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Roxy the Seventh Fairy is the sixty-eighth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


Having been preoccupied with other important matters, the time has come for the Fortress of Light Council to finally address the events that had taken place on Earth. Faragonda has Roxy and the other Winx brief the Council in on what happened to the Wizards of the Black Circle and the Earth Fairies as everyone at Alfea was unable to witness the events as they were also too busy to lend a helping hand. Their presentation garners them many praises, all except from two Councilmen, who later plan to make the Winx look as if they were putting too much faith in Roxy's abilities by sneaking the Trix onto Council grounds to do what they do best: stir up some trouble.


Roxy Seventh Fairy p1

Faragonda consulting with the Fortress of Light Council.

The story opens at the Fortress of Light, where Faragonda has just informed the Council that Earth has a fairy to protect it once again. The Head of the Council remembers hearing that some very bitter battles had to be fought and Faragonda confirms this by telling the Council that someone tried to prevent good from triumphing over evil which caused the last fairy on Earth to be under serious protection. Overall victory came at a great price as Nabu, a prince from Andros, gave his life to protect his friends. The Head of the Council realizes that while they were preoccupied with other important matters, they neglecting Earth too much and insists that they should not have left Faragonda's students to fight alone. He vows to make up for lost time and tells Faragonda that they still need to know what happened before taking action. Faragonda agrees and tells him that they will report to the Council at the next general assembly.

Once Faragonda's council with the Head of the Council has ended, Palladium enters her office, asking if there were any problems. Faragonda assures Palladium that there are no problems and that the Council is even prepared to work with them this time. However, Faragonda still feels guilty about the ordeal on Earth. Not only were the Fortress of Light Council busy with other things to help but all of Alfea's faculty was kept busy as well, which caused the Winx to be stuck handling the entire ordeal on their own. Though, thankfully, the girls will be getting the merit they deserve. Palladium wonders what she could mean by that and Faragonda claims that even the Council members need to be shaken up as young people will often grow to be more experienced without them even realizing it. Palladium laughs about the idea of a "revolution" and Faragonda agrees, putting all of her trust in the girls.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p4

Faragonda meeting with the Winx.

In the Winx's dorm, Faragonda explains the situation to the girls, who are very reluctant to go along with it. Bloom fears that she will be too nervous to speak and Stella is afraid that the Council will not even let it happen, but Faragonda is confident that it will work since the Winx are the only ones who can truly tell everyone of what happened on Earth. Coupled with the fact that victory was ultimately achieved thanks to the girls, Faragonda is sure that the Council will have no choice but to have them speak.

And so, later that day, the general assembly is underway. The Head of the Council announces to the other Council members that Faragonda will update them on the ordeal that occurred on Earth and steps off-stage to let her do so. Faragonda thanks the Head of the Council and begins her speech by claiming that she cannot be allowed to speak of what happened as the situation was rather complex and dramatic. So she announces that her pupils will be speaking on her behalf, as they have experienced the ordeal first-hand. As the Winx make their arrival, many of the Council members are confused as they has never happened before. Givelian accuses this of being in contempt of the Council and Yerka even claims that Faragonda is using the Winx as an act of disrespect.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p7

Faragonda speaking of the Winx's accomplishments.

However, once the Winx are all on-stage, Faragonda tries to assure the Council that they are not simple girls, but the Winx: a group of close, promising fairies. Thanks to them, the last Earth Fairy was kept safe and Earth is once again a magical planet.

The Council members start to speak amongst themselves again but, this time, some of them are starting to warm up to Faragonda's idea of having the Winx speak. A good majority of them are still persistent about the rules, though, and this causes some of them to argue amongst each other. It is then that the Head of the Council pleads for the squabbling members to have faith in Faragonda and her pupils. He admits that having young girls speak to the Council is a strange event but they should still listen to what they have to say since Faragonda has so much faith in them. He then announces that the Winx's address will begin and Faragonda encourages Bloom to start. Givelian is bitter at this turn of events and hopes that Bloom can operate a memo screen, or else they will not be able to understand what is being told. As Bloom is getting ready, she assures Faragonda that she will be able to handle this as she has done all of the exercises that Faragonda asked of her. Faragonda believes in Bloom as she makes sure that she put on the mental transmitter correctly. As she makes her way off-stage, she reminds Bloom that as she speaks, the monitor behind her will begin to display images for everyone else to see. Bloom then begins her story:

Roxy Seventh Fairy p9

Bloom remembering the Wizards of the Black Circle's arrival to Alfea.

