aisha know.

Back at Alfea, Aisha has just made it into the Winx's dorm as Tecna tells the girls that she and her father have finally come to an understanding. They then ask Stella how her shopping trip went and Stella confesses that she may have to rethink Allan because of how nice he genuinely was to her. She tells the girls that she gave him back his credit card without buying a single piece of clothing and Allan told her that he was also testing Stella. The two agreed to be friends and then Allan pulled out a parcel, showing Stella that he had bought her the dress she first picked out as a gift. Stella then pulls out the dress and shows it to the girls. Just as the girls compliment Stella's new dress, the pixies come flying in, claiming that they have news for Aisha. They try to tell her that Jordan has many other girlfriends and that she should not seek anything further with him. Aisha then asks the pixies how they know Jordan and Amore tries to come up with an excuse of how they overheard a friend talking about him, which causes Aisha to believe that the pixies just heard some bad rumors. As Aisha fawns over Jordan, the pixies devise a plan to open her eyes to the truth. Amore says she is able to do so and all she needs as a pen and paper.

The day after, the pixies have written two notes in the library: one to send to Aisha and one to send to Jordan. Digit flies in, letting the pixies know that she was able to get Jordan's cellphone in his dorm at Red Fountain and that she used a spell to send messages to Priscilla and Isabel. Now they are all going to meet each other at the pier in front of the White Horse tomorrow at 4.

Priscilla (Marzia) finds Jordan with Aisha and Isabel (Alice).

The next day, Aisha arrives at the White Horse at the proposed time and finds Jordan by the pier. Just as Jordan is about to tell Aisha that he would like them to become official, Isabel storms in, enraged by how Jordan is with another girl despite them already dating. Isabel and Aisha try to get Jordan to explain himself until Priscilla arrives, declaring herself to be Jordan's true girlfriend. Jordan tries to explain himself but Priscilla whacks him with her purse, knocking him into the lake. Jordan confesses that he does not know how to swim as he is drowning and, while Isabel and Priscilla laugh at his misfortune, Aisha dives in to save him. Once he he safe on land, the girls leave him to grovel as they talk about how they cannot believe that they fell for a guy like him. Aisha claims that she would let Jordan off with his fake adventure stories but one should never toy with another's heart. The other girls agree with her and then comment on how brave Aisha was when she dove in to save Jordan. Aisha tells Priscilla that she also seems like a determined girl until the pixies swoop in to tell Aisha that they saw everything. Tune asks if Aisha is still upset that she does not have a boyfriend and Aisha confesses that while she believed that she could have something real with Jordan, she believes that she is much better off by herself than being with some boy who treats her badly. She further claims that it is better for her to be single as she will be ready for the next guy, possibly the right guy, to show up in her life.

Spells Used

  • "You can't wait to meet hiiiiiiimmmmm!" - Used by the pixies to make Aisha dream about Jordan.


  • Throughout this issue, Amore's headband is a light turquoise color instead of its usual green.
  • Isotta's shoes switch from orange to blue in some scenes.





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