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Layla's Courage is the seventy-first issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


One night, as Aisha tidies up her dorm, she comes across her old photo album and finds a picture of her childhood friend, Silvan. Remembering how much he still makes her smile, Aisha ends up dreaming about rescuing Silvan from a raging river. To her surprise, her dreams ends up being a premonition, as she and the Winx end up finding Silvan drowning in that very river! Excited to see her old friend safe, Aisha takes the time to catch up with Silvan and develops romantic feelings for him in the process; improving her mood greatly at first. However, after Aisha makes the decision to leave Alfea in order to be with Silvan at all times, she starts to see that he was never the man she thought of him as.


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Spells Used



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  • Silvan
  • Silvan's Superior
  • Unnamed Assistant



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