It all started at Alfea, where everyone, including herself, thought that she was the last fairy on Earth. It was then that they had their first encounter with the Wizards of the Black Circle, who managed to kidnap her. They almost pulled off what they set out to achieve until the spell they were using on Bloom did not work, so the Wizards left before any of the Winx could stop them.

More of the Council members are becoming impressed with the Winx as they seem to be very clever girls if they can operate the memo screen with such accuracy. Givelian, however, is becoming more and more bitter about this.

Bloom continues her explanation, revealing the the Council members that the spell the Wizards used on her did not work because she was not the last Earth Fairy, but the Princess of Domino, and she only lived on Earth because she was adopted. This was a mistake on the Wizards part as they did not know this and their attack on Alfea alarmed the girls to what was really going on. They went to consult the Tree of Life in Pixie Village and there they learned that the branch representing Earth still has one small leaf on it, which meant that there still existed a fairy on Earth after centuries of them being gone. They realized that that last fairy was the one the Wizards were hunting after and, due to already capturing all of Earth's fairies beforehand, they were going to wipe out all of the lingering magic on Earth by hunting this last fairy. To prevent this, the Winx were sent to Earth, Gardenia to be exact, in order to protect the last Earth fairy from the Wizards.

More of the Council members are beginning to enjoy themselves as the Winx's story reminds them of their younger days when they used to combat evil. Yerka, on the other hand, is not pleased by this.

Bloom continues to explain that they had to conceal themselves amongst the Earthlings so they would not alarm them or the Wizards, so they girls were very fortunate to find a house and a job in an old toy warehouse which they turned into their apartment. Thanks to Flora for giving life to the old toys in the warehouse, the girls opened up a pet shop, Love & Pet, which became a big hit. Since Love & Pet's debut opening, the fairy pets have brought happiness to everyone they come across. Bloom then encourages the fairy pets to fly around and show everyone how cute they are.

Belle flies up to one of the Council members, who immediately takes a shine to her. Another one asks if he has gone mad for wanting a fairy pet of his own, to which the first Council member does not understand why he should be embarrassed because he is getting old and needs company anyway. He then asks Givelian if he remembers where Bloom said they could get their own fairy pets as he really wants one, but Givelian simply grows more and more impatient and angry.

Bloom then claims that they should be grateful for their pet shop becoming as popular as it did because it ended up attracted the girl they were looking for. Bloom takes off the mental transmitter and hands it off to Stella so she can continue. Stella puts on the transmitter and continues the story:

It turns out that the Wizards of the Black Circle were watching from the shadows, waiting for the Winx to find Roxy for them. When the girls left to meet up with Roxy, the Wizards took it as their chance to try and capture her. Thanks to this run-in with the Wizards, Roxy was able to discover that she had incredible powers but she did not know how to control them. With the help of the Specialists, Nabu and even Roxy's dog, Artu, they managed to keep the Wizards at bay.

Givelian notices that the Winx did not handle the ordeal by themselves and Stella confirms this, continuing her explanation by telling him that the Specialists were also on Earth, trying to protect them without them knowing. There were some misunderstandings but the boys ended up working as waiters at a place called the Frutti Music Bar in order to stay close to them. It was there, in fact, that Musa caught the attention of Jason Queen, a music producer who wanted to make Musa a star.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p16

Roxy fighting back with the White Circle, being possessed by Nebula and the Winx fighting to dispel Nebula from Roxy.

Givelian interrupts again, demanding that Stella keep her explanation relevant to the Wizards of the Black Circle. He accuses the Wizards of not being as terrible as they claim to be, but Stella insists that they were very strong.

Roxy also seemed to be driven by a mysterious figure which ultimately led them to a secluded farmhouse in the mountains, where she found the key to freeing the imprisoned Earth Fairies: the White Circle. However, it was then that Nebula, a fearsome warrior fairy, took control of Roxy's body in an attempt to use her for vengeful purposes. The Winx managed to save Roxy but only by the skin of their teeth. They also came to understand that their new powers, their Believix, could grow stronger the more the Earthlings believed in them, so the Winx would take it upon themselves to help the Earthlings regain their belief in magic.

The Council members wonder how the Winx were able to convince the people of Earth to believe in magic again and Stella hands the transmitter over to Flora to explain how they were able to do so. Flora puts it on and explains that it was no easy task to convince the people of Earth. Due to the many bad things that have happened in the past, the Earthlings were tired and lost their belief in magic centuries ago. The Winx had to be persistent and assisted the Earthlings with their new Believix powers, which ultimately caused them to understand that magic was real. However, at this phase of their journey, the Wizards realized that they were about to risk losing everything they have worked for and decided to make their move. They kidnapped Roxy, using her father as bait, but, luckily, the Winx were able to free the two of them, especially thanks to Nabu and the fairy pets. In the end, the people of Earth realized that the Winx were on their side and supported them by believing in them. This caused the girls to become so powerful that the Wizards had no choice but to flee. Flora then decides to hand the transmitter over to Musa as something amazing happened to her. Musa takes the transmitter and explains that while the Winx were combatting the Wizards, she was able to land a recording deal with Jason Queen, which brought her closer to her dream of becoming a famous singer.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p19

The Winx meeting the freed Earth Fairies.

