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The Return of Princess Diaspro is the thirty-first issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


As the Winx go about their daily routine, Bloom catches word of Princess Diaspro coming to stay in Magix and begins to fear that she may be doing so to cause a rift between her relationship with Sky. Lucky for Bloom, the news of Diaspro's return turns out to be true, as Diaspro only wishes to study up on how to become a proper queen to her people while in Magix and also wishes to make amends, even promising to leave Sky and Bloom's care! However, news of their compromise travels fast and the Trix take it upon themselves to cause a rift in Bloom and Sky's relationship by using Diaspro.


Wizgiz is holding his usual class as all of his students are just eager to get out. Bloom notices Marzia whispering to a friend and when Bloom asks if she wanted to talk to her for something, Marzia just laughs to herself. Class finally ends and Wizgiz lets his students know that he will go over the next twenty-six chapters tomorrow.

Bloom catches Marzia gossiping again.

As Stella complains about it being an injustice that they are stuck being cooped up inside the school, Bloom catches Marzia whispering to a group of friends and confronts her about it. Trista apologizes to Bloom after telling her that they learned of some things that may concern her but she has trouble getting the words out. As she struggles to explain, Marzia blurts out that Diaspro will be living in Magix for quite a while. Trista tries to assure Bloom that it is only a rumor and some other fairies agree, but Marzia claims that it is the truth and that Diaspro will be moving in within a week. Bloom leaves Marzia's group as Trista continues to apologize and meets up with Stella and Flora in tears. Stella tries to tell her not to feed into silly rumors until Bloom lets the girls know the news. As Bloom becomes more upset due to Sky not telling her anything, the bell rings, meaning that they need to be heading for their next class. Stella tells Bloom to only focus on the lesson and not think about Diaspro's return, however, after classes are all over, Bloom is crying in her bed.

Bloom crying as the Winx try to cheer her up.

The Winx try to cheer her up but Bloom is adamant in believing that Diaspro is coming to take Sky away. She starts to insult herself by calling herself fat until Stella tickles her, trying to find this supposed fat that she is complaining about. Stella is able to cheer Bloom up a little, but Bloom is still scared that she will lose Sky. Aisha and Musa come into the room and confirm that the rumors are true and that Diaspro has rented a villa, proving that she is going to be staying there for quite a while. Musa reveals to the girls that Barbatea told her that Diaspro has come to Magix to study on how to become a good queen when her turn to reign comes and she comes to the Alfea Libraries to look for books she needs. Bloom starts to panic again until Stella starts beating her with pillows.

Diaspro returning to her villa.

In Magix, Diaspro returns to her villa and is greeted by one of her servants. As her other servants load her stuff into the villa, the Trix are watching from outside the gates. Icy lets her sisters know that Diaspro was actually supposed to marry Sky until he broke off their engagement so that he could be with Bloom as she foreshadows a devious plan.

Meanwhile, Stella lets the girls know that they will be meeting up with the boys at the White Horse. Bloom tells Stella that she just talked to Sky where he told her that his feelings had not changed and he is still uninterested in her. The girls then head out as Stella assures Bloom that she was worried over nothing.

Everyone hanging out at the White Horse.

Everyone is enjoying themselves at the cafe until Sky offers to get Bloom some ice cream since she does not have to work. Just as he is on his way back with the ice cream, Diaspro approaches Sky to say hi. As the two of them chat, Bloom runs in to stay by Sky's side. Diaspro then tells Bloom that she has been wanting to see her for a while and tells her that she has come to Magix strictly to study up on becoming a proper queen. She has completely devoted herself to her kingdom and is no longer interested in Sky. In light of this good news, Bloom and Sky invite Diaspro to hang out with them and the rest of their friends, to which Diaspro gladly accepts.

Unbeknownst to them, Icy is watching them from a table on the other side of the cafe next to a potted plant. Stormy guess that they are all getting along, to which Icy confirms but claims that she has a plan to ruin everything. As the Trix leave, Icy assures her sisters that since Diaspro will be in Magix for a while, that will give them plenty of time to stir up mischief.

The Trix ride their motorcycles to Diaspro's villa and place a spell on the gates. Icy claims that so long as Diaspro remains behind the gates then she will be under the influence of their spell and the Trix ride off before Diaspro returns.

Diaspro coming under the effects of the Trix's spell.

