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Magix on Ice is the fifty-sixth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


Magix on Ice p1

Mr. Dyamond's arrival at City Hall.

In Magix City, reporters from all over flock to City Hall as the new mayor of Magix City, Mister Dyamond arrives. As his ship lands and he steps off, a reporter claims that Mr. Dyamond has promised to give the city of Magix as "face lift." Another reporter approaches Mr. Dyamond, asking him what he meant by revamping the city from the ground up. Mr. Dyamond goes on about Magix being the crossroads between realms in the Magic Dimension, and claims that the city should be promoting itself in a fresh, new way. He promises that it will be a pleasant surprise for the citizens, to which the reporter asks if he could possibly tell them more about his plans. Mr. Dyamond claims that he cannot discuss it with the press any longer, but the only thing he tells them is that he had called in a powerful wizard from a planet known as Nerenia. The reporter mentions that he could have called in the wizards in Magix, but Mr. Dyamond insists that the magicians in Magix use old, traditional methods, and that new ideals will be what benefits the city.

In Faragonda's office at Alfea, she, Griffin and Saladin are watching the report on Mr. Dyamond, catching his remarks on their methods being too old and traditional. Griffin takes Mr. Dyamond's remarks as direct insults to them, but Faragonda insists that because of his youth, it is only natural that Mr. Dyamond would want to attract change. She tries to assure Griffin that it is for the good of Magix, but Griffin thinks that Mr. Dyamond was claiming that they are too old-fashioned for his ideas. She insists that magic must be used by people with experience but Saladin interjects, claiming that young people need to learn this for themselves.

Magix on Ice p3

Turkas setting things up.

Meanwhile, in another part of Magix, Mr. Dyamond is meeting up with the Nerenian wizard he invited. The two men enter the building, where Dyamond asks the wizard, Turkas, if their plan will really work. Turkas approaches a crystal ball in the middle of the room, explaining to Dyamond that the crystal ball is the sum of magical weather events. He then uses a spell on the crystal ball, which causes lightning to spew from it and into the sky.

Dark clouds begin to roll in on Magix, which surprises the Winx at Alfea, as Magix is supposed to have great weather all year 'round. Stella explains to Bloom that weather spells are very difficult to do and it could be disastrous to mess with such powerful magic. Musa calls them over and the girls notices that, instead of rain, it is snowing heavily outside.

In Magix, all of the citizens are completely unprepared for the sudden snow and all of the children huddle together with their mothers since they are not properly dressed. To warm up, the citizens of Magix City scramble to buy winter coats at any clothing stores that sell them and the winter collections quickly sell out at various stores.

Magix on Ice p5

Snow in Magix!

Back at Alfea, Stella scrambles to find any winter clothing and is frustrated now that she has to buy new clothes. Bloom insists that she and the girls try to figure out who or what is causing the sudden snowstorm instead of worrying over having to buy new clothes but Stella claims that she cannot think when she is freezing cold. Flora comes running into Stella's room, calling for the two girls to come out into the main room, as it seems that Mr. Dyamond and his foreign wizard colleague are behind the snowstorm. The girls gather by their TV as Mr. Dyamond goes on about the various advantages that the snow has already brought to the city: businesses are booming and the city is different. Bloom is frustrated with how Mr. Dyamond thinks this is a positive change, and Stella insists that this is due to people spending their money faster than usual. Bloom claims that that is just foolish consumerism and not real positive change but as Stella tries to explain it to Bloom, Musa quiets them down. On the TV, Mr. Dyamond goes on about the other occurrences going on due to the snowstorm, like Lake Roccaluce freezing over with a "perfect setting." He then announces that he will use the frozen Lake Roccaluce to hold the first show on ice that will put Magix back on the map and he dubs the show as Magix on Ice. Stella, Flora and Tecna rejoice at the idea of a show on ice and are excited at the thought of participating.

Magix on Ice p8

People lining up for the chance to participate.

Soon enough, crowds of people are flocking to Lake Roccaluce, which is now a skating rink, for sign-ups. Stella tries to rush through the crowd, dragging Brandon by the hand as he asks why they are rushing. Stella explains that they need to get plenty of training in before the figure skating contest, but Brandon reveals that he is participating in the ice hockey tournament. Stella suspects that Brandon wants to leave her in the arms of another, more handsome skater, and Brandon agrees to compete in the figure skating contest with her.

