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Poison is the sixty-third issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


With the rebels growing more violent on Eraklyon, Sky has been assigned to three additional bodyguards, but he still does not wish for his daily life to be disrupted. After their usual gathering at theWhite Horse, Brandon and Stella find themselves becoming ill and it later turns out that both of them have been mysteriously poisoned somehow! Anxiety within the Winx Club and the Specialists begin to grow as Brandon has begun to act differently and Stella's condition begins to worsen. Have the rebels attacked before anyone could notice?


Sky and Brandon receive a call from Gen. Sakarian.

The story opens at Red Fountain, where the Specialists are conducting a routine maintenance on one of their shuttles. Sky and Brandon are notified by Codatorta that they are getting a call from their home realm of Eraklyon and he gives the two permission to leave the school grounds. Brandon and Sky wonder what the call could be about as they leave, with Sky hoping that the call is not as urgent as they are suspecting it to be.

In another room, the two boys get a call from Sakarian, one of the generals of Eraklyon's armed forces. The boys greet Sakarian, who does the same, as he sends Sky Erendor's regards. Sakarain tells the boys that he has bad news and reveals to Sky that the Eraklyon Secret Service uncovered a rebel plan to kidnap him. He explains that the investigation is still ongoing but they do not know when and how the rebels will execute their plan, so he advises Sky to not leave Red fountain unless it is absolutely necessary. Two more Eraklyon agents will be sent to guard Sky at all times in addition to Brandon already accompanying him. Sakarian tells Sky that he will report back to him once the Secret Service picks up any more information and wishes him well. Sky thanks Sakarian for his report and requests that he greet Erendor for him. The call ends and Sky asks Brandon what he thinks about all of this. Brandon claims that since this is not the first attempt on Sky's life, they will always keep up their guard. Sky refuses to change up his routine because of a kidnapping attempt but Brandon reminds Sky that they cannot risk him being kidnapped, as Eraklyon would suffer terrible repercussions. Brandon then claims that Sky may have to take Sakarian's advice. Sky reluctantly agrees, but tells Brandon that if he has to stay shut up inside Red Fountain, then Brandon will have to stay by him.

Stella getting a call from Brandon.

At Alfea, as the Winx are leaving class, Stella gets a call from Brandon, who tells her that he and Sky will not be able to join them on their weekend outing. The rest of the Winx look on with smiles as Stella teases Brandon into saying "I love you" over the phone. Stella suddenly stops her teasing and tells Brandon that it no longer matters as she says goodbye. Afterwards, Stella reports to the rest of the Winx that there will no longer be an outing as Sky and Brandon cannot make it. The girls express their disappointment until Bloom asks Stella why Sky could not tell her directly. Stella insists that it is because Sky did not want to worry her and explains that he has to be more careful than usual due to a possible kidnapping attempt. She then explains that more and more bodyguards will be pouring into Magix in order to keep Sky safe, and gets upset at the thought of never getting any alone time with Brandon.

An Eraklyon Royal Shuttle heading for Red Fountain.

Later, a golden shuttle is heading towards Red Fountain. Once it lands, three Eraklyon soldiers exit the shuttle and salute to Prince Sky. One of them introduces himself as Sergeant Kovar, revealing that he and the two soldiers accompanying him are the reinforcements sent by Sakarian. Sky tells Kovar that Brandon has always down a superb job protecting him and that he understands his father's concerns. However, Sky hopes that Kovar and his men will not suffocate him as they keep watch. Kovar assures Sky that that will not be the case and tells him that he and his men need to assess the perimeter of the school. Sky adds in that they should also change into more casual clothes as not to arouse suspicion from any hidden rebels. He also claims that he intends to have fun with his friends every once in awhile but if Kovar and his men appeared in their uniforms, it would put everyone on edge. Kovar agrees with Sky's input as the five men head back inside.

A few days later, Bloom gets a call from Sky and the two of them tell each other about how much they miss being around one another. While he is still fairly restricted under his new guardsmen, Sky is relieved that they are not as restrictive as his previous guards. Sky then proposes that they all get together at the White Horse on Saturday, even if his guards have to come. The two agree to the get-together and they wish each other goodnight.