After defeating the Wizards, the Winx traveled to the island of Tir Nan Og, where Roxy was able to set the imprisoned Earth Fairies free with her White Circle. They managed to reach the castle where Morgana, Queen of the Earth Fairies, had resided in with her followers. The girls were ecstatic that they were able to give the Earth Fairies their freedom until Morgana swore vengeance against the Wizards and the humans who abandoned them. From the very beginning, Morgana was contacting Roxy through her dreams in order to get her to bring the White Circle back to Tir Nan Og and, now that the Earth Fairies had been freed, the Winx feared the worst.

The Winx returned to Gardenia due to their prior commitments. Musa sheepishly admits that they had a concert scheduled at the Frutti Music Bar but, when they arrived, they found Gardenia completely overrun by giant plants and plant monsters. Musa calls Tecna over and hands her the transmitter to tell the rest of the story. Tecna agrees and begins to describe the oncoming war between them and the Earth Fairies. Diana, Major Fairy of the Amazon, was very fearsome and their battle with her led the girls and the Specialists all the way to the Amazon, where she resided. Diana was also enraged with some of the Amazon people, as other humans have been tearing down the rainforest recently. All of the Winx's powers were no match for Diana, which caused their friend, Nabu, to intervene. Ultimately, with the help of their Sophix given to them by the Ethereal Fairies via one of the Gifts of Destiny, the Winx managed to convince Diana to give up her thirst for revenge and make amends with all of mankind.

At this point, all of the Council members are drawn in by the Winx's retelling. One of them leans over to ask if Givelian also finds it to be quite captivating, but Givelian is hating every second of it.

Tecna urges Roxy to finish the story but Roxy is not sure if she is worthy enough to tell it. Tecna assures her that she can do it since she was the one who made the final move that ended the war between them and the Earth Fairies. Roxy nervously puts the mental transmitter on and begins her part of the tale:

Even though Diana had given up revenge, there were still many Earth Fairies who wished to continue the war. The Wizards ultimately became fearful of them which resulted in them coming to the Winx in search of protection. Despite their past misdeeds, the Winx could not abandon them and managed to arrange a trial headed by Morgana herself. However, it turned out that the Wizards had set up a deadly trap for all of the fairies, but when they were all about to be sucked into the black void of nothingness, Nabu sacrificed himself to save them all. Fighting back the tears, Roxy asks if Aisha would want to say anything on Nabu's behalf since he was her fiancee, but she is barely able to keep herself from sobbing.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p23

Roxy recounting the moment Nabu died.

Roxy decides to continue, telling the Council that Nabu managed to break the evil of the Wizards' Black Circle at the cost of his life. His sacrifice caused Aisha to be wracked with grief and ultimately join Nebula's cause in getting revenge on the Wizards. However, some good things came out such a devastating event as Roxy learned that she is Morgana's daughter and Morgana had been reaching out to her through her dreams because of this. With no time to lose, the Wizards were preparing to take their last stand against the fairies. Morgana had left Nebula to lead the Warrior Fairies but, in the end, Nebula suffered from major injuries once she faced off with Ogron. The Winx helped Nebula and Aisha defeat the Wizards with a powerful Convergence spell, which caused them to freeze up in the Omega Dimension and fall into a crevice. The war was finally over.

With the war won, Earth was peaceful again and the people began to believe in magic once more. Morgana gave the crown to Nebula, dubbing her the new Queen of the Earth Fairies, so that she could live out the rest of her days with Roxy, Klaus and Artu as a family. The Winx welcomed Aisha with open arms as she returned and Roxy will be attending Alfea with her newfound friends and mentors, helping them with all of their projects, including their band and pet shop. Roxy hopes that she will do well and Bloom is confident that she will, telling her that she is already one with the Winx Club.

With their presentation over, the Head of the Council, Faragonda and all of the other Council members (excluding Givelian and Yerka) cheer for the Winx on their impressive presentation. The Head of the Council suggests that they be more open to more young people speaking out to the Council thanks to the Winx being a great example and congratulates them on a job well done. He also congratulates Faragonda as the Winx's courageous efforts prove that she is more than capable of raising talented youths. Faragonda thanks the Head of the Council for his kind words and the proceeds to compliment the Winx for the outstanding achievements they have managed to get done on Earth. He encourages them to keep up with their heroics and invites them to explore the Fortress grounds for a little while, as it holds many attractions. He then leaves to attend to further business and once again encourages the girls to relax.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p27

The Winx rejoice over the praise they had received.

