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Magix Virus is the sixty-seventh issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


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Spells Used

  • "Immediate order for all that is mixed, every page, number and word, all tidy in just a click!" - Used by Bloom, Stella and the avatar of Bloom's Diary to neatly arrange the sea of data and send each bit of it to where it originated from.
  • "Infernalis potestas convoctaur! Monstrum ad comandis duplicatuum!" - Used by the Trix to copy the virus under Icy's orders.
  • "Virus deletur, semper extingueretur!" - Used by the Winx and Trix to delete the virus Darcy led them to.
  • Crust of Ice - Used by Icy to seal the entrance of the cave closed, trapping the avatar of Bloom's Diary within it.
  • Blades of Light - Used by Stella against multiple duplicates of the virus.
  • Sound Wave - Used by Musa against two of the virus duplicates.


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