Diaspro eventually returns to her villa and, when she enters the gates to get inside, she comes down with a sudden headache. Her butler offers to call her doctor over but Diaspro insists that she will be fine after getting some sleep.

One week later, the Winx and a few other girls have to sit through another one of Wizgiz's classes until Stella asks Bloom if she has heard anything from Diaspro. Bloom tells Stella that she has not and Stella uses that as proof that she no longer has to worry over Diaspro trying to steal Sky back. Despite this, Bloom is still unsure and hopes that things will remain as they are.

Meanwhile, at Diaspro's villa, her doctor asks her if she made sure to take the correct medicine as her fever has not gone down. Diaspro insists that she does and her fever goes only to come up again, but her headache remains.

At Cloud Tower, there is a rumor spreading. The rumor claims that the reason why Diaspro has fallen ill is due to the overwhelming amount of love she still holds for Sky but remain unrequited. A group of witches gossip over how romantically tragic Diaspro's state is and one of the witches tells the other two that she heard the rumor while Icy told Stormy, but she does not know where they heard it from.

Back at the Winx's dorm, Bloom seems to be getting ready to do laundry as Musa just finishes up a call. Bloom asks if she got any bad news and Musa claims that it might be bad news concerning Bloom. She then explains that she heard that Diaspro's illness is the cause of her strong feelings for Sky going unrequited and tries to assure Bloom that it is all just a rumor. Bloom becomes a bit frightened by this but tells Musa that she did the right thing telling her the truth. Bloom tries to figure out what to do and ends up calling Timmy. She asks Timmy is he has seen Sky since she cannot find him and Timmy reveals to Bloom that Sky went to visit Diaspro because she fell ill.

Sky promising to visit Diaspro again.

Sky is, in fact, visiting Diaspro at her villa as Diaspro tells him that she has been feeling a lot better ever since he came to visit. She comments on how she had a lot of fun hanging out at the White Horse with him and his friends and Sky promises that they can always hang out with everyone again if she wishes. Diaspro's butler then opens the door and lets her doctor in, so Sky takes that opportunity to leave the room. As he leaves, he promises Diaspro that he will come visit her some other time to see her get well.

Her doctor eventually leaves her room, where Sky asks how her condition is. The doctor is still unsure as to what illness Diaspro is stricken with and tells Sky to visit her more often as it seems to be the only thing that makes her get better. As the doctor leaves, Sky returns to Diaspro's side, asking if she truly feels any better. She asks Sky if he will come back to visit her and Sky promises once again that he will do so.

As Sky leaves, getting ready to hop on his hoverbike, he gets a call from Bloom, who tells him that she has not been able to find him all day and could not contact him because his phone was off. Sky is able to calm Bloom down, when it is then that she asks him if he went to visit Diaspro. He confirms this, telling her that it is not a crime to do so, but Bloom is more upset with the fact that he did not tell her. Sky apologizes for that, claiming that he was not thinking until Bloom suddenly asks if he loves her. Sky tells her that he obviously does and assures her that they will see each other soon.

Back at Red Fountain, Brandon tells Sky that Stella told him that Bloom is now a nervous wreck and he warns Sky not to try and have "the best of both worlds." Sky insists that he is not trying to cheat on Bloom with Diaspro but that, thanks to recent rumors, he feels responsible for Diaspro's illness, only visiting her in hopes that she will recover and truly forget about him. Brandon then confronts Sky, telling him that people may fall for the wrong person but their love not being returned will never kill them. He then tries to assure Sky that Diaspro will eventually get over it and that he does not have to feel directly responsible. Sky hopes that Brandon is right but he still feels like Diaspro's case is much different; that she really is sick due to her unrequited feelings.

The next day, Sky returns to Diaspro's villa to visit her. Diaspro tells Sky that she is feeling better and asks him if Bloom knows that he is here with her today as well. Sky tells her not to worry about Bloom because she needs to focus more on fully recovering.

At the same time, Icy is getting a call from Stormy, who is reporting in that Sky rushed to Diaspro's side again. Darcy laughs at the news because Bloom will become even more of a nervous wreck as this goes on as Icy claims that, sooner or later, Bloom will end up making a grave mistake that will end up in her losing Sky for good.

Bloom panicking to the Winx.

