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Pirate Island is the forty-seventh issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


The Winx and Nabu trying to explain the situation to Wizgiz.

The Winx, accompanied by Nabu and Brandon, are trying to explain their situation to Wizgiz, but he has not been listening. He claims that he could not get any sleep because he has been staying up all night trying to come up with ways to permanently seal off the Omega Portal. He assures the girls that he and the other wizards will find a way to close off the portal soon enough and asks the girls if they need him for anything. Stella tells Wizgiz that they need to report something to him but Wizgiz claims that the girls should not even have a report to give him because they are vacationing on Andros. Before Stella gets too frustrated with Wizgiz, Aisha explains that something strange happened when they went to visit Professor Torganis' labs to see Nabu. She tells him that a meteor holding a fearsome monster inside crashed onto an island and submerged it, but all of the island's villagers made it to a safe place. However, the monster escaped underwater and it was almost impossible to find it. She further explains that Torganis does not want the monster to be harmed, believing that every life form deserves to be respected and carefully studied, and Nabu adds in that not everyone thinks that way. Wizgiz hopes that they did not kill the monster, but Nabu reveals that Count Kargan, a local lord who is plotting against the royal family of Andros, shot the monster and knocked it into a volcano with one of his warships. Aisha then explains that the monster left some eggs on another island that they need to find before Kargan finds out and Stella asks Wizgiz for permission, telling him that it will take a while so they will not be able to return to Alfea at the moment. Wizgiz seems to be lost in his books so Stella asks him a second time, which is when Wizgiz gives them permission. Before they leave, Stella asks if Wizgiz will remember to tell Faragonda, and Wizgiz promises to do so as he begs them to leave so that he can get back to work.

Outside, Stella and Musa rejoice about how they get to miss more classes and spend more time with the boys. Timmy and Riven arrive in Torganis' submarine, where Timmy asks Tecna and Bloom if they got the okay from Wizgiz. As they make their way into the submarine, Bloom confirms that Wizgiz gave them permission and tells him that they will be able to stay on Andros as long as completing their mission takes.

Riven telling Nabu of Torganis' call.

Inside, Riven tells Nabu that Torganis has called recently and that they need to return to his research labs as quickly as possible. Timmy then pilots the submarine on a direct course to the Islands of Nadur.

At Torganis' research labs, Torganis reveals to the group that the asteroid monster's eggs are highly resistant and full of new elements that he wishes to study. He tells the group that it will take three weeks for the eggs to develop and advises them to collect the rest of the eggs before then. Nabu realizes that if the eggs were to hatch, then there would be monsters all over Andros, destroying everything. Torganis adds that there would be no stopping the monsters once they start proliferating, however, he believes that that scenario is not the main problem at the moment. Nabu asks if he is talking about Krazan, to which Torganis explains to Aisha that if the monsters were to multiply and start destroying Andros at a rapid rate, then her father, King Teredor, would even turn to Kargan for help. If that were to happen, Kargan's prestige would rise greatly and he would end up becoming an even more powerful member of the court, even if everyone knows that he wishes to usurp Teredor. Torganis looks at the clock and notices that it is time for his daughter to take her medicine. Nabu asks about Helisia's condition and Torganis reveals that it is getting worse. He then requests for Nabu to come with him since Helisia always seems to feel better whenever he is around. The Winx and Specialists also follow Nabu and Torganis to see how Helisia is.

In Helisia's room, Aisha and Bloom peer in through the doorway, watching Torganis and Nabu tend to Helisia. As Torganis' assistant leaves the room, Aisha asks how Helisia is doing. The woman tells her that Helisia is a very fragile girl and Torganis is doing everything he can to find a cure for her illness, but none of her medicine is working. She further explains that Helisia has fallen for Nabu and this love for him is what helps comfort her. She then reveals to Aisha and Bloom that she and Nabu are planning to get married and excuses herself to make more herbal tea. Once the assistant is gone, Aisha begins to tear up at the thought of Nabu marrying another woman and Bloom tries to comfort her.

Bloom trying to cheer Aisha up.

Helisia notices Nabu's friends standing outside her room and asks him if she can meet with them. Nabu is not sure about the idea so Helisia begs to Torganis to let them in because she desperately wishes to talk to new people. Torganis tells Helisia that he will do so, but he advises her not to tire herself out. Nabu then invites everyone inside Helisia's room, where Helisia finds herself instantly drawn to Aisha. She compliments Aisha on how strong and beautiful she is and wishes that she will be able to go on adventures with her and her friends someday. Bloom tells Helisia that they would be more than happy to have her and Helisia asks Nabu if he would like to see the world with her once she recovers. Nabu confirms that he would love to go with her and Helisia realizes that she has to say goodbye to Nabu and his friends. Torganis reveals to Nabu that they only have one week at most to find the monster's nests. Nabu kisses Helisia goodbye as she wishes them all good luck.