Saturday soon arrives and Sky, Brandon, Kovar and his two men have arrived at the White Horse. As the five of them park their hoverbikes, Sky asks if having Kovar and his men follow him is a bit much since he and Brandon always go to the White Horse and nothing dangerous ever happens there. Brandon claims that it is better to be safe than sorry since they do not know every one of the patrons and admits to Sky that it may have been careless of them to leave Red Fountain. Sky insists that he could not stay cooped up in his dorm any longer and tries to convince Brandon by telling him that they will just be spending a few hours with the girls.

Bloom and Stella excited to see that Sky and Brandon have arrived.

Once inside, Sky and Brandon are quickly met by Bloom and Stella, who both jump into their arms to hug them. Kovar lets Sky know that his two men will be guarding the outside of the cafe while he keeps watch over the tavern. Before leaving Sky's side, Kovar advises Brandon to stick to Sky like glue and Brandon assures him that everything will be fine.

Sky and Brandon sit down and Sky quickly suggests that they go dancing. Bloom tells him that they will go dancing later and claims that they had prepared a surprise. She then reveals that she and Stella prepared a beautiful cake just for Sky and all their friends. Stella claims that the cake came out great and starts to go on about how the cake started out as a disgusting mish-mash of eggs, flour and sugar, but, thanks to a magic spell they used, the batter became a delicious cake. Flora explains that the magic spell is one that is used in bakeries everyday and Bloom lets everyone know that she will be getting the cake along with a few drinks. Tecna volunteers to help Bloom as she makes her way to the counter.

Bloom hands the man working the countertop the orders for drinks as he hands her the cake she and Stella made. She then brings the cake over to her table of friends and they all go about their day as if they have not a care in the world. Soon night falls and the group is dancing outside of the cafe.

Stella collapses.

A little while later, Sky and Brandon have to get going back to Red Fountain but, on their way to their hoverbikes, Stella collapses, claiming that she feels a sharp, stabbing pain in her side. Suddenly, Brandon feels great pain in his forehead and he asks Sky for help. The group tries to lay both Brandon and Stella on the ground as Kovar and his men come running. Kovar asks what happened and Helia reports that the two of them have fallen ill. He asks Kovar to call for an ambulance as Sky and Timmy take off their shirts and bundle them up so Brandon and Stella have something to rest their heads on. As they wait for the ambulance to arrive, Bloom and Sky notice that Stella and Brandon have fainted.

Soon the ambulance arrives and the paramedics hoist the fainted couple inside the vehicle. Kovar tells Sky that they need to leave immediately as there are too many people around for them to successfully control the situation. While Sky is aware of this, he refuses to leave Brandon behind and wishes to know what is going on. Bloom then tells Sky that she will be going to the hospital with Stella and Brandon and promises to keep him informed. As the ambulance drives off with Bloom, Stella and Brandon safely inside, Kovar urges for everyone to leave.

The next day, the Winx and Specialists meet up with Bloom and Timmy at the hospital. Unfortunately, neither of them have heard anything. Flora hands Bloom a basket of sandwiches that they made for their two injured friends and Timmy explains that the situation has gotten much more serious as no one can seem to figure out what the problem is. He suspects that it must have been from something they ate but Tecna points out that they all had a piece of the cake Stella and Bloom made. Aisha then suspects that it must have been in their drinks but when she asks everyone about what they drank, the doctor exits their friends' room. Bloom asks him how their friends are doing and the doctor reports that the situation has unfortunately gotten serious. While the two of them have stabilized, they still cannot identify the problem but the doctor suspects that they may have been poisoned. The doctor promises to keep the group informed but he must leave for now. As the group ponders over who could have poisoned Stella and Brandon, Riven reveals that the police suspect that the poison was meant for Sky. Tecna suspects that, as a planned attack, the attackers will try to get to Sky once more. Riven agrees, adding in that, without Brandon to protect Sky, he will have to be extra careful.

Bloom, Tecna and Timmy visit Brandon.