As the girls make their way out of the assembly hall, they are giddy over all of the praise they have gotten. Musa is sure that Faragonda will give them all high marks and Tecna overheard somewhere that they may even get a few days off! However, brooding behind them are Givelian and Yerka, who find their childish excitement down-right disrespectful. Now that the Head of the Council also has a more favorable opinion of Faragonda, their plans to take over may be hindered. Fed up with all of this, Givelian storms off with Yerka trailing close behind. He suggests that they make the Winx look bad in order to prove Faragonda wrong but they cannot get involved directly. That is when Yerka proposes they use Trix, as they will most likely be completely envious of the Winx's latest success. As Givelian leaves, Yerka assures him that he will call up the Trix to the Fortress of Light using a meeting as an excuse.

In fact, Griffin promptly gets a call from Yerka in her office at Cloud Tower, where he claims that he needs the Trix to come to the Fortress of Light for a school tour. Yerka claims that it is only fair to include witches in the tour as they already have a few fairies attending and insists that it is an opportunity for young people to learn about their culture since new museums have just been opened. He then tells Griffin to give the Trix permission because he thinks they are the most deserving out of all her students.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p29

The Trix at the Fortress of Light.

The very next day, the Trix and a few other witches arrive at the Fortress of Light. Darcy is relieved that this trip has allowed them to skip out on an evil eye exam that she was not prepared for and Icy notices how nicely they are being treated. Stormy comments on a nearby pot of pink flowers, claiming that the Fortress of Light must have an army of gardeners, and Icy agrees, only to claim that the flowers are not immune to unexpected circumstances before freezing them. This causes the flowers to fall onto the ground and shatter, making the Trix laugh. They are interrupted by Yerka who makes a remark on how they still enjoy breaking the rules. Icy realizes that Yerka is the reason they got to come to the Fortress of Light and Yerka tells them that he needs their opinion on something since they are here. He talks to them about the Winx and their new fairy friends who loves animals. Icy quickly identifies the new fairy as Roxy and Yerka goes on to tell the Trix that Roxy was the one who supposedly put a stop to the Wizards of the Black Circle on Earth, however, no one else is certain that she is as powerful as the Winx suggest. If he and the Trix were able to prove the opposite, then Roxy and, in turn, the Winx, would look less like a credible source. Icy starts to understand what Yerka has in mind and Yerka hands her a pass that will allow her and her sisters access to the library and museum. He claims that both places are full of interesting things and wishes Icy well as he leaves. Stormy asks Icy why she is laughing because she did not understand a word that was said and Icy assures her that she has everything in order; simplifying Yerka's words so that Stormy could understand. Stormy wonders what they will do as Darcy talks about how Roxy is said to have the power over animals. Icy starts to get a plan and tells Darcy and Stormy that Roxy may not be able to control certain animals.

Later that day, the Winx are in their room at the Fortress of Light resting after a long day. Bloom tells Roxy that it was all thanks to her as the Council seemed very impressed with her but Roxy insists that she could not do any of that without the Winx's support. She tells the girls that she hopes she will do well at Alfea as there is still much work to be done on Earth and Stella assures Roxy that she will not have to do it all on her own because they will be around to lend her a hand. Bloom agrees with Stella and affirms the fact that Roxy is now a member of the Winx, so they will always be there to help her.

At the same time, the Trix are sneaking into the museum. Icy uses the pass that Yerka gave her to open the doors, letting herself and her sisters inside. With a bit of snooping, the Trix come across the skeleton of a tyrannosaurus rex on display.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p34

The Trix marvel at the T-Rex skeleton.

Stormy begins to catch on to what Icy wants to do since dinosaurs were known for having small brains. They were also known for being immune to magic. Thanks to Yerka, Icy did some research and found a spell in the Fortress Libraries that will resurrect the dinosaur. She asks for her sisters to lend her a hand but, as Darcy tries to approach the dinosaur skeleton, her hair gets caught in one of the display cases. Soon enough, Darcy loses her temper and uses her powers to knock the display case over, breaking everything inside it and freeing her hair. Icy urges that Darcy hurry because they do not have all night to do this and Darcy makes her way to the skeleton, telling Icy that she was just finishing up with breaking some useless junk. The three of them then circle around the skeleton as they recite the spell that Icy retrieved.