As they make their way make to the submarine, Aisha confronts Nabu, asking him why he never told him about his relationship with Helisia. Nabu claims that he tried to tell her but she saw his reasons for herself: that he cannot break Helisia's heart because her condition gets better every time he is around. That is why he never told her about Aisha and now that they two of them have met, he does not know what to do. Aisha asks him if he loves Helisia and Nabu confirms this, but he quickly adds that he also loves Aisha very much, insisting that his emotions are very confusing for him at the moment. Suddenly, Torganis comes running out of the building, shouting about how Kargan's fleet is also heading in the direction of the island with the monster's nest and that he will be there within a few hours. He fears that Kargan may have caught on to their plans and will try to stop Nabu and his friends from retrieving the eggs. Nabu assures Torganis that they will get to the nest before Kargan and Torganis wishes them all good luck. Once everyone is onboard, Nabu instructs Timmy to have the submarine head for Black Island.

Nabu heads inside the submarine, where Timmy tells him that the sonar is picking up signals coming from heavy vessels within the area. Nabu advises Timmy to have the submarine dive down and swim through the underwater cliffs so that Kargan's fleet will not catch them. He explains that the submarine can only be used for peaceful research purposes, so they would not be capable of standing up to Kargan's fleet.

A short while later, they are approaching Black Island, which they can tell by the amount of volcanos in the seabed. Stella wonders why the monster's eggs would be at that island specifically and Nabu claims that the eggs will need heat to hatch, taking into account that the monster seemed to be drawn to islands with volcanoes on them. Stella is somewhat amazed at how a monster can lay eggs like a simple hen, to which Bloom reveals that large lizards called dinosaurs behaved in the same way as the monster and used to live on Earth, but most of them have gone extinct while others evolved into birds. Nabu, while fascinated by Bloom's story, claims that they cannot wait for these monsters to go extinct and advises everyone to get ready. Bloom notices that Aisha is not with them and asks Tecna if she knows where she is. Tecna does not know as she was with them a minute ago and Bloom goes looking for her.

Bloom comforting Aisha.

She finds Aisha huddled in a dark corridor, crying to herself. Bloom tries to get her out of the dark corridor but Aisha is too upset over how Nabu betraying her love for him. Bloom bends over to comfort Aisha, telling her that Nabu has no choice but to be by Helisia's side as she recovers, but it will not last forever. She is positive that Aisha will be able to get through this because she has always been such a strong girl. Aisha asks if Bloom really thinks that way and Bloom confirms this, telling her that Nabu will not feel obligated to stay with Helisia once she recovers. She tells her that they need to prepare to go ashore and heads off to meet with the others, but before she leaves, Aisha tries to ask Bloom to not let anyone else know what had happened. Bloom realizes what she is trying to say and promises not to tell anyone she was crying.

Later, everyone makes it ashore and searches all over Black Island for any nests. They manage to find a nest full of the monster's eggs and successfully haul them back to the submarine. Riven claims that it was a good idea to have them split into two groups to conduct the search. Stella claims that it was still too much work even if splitting into groups was a good idea, until Tecna interrupts, complaining about how Stella barely did anything. Nabu emerges from the submarine and compliments everyone on a job well done, urging them to hurry before Kargan's fleet arrives. Once everyone and all of the eggs are onboard, Nabu has the submarine submerge again to look for any other islands that may have other nests. Bloom asks if Nabu knows of any other islands with nests on them and Nabu reveals that Torganis told him that the monster's species supposedly makes only two to three nests at a time. He tells Bloom that they can look at the next island for any signs of a nest, but a sudden crashing sound cuts him off. The submarine is being tossed around in the ocean and Timmy reveals that someone is attacking them with a barrage of bombs. Tecna wonders who their attacker could be because they were moving in secret under the ocean and Nabu also does not understand because Kargan's fleet should not be anywhere near them. Water is rushing into the submarine from all sides and Aisha warns them that they need to resurface before they all end up drowning. Timmy does just that but when they resurface, they come face to face with a large pirate ship.

A pirate ship?!