Days filled with apprehension and anxiety go by until one day, Aisha calls the girls to tell them that Brandon has woken up! Bloom, Tecna and Timmy visit Brandon in his room as the doctor tells them that Brandon may not be able to recognize them yet since he is still in shock. As the doctor leaves the room, Bloom asks Brandon how he has been. Brandon asks about who she is and where he is, to which Bloom introduces herself and tells Brandon that they are all his friends. Timmy tells him that they are all happy to see him and that Sky sends his greetings even though he could not come with. Brandon then realizes that he needs to get back to Sky's side but his head feels like it is about to burst. Tecna urges him to concentrate on recovering and promises that they will come visit against once he feels better. The three of them leave Brandon to rest, where they leave with the rest of the group. Bloom and Tecna are surprised by how much he has changed as he did not even ask about Stella. Riven claims that it will take a long time before he fully recovers and Bloom agrees, telling everyone that they must be patient and support him.

Later that day, at Alfea, Faragonda asks the girls if they have any news on Stella's condition. Bloom tells her that Stella has yet to wake up as her condition is worse than they thought. She and the girls are worried sick but Faragonda assures them that they must have faith. She tells Bloom and Flora not to worry about their classes as they need to stand by their friends until they recover. She advises the two of them to let her know of anything that comes up and Flora promises that they will visit them everyday after school.

The girls catch Brandon being helped out of his room.

When the Winx return to the hospital the next day, they find Brandon being helped out of his room by the doctor. Musa suspects that he may have recovered faster than they thought he would and Bloom asks him how is feeling today. Brandon claims that he is feeling good but the doctor claims that he is still weak. He was persistent on getting up and walking about and Brandon insists that his place is by Sky's side, but the doctor refuses to let him leave as he still needs rest. Tecna then asks the doctor about Stella's condition and the doctor reports that Stella has regained consciousness but is still very weak. Bloom asks if they can see her but the doctor claims that the still cannot because Stella still needs more rest and her condition is still very serious. Bloom then asks if they were able to examine the poison and wants to know how all of this could have happened. The doctor claims that they are still examining the poison and suspects that it must have been put into Brandon and Stella's drinks while the bartender was distracted, but claims that whoever did it is police business. As Bloom is about to ask more questions, she is interrupted by Brandon, whose head is starting to hurt again. The doctor helps Brandon back into his room as he promises to talk more about the poisoning situation tomorrow.

As the girls leave the hospital, Bloom expresses her relief that Brandon has gotten better. Tecna is also relieves and hopes that Stella will recover just as quickly. Flora still worries over Brandon as he was really worn out when they saw him and Bloom tries to assure her that Brandon will return to Red Fountain to be with Sky as he is a very smart guy.

In fact, two days later, Brandon is well and has returned to Red Fountain! As he is being greeted by Codatorta and a few other Specialists, Timmy and Riven approach Brandon, relieved that he has made a full recovery. Timmy asks Brandon if he was able to hear anything about Stella but Brandon claims that he does not know and still thinks that her condition has not gotten any better. He then tells Timmy that he needs to get to Sky's side as soon as possible but he is stopped by Timmy before he is able to leave. Timmy reminds Brandon that he is going the wrong way; that the dorms are located on the other side of the college. Brandon claims that he may still be a little out of it as he staggers over in the other direction.

Sooner or later, Bloom gets a call from Sky, who tells her that Brandon has already returned to Red Fountain. Bloom thinks that that is great news since they can all visit Stella together and Sky agrees. He goes to tell Brandon but he is insistent on not leaving the school grounds. He then warns Sky that he should not leave either as rebel forces are still plotting to kidnap him. Sky realizes that Brandon may be right about the risks and so he calls off going to the hospital with Bloom, but he asks if she can say "hi" to Stella for him before hanging up.

As the girls get ready to leave, Flora asks if Sky will not be coming with them and Bloom confirms this, adding in that Brandon was the one that convinced him not to go. She then asks Flora if she finds Brandon's behavior to be rather strange as, ever since he was discharged, he has shown little to no interest in Stella. Flora, however, thinks that it Brandon is still recovering from the shock. She tries to assure Bloom by telling her that Stella will recover soon enough and everyone will be together again, but there is something that Bloom cannot seem to shake off.

The girls visiting Stella.