In line, Flora is excited that she will get to go skating and Helia asks if she can even skate since she has never skated before. Flora claims that she knows how to skate with rollerblades and insists that ice skating probably will not be so different. She then embraces Helia, asking is he will be able to learn how to skate with her. Helia then tells Flora that he also knows how to skate with rollerblades as he hugs her back.

Musa tells Riven that she would like to use classical music for their act and Riven claims that the people behind the contest could at least let Musa choose the music since she is a musical expert.

From behind the crowd, Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin notice how enthusiastic their students all are. Griffin insists that they should be as excited to study but Saladin claims that young people should be allowed the chance to enjoy themselves on rare occasions such as the show on ice. He asks if Griffin has ever gone ice skating but Griffin refuses to answer as she does not see the point in his question. Saladin starts reminiscing on his past when he went skating with a young girl which causes Faragonda to laugh. Griffin insists that the change in weather is still risky as it took them years to fine tune the weather spell on Magix and Faragonda agrees, hoping that the new mayor's wizard colleague knows what he is doing.

Back at the Magix Weather Control Building, Mr. Dyamond reminds Turkas that he wants him to keep the snowstorm stable enough to keep the show on ice going. Turkas assures Dyamond that he will keep the snowstorm stable even though the spell is difficult.

In the skating rink, many participants are practicing for their ice skating routines. The Winx watch as Stella and Brandon enjoy themselves on the rink until Stella falls into his arms. Stella is confident that she and Brandon will win and Flora puts on her skates. Timmy, Riven and Helia come by and Timmy asks if Bloom and Tecna will be changing for their ice skating routine. Tecna notices Timmy in a big jersey and asks what he will be doing. Timmy tells her that Codatorta wants them participating in the hockey tournament, but Tecna wonders if Timmy can handle his equipment. He puts on his helmet and eases into the skating rink in order to show Tecna that he will be able to handle it, but he trips as soon as he gets on the ice. Two other skaters run into Timmy and slip over themselves, crashing into other skaters until they are all lying on their backs on the ice. Bloom and Tecna pull Timmy out of the rink, where Timmy thinks that he may need more practice before the tournament. Flora makes her way out onto the ice, telling Helia to tell her what he thinks of her skating as she practices. Flora is rather impressive on the ice and Bloom and Musa cheer her on. Helia enters the rink to skate with Flora and the two skate like professionals! Bloom and Tecna wonder where Helia could have learned to skate that way and Stella starts to doubt that they will be able to win. She asks Brandon if he can skate like Helia too, and Brandon claims that he could try to. Stella insists that he must learn to skate like Helia in order to win.

Magix on Ice p17

Flora and Helia skating together.

As they skate, Flora asks Helia why he has not told her that he can skate in such an impressive manner, but Helia does not find himself to be that good. He tells Flora that he is happy just knowing that she finds his skills to be impressive and asks if she is ready to finish their routine. She says she is and the two finish their routine in a beautiful pose. As they skate back to the edges of the rink, Bloom approaches Flora. She asks he what she thinks and Bloom is confident that she and Helia will win the figure skating contest. Stella, however, claims that there were a few problems with Flora's routine. Flora insists that they can fix them with some more training and asks Stella if she saw how good of a skater Helia was; expressing her excitement over making a good impression during the contest as she heads back out onto the ice. Stella then asks Brandon why he is not practicing and Brandon assures her that he will. Stella orders Brandon to put his hand on her hip, but Brandon still is not on the ice as he needs to tighten his skates. He then follows Stella onto the ice and the two practice their routine.

On the stands, Sky asks Helia if he could possibly give him and Bloom some advice and Timmy asks the same, but for the hockey tournament. Helia accepts their requests until the boys hear a scream coming from the rink.

Magix on Ice p19

Stella and Brandon trying to practice.

It turns out that the scream was from Stella who is barely dangling from Brandon's arm on the ice. She tries to play it off, asking the girls if they find her awkward pose to be amazing until Brandon loses his grip and they both fall on the ice. Brandon apologizes for dropping her, claiming that his hands were sweaty, and Stella grunts to herself.

Everyone else begins to train for their respective tournaments. Helia advises Timmy to shake off the other boy with his elbows and Stella asks if Brandon hurt himself during their last practice run. Brandon insists that he can keep going and gets up to practice again. Musa and Riven make their way onto the ice as Musa tells him to help her with a somersault. As everyone skates, the Trix watch from another part of the rink. Icy claims that all of the skaters look crazy sliding around, but Darcy wants to try it and urges her sisters to try skating with her. Icy insists that they have better things to do than skate, but Darcy does not know what she means. The three of them leave the rink as Icy explains that they need to see what the new mayor's wizard friend is up to.