A man from the deck of the ship orders the Winx and Specialists to get onto the bridge and to not try anything. Timmy realizes that the ship must have had some sort of anti-radar system which kept the ship undetectable to their sonar. Nabu also realizes that they are infamous pirates who manage to keep their hideout hidden from all of Andros' authorities. Stella tries to transform but she cannot due to something nearby that is blocking her magical powers. Bloom begins to realize what could be behind it but she is scared to think of that as the right answer. The girls get a closer look at the pendant the pirate is wearing and quickly realize that he is wearing a fragment of the Shaab Stone. As the pirates force the Winx and Specialists onto their ship, they boast over how the stone helps them deal with fairies like them. Musa wonders how the pirates know that they are fairies, but the pirate captain then orders his crew to raid the research submarine for the monster's eggs. Stella wonders how they know of the monsters eggs, as well as the fact that they are fairies, and Nabu suspects that the pirates are working for Kargan. The captain then orders his crew to put handcuffs on the group as they lead them into the lower deck. As the group is being forced into the lower deck of the ship, Bloom notices that Aisha is not with them. The pirates get ready to set sail and it turns out that Aisha has managed to evade capture by lowering herself into the ocean before the pirates could notice. She climbs onto the ship and hides away in one of the emergency lifeboats before anyone catches her.

Later than evening, the pirates are maneuvering through narrow channels of water. Aisha watches where the pirates are headed from her hiding place and takes it upon herself to plot a course to the pirate's hideout with the help of her compass.

Soon enough, the pirates sail their ship through a tunnel inside one of the island's coves, which leads to an island completely inhabited by pirates. The captain has a rookie pirate dock the ship and make sure the cargo is safe. The rest of the pirate crew forces the Winx and Specialists off the ship with the monster's eggs as they brag about how much money the eggs could get them. The captain adds that a ransom put out for all of them would also bring in a large sum of money. Brandon realizes that the pirates are working for Kargan and Nabu agrees as he was the first to initially suspect him.

Aisha watches the pirates forcing her friends into a prison and carefully lowers herself off of the ship, so she does not get caught. She swims out from the cove where the pirates have hidden their ship and makes it onto another part of the island. She learns that magic does not work on the island for some odd reason and decides that her first step is to look for dry clothes so as not to arouse suspicion. She finds a house with clothes drying outside and takes them, disguising herself as one of the pirate women. With this disguise, she will no longer have to sneak around, especially because the pirates never saw her face.

Aisha's pirate disguise.

As she explores the island full of pirates, she finds their way of acting distasteful as she realizes that the island she is on is a refuge for pirates all over Andros. She passes by what looks like a pub where three pirates call out to her, asking for her to bring them their drinks. Aisha decides to do so to keep up her disguise and once the three men are distracted, she sneaks off to find the prison her friends are locked in.

It does not take long for Aisha to find it and she sees that there is one of the pirates guarding the prison from the outside. With the platter she got from the pub, she casually approaches the guard, offering him a drink. When he accepts the drink, Aisha slams the guard in the head with the platter, knocking him out.

Aisha knocking out the prison guard.

She takes the prison key from the unconscious guard and rushes over to free her friends. Stella sees her at the door and Aisha assures them that she is here to set them free. She manages to unlock the door and all of her friends thank her, impressed by her quick thinking and relieved that she is alright. Nabu approaches Aisha, telling her that he was worried sick about her and Aisha claims that she was simply doing her duties. Riven wonders what their next move will be and Nabu suggests that they make off with one of the pirates' ships before the pirates realize that they have escaped. Brandon does not think that they will make it as the pirates will chase them down with bigger, faster ships. Stella is upset that they cannot transform themselves in order to fight off the pirates until Flora assures her that they will be able to do something, as she still has magical seeds that they lend some of their weakened powers to. Stella is in favor of Flora's plan and urges the girls to try them out once they need them.

They all sneak onto a ship and Flora heads to the back end of the ship, telling the girls to form a chain with her. One of the pirates notices them sailing away with his boat and has another one of the pirates sound the alarm.

The Winx forming a magic chain.

Flora encourages the girls to concentrate all their magic on the seeds and recites a spell as she dips them into the ocean. Once the seeds hit the seabed, they quickly begin to grow.

The two pirates make it to their captain's hut, where they tell him that the prisoners have made off with his boat. The captain hops to his feet as he orders all of the pirates to get the other ships ready. However, when they make it to the docks, they find that all of their ships have been bound by large vines.

As the Winx and Specialists safely sail away from the island of pirates, Flora giggles at the thought of the pirates struggling to get the vines off of their boats. Aisha compliments Flora on her quick thinking and she hands the map back to the island she drew out to Timmy, so that they could return with Andros' authorities to arrest them. The group successfully sails out into the open seas as the sun rises.