A bit later into the day, the girls have arrived at the hospital, where they are finally able to see Stella. Her condition has improved, but only slightly, as she is still having trouble keeping her eyes open and speaking. Tecna finds it strange that Brandon was able to recover so quickly while Stella is still weak, but the doctor claims that it is because Stella ended up drinking more of the poison than Brandon did. Stella then tells Bloom that she would really like to see Brandon and asks her when he will come visit. Bloom reluctantly tells Stella that he is stuck guarding Sky at Red Fountain but she promises to bring Brandon with her when she has the chance. The girls decide to leave Stella to rest some more as they promise to be back tomorrow.

As they leave the hospital, the girls cannot help but worry over Stella's condition. Suddenly, Bloom's phone goes off and when she picks it up, she gets some grim news from Timmy: Sky has disappeared from Red Fountain.

At Alfea, Bloom sobs into her bed as the girls try to cheer her up. Flora and Tecna cannot believe that so many things are happening at once; Stella in the hospital, Sky going missing, and now Bloom's terrible mood. Flora tries to assure Bloom by telling her to have faith in the police, but Bloom cannot stop herself from sobbing. Tecna asks Aisha how this all happened because she cannot make sense of it and Aisha reveals that no one is entirely sure. Apparently, the windows in Sky's dorm were forced open and he was nowhere to be found. Brandon was out and when he came back, he was the first to discover that Sky had been kidnapped. Aisha is shocked that the rebels were able to get into Red Fountain to kidnap Sky and Tecna suspects that they had some way to figure out Sky's exact location. Musa concludes that there may be an enemy spy hiding inside Red Fountain but she is not sure who it could be. Tecna is grateful that tomorrow will be a Saturday so that they will not have to worry about their studies and Flora insists that Bloom should take the day off in order to rest. She promises to let Madame Greta know about what is going on, but Bloom insists that working will help her take her mind off of the whole situation. As she lays her head back onto her pillow, she hopes with everything in her heart that the police are able to find Sky soon.

Brandon and Kovar receive a call from Sakarian.

Meanwhile, at Red Fountain, Brandon and Kovar receive a call from General Sakarian, who has caught wind of the situation. He suspects that Sky's kidnappers may demand a ransom for the prince's life and urges that Kovar and his men find Sky before it is too late. Kovar assures Sakarian that he and his men are following every lead that they can find. Sakarian is relieved and still expects Kovar to achieve total success, as to avoid the dire consequences facing all of those involved.

After Sakarian ends the call, Brandon assures Kovar that it could have gotten worse. Just then, one of Kovar's men rushes into the room and reports to the sergeant that they have managed to identify a suspicious spaceship just north of Magix City. He claims that the spaceship may belong to Sky's kidnappers and Kovar orders his men to prepare for an attack. As the men rush out of the room, Brandon runs the other way, claiming that he is going to his room to get ready. Kovar leaves Brandon and orders him to report to the hangar in five minutes. Eventually, Brandon gets prepared and the four men take off in two Red Fountain shuttles. As they search for Sky's captors, they come across a suspicious-looking blue shuttle parked on the ground just below them. They land their shuttles to investigate and conclude that the blue shuttle is, indeed, one that belongs to Sky's captors. However, the shuttle has been completely abandoned, so Kovar instructs Brandon and his men to search throughout the city for the captors' hiding place.

Meanwhile, at the White Horse, Greta asks Bloom how Stella is doing. Bloom tells Greta that Stella is doing fairly well as she cleans the cafe until Greta points out Brandon walking just outside the cafe. Bloom takes a look and spots Brandon walking and talking with another girl. She excuses herself to go talk to Brandon and Greta lets her go right ahead since her cleaning was almost done.

Bloom confronts Brandon.

Bloom manages to catch up to Brandon who is surprised that she is even around. Bloom reminds Brandon that she works at this time of day and then reprimands him for not even trying to see Stella in the hospital, as she also needs his support to help recover. The girl Brandon was talking to realizes that she is unwelcome in the situation and excuses herself, leaving as Bloom openly hopes that she does not try to cling to Brandon again. Once the girl is gone, Bloom asks if Brandon will go to the hospital today. He claims that he will go after getting some things done and remembers that Sky has been kidnapped. He promises to go visit Stella after he helps the police locate Sky but Bloom insists that he can do that afterwards, since it was his fault Sky was kidnapped in the first place. As she heads back inside, Bloom reminds Brandon visiting hours start at 4PM.