Classes are finished at Alfea, where Bloom worries that Sky may have gone to visit Diaspro again. She fears that Sky is keeping his meetings in secret because something more may be happening during his visits until Musa tries to calm Bloom down by telling her that she is probably blowing things out of proportion. Flora adds to this by telling Bloom that it is only reasonable that Sky visit Diaspro as he feels guilty for her illness and tells her that Bloom just needs to be patient. However, Bloom feels as if Sky is drifting farther and farther away from her. She then hands Stella her homework and rushes for Diaspro's villa to get the full story.

Sky struggles to tell Diaspro his suggestion.

Meanwhile, Sky tries to tell Diaspro that if it is really his fault that she is ill then he will take responsibility by marrying her so that he can always remain by her side, but he cannot seem to get the words out. He then gets a call from Timmy, telling him that he needs to return to Red Fountain immediately under Codatorta's orders for an important mission. Sky apologizes for having to leave so soon but Diaspro asks him what he was trying to tell her earlier. Sky tells her that they will be able to talk about it later and leaves. As he flies back to Red Fountain on his hoverbike, Bloom arrives at Diaspro's villa by bus. She makes it to the gates and starts to rethink the rash decision she has made until she feels a shock at the moment she grips the bars. As she makes her way into the gates, she starts to feel a little dizzy, but she manages to make it to the front door where she tells the butler stationed there that she is a friend of Diaspro's who came to see her.

The Specialists are flying into a mountainous area as Codatorta explains through radio that nightmares have been leaking into Magix through the dream realm and that they need to destroy all of these nightmares before they leak into other dimensions. He warns the boys that they must remain in formation and advises Sky, who seems to be out of it, that he needs to increase his altitude as he is flying too low. They then come across large webs overtaking most of the mountainous area.

Bloom and Diaspro transform to rescue Sky.

Back at Diaspro's villa, Bloom tells Diaspro that there is a strange influence on it. She tries to convince Diaspro to go outside but Diaspro suspects that Bloom may be jealous of Sky constantly coming over to visit. She lets Bloom know that she is not faking her illness in an attempt to steal Sky away and that she really does feel better when he is around. Bloom tries to apologize but she is cut off by her phone ringing. It turns out to be Timmy calling her to let her know that Sky has gotten into an accident on their mission. He crashed his shuttle into one of the large webs in the area and suddenly went missing. Timmy then asks Bloom to tell Tecna as he could not get a hold of her, which Bloom accepts. Diaspro overhears this and demands that she come with Bloom to help look for Sky. With Bloom's help, they manage to make it outside of the gates where Diaspro suddenly feels like she was never ill. Bloom confirms this to be due to the magic that is on the gates of the villa. Diaspro asks her how she was able to sense the spell's influence while she was not since they are both fairies, but she concludes that Bloom may be more special than she realizes. She then asks Bloom to use that power of hers to help them look for Sky as the two of them transform. The two of them eventually make it to the mountainous area and combine their powers as they concentrate on Sky in an attempt to figure out where he is.

Diaspro watches as Sky and Bloom head for the shuttle.

Sky crawls out of a small cave, trying to escape a giant spider's babies until he falls off of a cliff and into one of the giant webs. As the giant mother spider approaches Sky, Bloom and Diaspro come to the rescue, blasting the spider away and wrapping it in its own web so it does not cause any more trouble. They then manage to get Sky down safe and sound as a Red Fountain shuttle arrives to take them back to Magix. Sky is relieved to see that Diaspro has made a full recovery and he and Bloom are happy to know that their lives can go back to normal. As the two of them head for the shuttle in each other's arms, Diaspro realizes how much she enjoyed having Sky all to herself and claims that letting Bloom keep Sky may not have been a wise decision.

Spells Used

  • "Tis not only our wish to strike Diaspro this day, 'tis her body and spirit that must wither away... May the spell weave its magic as she passes through. No strength, will, or courage can any good do." - Used by the Trix to place a spell on Diaspro's villa.
  • "By the Dragon's Flame!" - Used by Bloom and Diaspro to rescue Sky from the spider.


  • Throughout the issue, Stella's shirt constantly switches between pink with jagged blue stripes to blue with jagged pink stripes.
  • When Bloom and Diaspro make it to the mountainous region to look for Sky on page 40, Diaspro's fairy outfit gains a random midriff in one of the panels.




  • This is the only instance where Diaspro does not plot to come between Bloom and Sky's relationship with the hopes of getting Sky all to herself again.
    • In fact, this is the only instance where Diaspro willingly tries to come to terms with both Bloom and Sky, even if it ends up backfiring in the end.
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