In the morning, the group safely returns to Torganis' research labs, where Torganis is relieved that they are all safe. He believes that accusations that Kargan hired the pirates and even suspects that Kargan had a few spies planted in his research labs. Aisha assures Torganis that Kargan's days are numbered, as she reported everything that had happened to her father, sending him the map to the island of pirates that she managed to draw up. Nabu adds in that the pirates will also be unable to escape thanks to the magical vines binding down their boats. Aisha believes that once the pirates have been arrested, they will name the person who hired them, so Count Kargan is done for as well. Suddenly, Torganis' assistant bursts into the room telling him that Helisia's condition has become critical. As the two of them rush for Helisia's room, Torganis' assistant suspects that it may be a negative effect of the new medicine.

Later, the Winx and Nabu are waiting outside of Helisia's room, where Bloom asks Nabu how she is doing. Unfortunately, her condition is getting worse by the minute and Nabu is afraid that she will not be able to make it. He explains that she is in desperate need of a transfusion but no one on the island has a compatible blood type. Aisha volunteers to donate blood for Helisia's transfusion, but Nabu thinks that it is too dangerous. However, Aisha is not concerned with her own safety and believes that it is her duty to help those in need if she is able to. She then drags Nabu into Helisia's room, as there is no time to waste.

Aisha and Nabu kiss.

After the transfusion, Torganis is surprised to find out that Aisha's blood type was a perfect match to Helisia's. He is relieved that Helisia's condition is rapidly improving thanks to the transfusion and is confident that she will be able to take larger doses of her medicine without any complications. Nabu asks if Helisia will recover and Torganis confirms this, thanking Aisha for saving his daughter's life. Nabu tells Aisha that she was fantastic for what she has done and promises to never forget this selfless act. The two of them then share a kiss.

Helisia accepting Nabu's choice.

Some time later, after Helisia's condition has stabilized, she and Nabu go for a walk just outside the research labs. Nabu most likely tells Helisia of his relationship with Aisha and Helisia kisses him on the cheek one last time, accepting his choice.

Nearby, the Winx and Specialists are watching Nabu, Aisha and Helisia walk together outside. Musa is relieved that Aisha and Nabu are back together and Sky notices that Helisia is taking her heartbreak rather well. Flora claims that Helisia has no reasons to be mad at Aisha as she was the one who saved her life, and Tecna adds that she was also saved by the new medicine Torganis made for her. Bloom tells the girls that Torganis made the new medicine using an extraction from the monster's eggs and finds it to be amazing. Stella asks why Bloom thinks so and Bloom claims that something that seemed to be a threat to mankind, like the monster's eggs, ended up becoming a new and wonderful resource for mankind. Flora agrees with Bloom's mindset and Stella realizes that they have to return to Magix now that their mission is over. Bloom confirms this and reveals to the girls that Torganis is organizing a farewell lunch as thanks for all of their help.

At the farewell lunch, Torganis announces that Nabu will no longer be assisting him as he will return to Andros' court. He wishes Nabu good luck in his career and reminisces on all of the excellent work Nabu put in. Torganis then reveals that, upon the request of Andros University, three of their most promising students have been brought to his research facilities in order to take Nabu's place. He makes a toast to the students' arrival as the three of them take their seats.

Bloom and Stella watch as Helisia and Herdan greet each other.

Musa and Timmy greet one of the students as they offer to have her sit next to them. The only male student in the group asks Helisia if the seat next to her is open. She lets him sit next to her and the male student introduces himself as Herdan. Helisia introduces herself to Herdan as Stella and Bloom watch the two hit if off.

Spells Used

  • "A force will spread from the depths of the seabed that will seal our fate and help us escape!" - Used by Flora with the rest of the Winx's help to bind down the pirates' ships.


  • Throughout the issue, the Specialists' gloves are not fingerless like they usually are.
  • On page 16, when Bloom asks Tecna if she knows where Aisha went, she calls her by Musa's name.
  • On page 19, as the group tries to get the monster's eggs onto the submarine, the marking on the back of his attire is red instead of yellow.
    • On the same page, the tattoo on his arm is more of a reddish color instead of being purple.
  • On page 23, as Nabu suspects that the pirates are working for Kargan, he mistakenly calls Kargan "Karzan."
    • On that same page, the big, pink floral accessory that hangs from the hem of Flora's top is replaced by a pink knot.
  • On page 27, as the Winx and Specialists are being forced off of the ship, Brandon also refers to Kargan as "Karzan."
  • On page 40, as Nabu thanks Aisha for saving Helisia's life, his eyes are brown instead of blue in one of the panels.


  • Pirates
  • Herdan
  • Female Andros University Students



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