However, once 4PM arrives, Brandon and the girls cannot see Stella due to her suffering a relapse. Bloom tries to ask the doctor why this happened and if they can at least let her see Brandon, but the doctor claims that nothing can be done. He tells them that they can come back once Stella has recovered again and leaves. The girls begin to worry over what is happening to Stella but Brandon seems as if he does not care. Now that he does not have to visit Stella, he casually leaves the hospital by himself. The girls are appalled by this and wonder what has happened to Brandon, as he seems like a completely different person! Bloom then confesses that she also doubts the doctors and explains to the girls that she feels like they may not even know what is really wrong with Stella. She cannot understand why Stella was fine one day only to enter a relapse the very next day, suspecting that the doctor may be involved in Stella's poor health. Tecna agrees with Bloom and proposes that they get involved with their magic, but Musa advises that they be careful as there is a high chance that they may make the problem worse. Bloom claims that they will not be able to make mistakes if they study a lot and the girls decide to pitch in to help.

And so, for the next couple of days, the Winx study in the Alfea Library in order to find a successful healing spell for Stella. With all of the studying they have done, the girls gradually become more and more exhausted as they search for the correct spell. Luckily, after a day or two, Bloom manages to find the spell they had been looking for and copies it down. She proposes that they hurry to the hospital but Flora reminds her that visiting hours have ended already. Bloom clarifies that they will not be going in through the front door and the girls all go into their Believix as they fly off towards the hotel.

The Winx heading towards the hospital.

Once there, they successfully teleport themselves into Stella's room without alerting anybody. They find that Stella is fast asleep, so they combine their Believix magic and cast the healing spell they picked via a Believix Convergence. The spell is successful and Stella springs from her bed as healthy as she was before the incident. She asks the girls where she is as the girls rejoice over Stella being healed. She begins to realize that the girls saved her from the poison she was being afflicted by and is happy that she has all of her energy back. However, Tecna believes that breaking into the hospital and healing Stella was all too easy. Stella notices that the girls seem less happy about this and asks Bloom if anything is wrong. Bloom insists that nothing is wrong and proposes that they look for Brandon for now. As the girls fly out of the window of Stella's former hospital room, Bloom tells the girls that he should be at the White Horse.

Just as Bloom had said, the girls find Brandon just outside of the cafe walking with the girl Bloom found him with a few days before. Stella embraces Brandon as she tells the girl to back off since they are already dating. She then asks Brandon for a kiss and he reluctantly does so. Immediately afterwards, he tells Stella that they should not see each other anymore. Stella understands and calmly walks back to the Winx, who are all surprised that Stella took it so well.

Stella revealing that the "Brandon" she kissed isn't the real one.

They all try to piece together what happened until Stella reveals that the "Brandon" she had kissed is not the real Brandon. Bloom asks Stella what she means and Stella claims that she was suspicious about him from the moment she saw him; kissing him only confirmed her suspicions. While he bears a striking resemblance to Brandon, Stella is confident that he is nothing but a double but she is not entirely sure what she means by that. Bloom realizes that Sky's kidnapping and the poisoning incident are both connected. She explains that the real Brandon must have been swapped out in place of his double at the hospital and the double pretended to be worried over Sky in order to help the kidnappers in secret. Bloom suspects that it was the "Brandon"-double that opened the window in Sky's dorm and it was him who warned the kidnappers of the police's arrival. Tecna then asks why they had Stella poisoned as well and Bloom concludes that the kidnappers needed Stella out of the way since she would be the only one who could truly tell the difference between the real Brandon and the double, so they kept her asleep despite the fact that she was recovering. Stella suspects that the doctor is also involved as he was the only one who could do such things without seeming suspicious. Bloom agrees and points out that the doctor would always prevent them from letting "Brandon" see Stella as she would be able to tell that he was a double. Musa asks what they will be doing about this now and Bloom declares that they will go to free both Sky and the real Brandon. Now that they have leads, she is confident that it will not be so difficult to do so. Stella claims that they will have to start by confronting the doctor first and the girls transform once again in order to pay him a little visit.

Bloom threatening the doctor.