The Winx are sound asleep in their dorms until they are woken up by a loud roaring sound.

From the museum, the dinosaur has been brought back to life. As it continues to roar, the Trix bolt out of the museum so as not to get caught and the dinosaur charges after them. The Winx, now wide awake, are making their way to the source of the roaring as the Head of the Council and some other Council members follow closely behind, also wanting to know what is going on. When they make it outside, they are all met with the sight of a half-decayed T-Rex rampaging through the Fortress of Light.

Roxy Seventh Fairy p40

Roxy healing the T-Rex with her Believix Magic.

As some of the Council members panic, Bloom and Stella get ready to transform, only to be stopped by Roxy, who points out the T-Rex's wounds. Roxy transforms into her Believix as Musa and Bloom advise her to be careful. Roxy's Believix Magic swirls around the T-Rex as she slowly heals its wounds. The Council members watch in awe as Roxy was able to make a rampaging T-Rex as docile as a puppy. With its wounds healed, the T-Rex is a lot calmer now and Roxy assures everyone that everything is safe. The Winx praise Roxy on her quick thinking and the Trix, hiding behind a pillar, are annoyed with how powerful Roxy really is. Givelian, who was watching from another balcony, is also displeased with how it all turned out. Yerka thinks that they may have underestimated Roxy as he tries to cool Givelian down.

The following morning, the Winx go to see how the T-Rex is, as it is now working on a farm! Bloom is surprised that Roxy could also control such large animals but Roxy claims that it was either because larger animals have smaller brains or that she just got lucky. Stella comments on how the spell used to revive the T-Rex is still incomplete and very difficult to do but, thanks to Roxy, it has made a full recovery. Tecna adds in that she heard that the Council may use the T-Rex's DNA to create new specimens and Bloom wonders who could have possibly revived the T-Rex. Musa comes running up to the group, claiming that there is serious trouble at the infirmary. Apparently, whoever broke into the museum also broke a an ancient casing where fossilized bacteria and microbes were being kept. In doing so, the magic used to revive the T-Rex also revived every other ancient animal skeleton near it. Stella worries about them contracting strange new diseases until Musa claims that all it was was a bad case of dysentery. In order to keep themselves from catching it, the nurses at the infirmary gave Musa a case full of anti-dysentery tablets. Each of the girls take one and Stella is especially relieved that they can now return to Alfea and see the guys again, instead of having to spend a week in bed.

However, it is already too late for those who snuck into the museum as the Trix lay bedridden with a terrible case of dysentery.

Spells Used

  • "Rinascat monstrum moveat delirum..." - Used by the Trix to reanimate an ancient dinosaur skeleton.


  • On the cover, Musa's gloves are not fingerless like they usually are and both Flora's bracelets and Stella's gloves are missing.
  • After page 4 up to page 25, the darker pink sleeves from Musa's top go missing.
  • On page 6, as Givelian and Yerka express their contempt for Faragonda's decision, Yerka's eyebrows are red instead of grey.
  • On page 7, as Faragonda speaks of the Winx Club's achievements, the insides of her earrings are light blue despite the fact that her earrings are typical hoop-earrings with nothing in them.
  • On page 16, as the Winx are trying to fight Roxy being possessed by Nebula, some of the girls' Believix outfits are missing a few things.
    • Bloom, Musa and Stella are missing their gloves, Stella's outfit is a full orange dress and Flora is missing her buns.
  • On page 18, as the Winx, Specialists, Roxy and Klaus take a stand against the Wizards of the Black Circle, bits of the girls' Believix outfits are missing, like Roxy and Bloom's gloves.
    • Sky is also seen in his Specialist uniform while Brandon is still in his casual attire.
    • Flora also refers to the Wizards as "witches."
  • On page 22, in a memory of the Winx being pulled in by the Wizards' trap, Bloom is missing her gloves, socks and shoes as Stella is missing her gloves and her thigh-high socks have become full leggings.
  • On page 26, as the Head of the Council congratulates the Winx on a job well done, Roxy's boots look more like pink knee-high socks.
  • On page 28, as Yerka tries to coerce Griffin into sending the Trix to the Fortress of Light, her gloves switch from their usual pale bluish color to being a dark scarlet, the same color as her dress.
  • On page 40, as Roxy slowly approaches the revived T-Rex as she uses her Believix powers to heal it, she is still wearing the knee-high pink boots that she wears in the civilian attire.
  • On page 41, as Stella, Bloom and Tecna praise Roxy, Stella's dress is missing its lavender belt and big green star, as well as some other patterns it usually has.
  • In some instances, Tecna's eyes are a pale shade of blue instead of being their usual dark teal color.




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