Sooner or later, the Trix find the greenhouse where Turkas is controlling the weather. A guard approaches them, ordering them to stop because the area is supposed to be closed off to the public. Icy then freezes the guard, but Turkas appears from behind them and threatens to report their behavior to their headmaster or headmistress. Icy claims that they are not students at any of the Magix Colleges, but Turkas believes otherwise because her spell was so basic. He taps the frozen guard, unfreezing him, as he tells the Trix that they will need to practice more if they want to be real professionals. Turkas then tells them to leave before he really gets mad and heads back inside the greenhouse to continue monitoring the crystal ball. Icy storms off, fed up with Turkas' arrogance with Darcy and Stormy following behind her. Stormy asks if Turkas sorted her out, but Icy insists that she will make him pay.

Magix on Ice p24

The Magix on Ice show is starting!

Later that evening, the Magix on Ice show is under way! As Mr. Dyamond makes his announcement, a green ship starts flying overhead. It lands in the middle of the skating rink, where Mr. Dyamond introduces the current skating world champion, Igor Dyamond, his son. Igor does a quick performance, causing the girls in the stands to go wild. Mr. Dyamond reveals to everyone that it was Igor's idea to hold the show on ice and begins the show. The show starts off with the individual skating contest and the Winx are called onto the ice. As they all make their way, Stella urges the girls to make a good impression since they are the first to go up.
Magix on Ice p28

The couples' figure skating portion.

They all perform and the next part of the show is the couples' skating contest. Each of the girls perform with their partners and Flora and Helia seem to be getting a lot of attention. The rest of the show goes on including the ice hockey and speed skating tournaments.

Timmy's team ends up in second place for the ice hockey tourney, but Riven tells them that he and Musa did not make it on the podium for the couples' skating contest. Bloom does not care what place she and Sky end up getting because she thought skating close to the man she loves was much more important. Suddenly, Mr. Dyamond announces that Flora came in first place and Stella came in second for the individual skating contest. Flora rejoices at the chance of winning the entire show and Musa cheers with her. Stella is not happy that she came in second and tells Flora that the last skating portion of the show will be a close call. Flora agrees, telling Stella that the best girl will win.

Before the last part of the show, Mr. Dyamond makes a sudden announcement. Apparently, Igor became so impressed by the participants' skills that he has promised to skate with the winner of the final portion of the show. Stella and Flora quickly become excited at the chance to skate with a famous figure skater until Flora notices that Helia is not particularly happy. Helia is not pleased with how the two of them are so giddy over some other guy, but Flora insists that she is just happy that her skills will be appreciated. Helia thinks that VIPs like Igor just treat non-VIPs like their property and openly tells Flora that she is becoming annoying. Flora tells Helia that she will not become anyone's property and that she certainly is not Helia's property either. She insists that she has only made it as far as she has because of her own skills, not because she is anybody's favorite, and tells Helia that performing with a great champion like Igor would not be so bad if it is the first place prize. Helia simply tells Flora to do whatever she wants and Flora storms off.

The final portion of the show starts and Stella is called up. The girls cheer for her in the stands as she performs. Her performance earns her a score of 34 from the judges and Stella is confident in the score she got. Musa and Bloom congratulate Stella on a wonderful performance as Tecna wishes Flora luck. Flora makes her way onto the ice and performs; earning a score of 38. Other Alfea students cheer from the stands at how Alfea ended up winning the contest and Bloom and Musa congratulate Flora on winning. Stella is disappointed in coming second to Flora again and claims that she should have one but there were too many things working against her. Brandon tells her not to act that way and that Flora ended up winning because she was better at skating, telling Stella that she has many other skills to be proud of. Stella tries to tell Brandon that she does not need him telling her what to do but ends up crying in his arms about how she just wanted to do her best.

Magix on Ice p35

Flora broke her skate!

Mr. Dyamond begins to commence the final act, a performance with Flora and Igor but, as she makes her way onto the ice, one of Flora's skates breaks! Flora panics at the thought of missing her prize performance and Bloom calls for the other girls to lend Flora a pair of their skates. Flora tries on Bloom, Musa and Tecna's skates, but none of them fit correctly. Stella realizes that if Flora cannot make it then the prize performance will go to her by rule of forfeit. Flora needs to be out in the rink within the next 30 seconds and Stella rushes over to Flora, lending her her own pair of skates. Stella pouts over how stupid she was being and runs over to Brandon, demanding hugs. Bloom, Musa and Tecna ease Flora onto the ice as she thanks Stella for being a true friend. As she approaches Igor out on the ice, someone calls out to her from the stands. When she looks, she finds Helia and the other Specialists cheering her on, clearing away any doubts she had of Helia due to their fight earlier.