Meanwhile, the doctor gets a call revealing that Stella had escaped from her room. It turns out that "Brandon" is on the other end, reprimanding the doctor for being careless. He urges the doctor to leave before the girls warn the police and the doctor scrambles towards his drawers looking for the money he was given. However, it is too late as the girls burst through the walls! Bloom proclaims that they know everything now and demands that the doctor tell them where Sky and Brandon are being held. The doctor cowers in fear, claiming that he knows nothing, so Bloom releases the Dragon's Flame. It swirls around her as she threatens the doctor that she is willing to use black magic in order to make him talk. Scared out of his wits, the doctor confesses that their friends should be locked inside a hut located at a place called the Wolf's Pass. He begs for Bloom to put her dragon away, but Bloom reveals that her Fire Dragon will stick by his side until the police arrive to arrest him. The girls then fly out of the doctor's office, heading towards Wolf's Pass.

Soon enough, they come across the hut that the doctor mentioned. The man stationed just outside of the hut notices the group of fairies approaching and shoots at them. Tecna shields herself and the girls from the bullets with her Energy Shield, but that gives the man enough time to warn his comrades of the Winx's arrival. Aisha and Flora are able to restrain two of the men with their Plasma Magic Bolt and Magic Entangle spells and Musa disorients the rest of them with her Sonic Blast. Stella then swoops in to do away with the last two men and she and Bloom storm the hut. They find Sky and Brandon and free them. Bloom embraces Sky and Stella kisses Brandon. She confirms that this Brandon is the real one and jokes about having to need a few more kisses in order to know for certain.

Spells Used


  • Throughout the issue, Helia seems to be wearing a short-sleeved version of the top he wears in his Season 2 and 3 civilian attire.
    • Musa's hairbands also switch between pink and yellow.
    • The small hair at the top of Flora and Tecna's head also tends to go missing.
    • The Winx's Believix forms also hold some errors.
      • Their wings will often hold more simplistic shapes inside of them instead of appearing more like stained glass windows.
      • Tecna will sometimes appear in a skirt instead of shorts and the bluish transparent sleeves will appear skin-colored.
      • Bloom's gloves will appear either fingerless instead of stopping at the palm or they will be skin-colored instead of blue. Her skirt is also missing the two purple flaps of fabric on each side and, instead, has one big purple star that appears on the right side of her waist in some panels.
      • Stella's gloves will appear to be either fingerless or full instead of stopping at the palm. The white stripes on her shoes are also missing.
      • Flora's bracelets will go missing.
      • Aisha's left glove will sometimes stop just at the wrist instead of at the palm and the bracelet on her right hand may be missing the bits of pink fabric that are attached to it.
      • Musa's gloves tend to be appear as full gloves instead of fingerless ones.
  • On page 8, as Sky, Brandon, Kovar and his men make their arrival at the White Horse cafe, Kovar is colored incorrectly.
    • Instead of having greyish-brown hair with a light green T-shirt and seagreen jeans, Kovar is colored in with red hair, a blue T-shirt with green trimmings and light blue jeans.
  • From page 9 onwards, Kovar's casual T-shirt is blue instead of green.
  • On page 15, the sleeves of Aisha's shirt appear to be short in one panel but appear to be past her elbows in every other scene she is in wearing the shirt.
  • On page 19, when Tecna asks the doctor about Stella's condition, her eyes are an olive green instead of their usual teal.
  • On page 34, as the Winx fly towards the hospital, Musa's seems to be wearing a dark pink skirt over her pale blue tights. Her wings are also a completely different shape.
  • On page 35, as Stella wake up after the rest of the Winx healed her, Tecna's wings are blue instead of purple.
    • In the last panel, as the Winx fly out of the hospital, Aisha looks like Stella in her Believix, just in Aisha's color palette.
  • On page 40, as the girls are confronting the doctor, the bottom pair of Flora's wings, Bloom's gloves, and Aisha glove are all missing.
  • On page 41, as Bloom explains that her dragon will stick by the doctor until the police arrive, her pinkish transparent sleeves reach down to her wrists instead of stopping just above her elbows.
  • On page 44, Bloom's gloves are missing and Stella's gloves go missing when she embraces the real Brandon.




  • Even though this seems to take place after the events of Season 4, Helia still retains the hairstyle he had during seasons 2 and 3.
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