Magix on Ice p37

Helia and the Specialists cheering Flora on.

She and Igor perform together and the chemistry between them makes them seem as if they have been skating together their whole lives. The three headmasters are impressed by their performance until Griffin finds that it is getting colder. It starts to snow, which disheartens the crowd, and Mr. Dyamond frantically calls up Turkas to figure out what is going on. Turkas tells Dyamond that he cannot keep up the spell for too long and that something has gone wrong.

Back at the rink, the ice starts spiking out and breaking apart, halting Flora and Igor's performance. Igor helps Flora out of the rink as Mr. Dyamond frantically tries to regain contact with Turkas, who was most likely knocked out after he was shocked by the magic spilling out of the crystal ball. The crowd panics over the crazy weather, but the Trix rejoice at the storm. Icy then has Stormy whip up a hurricane, strengthening the already powerful winds. Griffin confirms her initial suspicions that Dyamond's colleague would not have been able to keep up the snow spell for long and insists that she, Faragonda and Saladin do something before Magix is plunged into an ice age. The three of them try to use a powerful spell in an attempt to stop the storm, but it is unsuccessful. Faragonda searches for the Winx and when she finds them, she pleads for them to transform and help them put an end to the snowstorm. The girls transform and fly into the sky, where it seems that they prepare themselves for a convergence. Bloom uses her Dragon's Flame to help the headmasters with their second attempt at ending the storm, which is more successful as snow is starting to melt. Stella grows impatient and, with help from her sceptre, she shines sunlight onto Magix, breaking apart the storm as well.

Magix on Ice p43

The storm has been dispelled!

The next day, once everything is settled, Mr. Dyamond apologizes to the three headmasters on his rash decision to change the weather. Turkas also apologizes for his spell not being powerful enough to contain the storm, and Faragonda accepts their apologies as they are all still learning. She then tells Turkas that his methods for changing the weather were very interesting and proposes that they try to perfect it together. Turkas is honored by Faragonda's proposal and Griffin admits that having the weather change would be a nice change of pace for everyone on Magix. Bloom then turns to face the Winx, telling them that they may be able to have a magical Christmas on Earth as well.

Spells Used

  • "I command lightning and storms to obey my orders!" - Used by Turkas to change the weather in Magix.
  • "Turbines and storms are mine!" - Used by Stormy to strengthen the winds of the crazy snowstorm.
  • "Arrest the freezing cold, let sunlight blaze like gold and clear the sky; shall be the strongest magic, have we!" - Used by Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin in an attempt to stop the snowstorm, but the spell fails.
  • Dragon Fire Heat - Used by Bloom to help the headmasters be rid of the storm.
  • "We indeed hold the sway! Freezing Lord, keep far away. Bring light and warmth on this day; dreary storm, stay far away!" - Used by the three headmasters to dispel the snowstorm (with the Winx's help).
  • "Rather than magic words, let sunlight win through!" - Used by Stella to shine sunlight on Magix.


  • On page 9, Helia is seen in a large black jacket with a blue turtleneck underneath, however, on page 15, he is in his usual Season 2 and 3 civilian attire.
  • On page 30, as Flora rejoices at coming in first place, the floral pins on her dress are a cyan blue color instead of being pink.
  • On page 41, Griffin is wearing her regular gloves in one panel but they are replaced with dark red gloves in the next panel.
  • Whenever Musa goes into her Believix form, most of her hair is missing.




  • Even in her Believix, Stella still used her Solaria Sceptre.
  • It is unsure where this issue falls within the comic series continuity.
    • The Winx have their Believix powers but they go back to having their Enchantix powers two issues later.
    • Both Aisha and Nabu are nowhere to be seen.
    • Helia does not have the haircut he gets in Season 4, despite the fact that he gets a haircut in the same episode the Winx achieve their Believix.
      • Apparently, this issue takes place in the Season 3 continuity in the Russian and presumably in the Italian release. However, in America, this issue and some other issues were released after the release of Season 4. And for this reason, some moments were specially redrawn, as it was done in this issue.
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