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Needless Courage is the seventy-fifth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


With Sky and Brandon having gone off to fight in the war raging on Eraklyon, Bloom and Stella have been worried sick over their boyfriends, fearing that they may never return to their side. Though Bloom tries to stay strong for Stella's sake, she has been going through her own emotional turmoil, especially after the last letter she got from Sky that broke off their relationship. Bloom tries to stay faithful to Sky but she finds herself running into her reckless mountain-climbing friend, Jordan, more and more. Though she still feels indebted to him for saving Sky and Brandon when no one else could, she still refuses to start a relationship with him. That is, until he confesses to her while she is still vulnerable. Bloom tries to stay happy in the relationship but she is still unsure that Jordan truly loves her. Ultimately, Bloom reaches her breaking point after catching Jordan in a lie and breaks up with him so that he can do some much needed growing up.


Needless Courage p1

Bloom trying to talk to her diary.

The story opens up at Alfea, where Bloom is trying to talk to her diary, but he is upset with how Bloom has been neglecting it. She apologizes, letting it know that she has been dealing with problems and her diary claims that this is all the more reason to vent to a close friend. Bloom then reveals to her diary that she had her heart broken and her diary asks if she and Sky had a big fight. Bloom claims that it was something like that but her diary quickly grows impatient. After quieting her diary down, Bloom explains that she and Sky broke up because he and Brandon had to return to Eraklyon to help the king as a full-blown war had broken out. Taken aback, her diary asks if she has any idea when the war will end and Bloom explains that no one knows. She begins to cry as she tells her diary about how Sky and his father had to take refuge in the mountains. She has not heard anything from him in weeks and the last letter she got from him to her that is was best that they do not write to each other anymore. Bloom starts to cry even more and her diary tries to get her to calm down. Just then, Kiko dashes in and begins to beat at Bloom's diary, believing that it hurt her in some way. Bloom picks Kiko up and gets him to stop beating up her diary. Her diary then claims that it was not its fault that Bloom was crying and demands an apology. Bloom clears up the misunderstanding and tells her diary that she and Stella are now left alone since no one is certain when or even if Sky and Brandon will return to Magix. Bloom's diary quickly apologizes but Bloom knows that she can still count on it and Kiko. Despite this, she still cannot believe that she may never see Sky again. Her diary asks Bloom if there are any other possibilities to meet new people and go on new adventures, but Bloom is not sure what it is going on about. That is until her diary blurts out that she could try finding a new boyfriend. Bloom quickly gets upset and insists that she never once thought about not being faithful to Sky, even though he broke off their relationship with his last letter. The diary asks Bloom if she is sure that there are no other guys out there that catch her interest and Bloom insists that she is not interested in anyone other than Sky. However, she lets it slip that she got to know a boy named Jordan and, once her diary starts prying, Bloom explains that Jordan is a sporty guy who can climb up mountains with ease. She then reveals to her diary that Jordan was the one who helped Sky and Brandon escape from a group of rebel troops who wanted to kidnap them. Since the troops were carrying a piece of the Shaab Stone, she and the rest of the Winx could not transform to fight back. The two boys were able to return to Red Fountain safe and sound but Sky had to leave for Eraklyon on the same day.

Needless Courage p5

Bloom's diary begins prodding her about Jordan.

Her diary seems to think that this is all exciting and asks Bloom if she and Jordan were able to see each other again. Bloom confirms that she has, revealing that Jordan left his home in the mountains to live in Magix City, and her diary thinks that this may be something promising. Bloom realizes what her diary is trying to do and scolds it for thinking that she may be attracted to Jordan. She clarifies that she owes him a debt of gratitude for saving her friends when she could not and insists that there is nothing else going on. Her diary understands and Bloom changes the subject by talking about Stella as Stella took Brandon and Sky's sudden leave a lot harder than she herself has.

Later that day, the girls are sitting through their usual class with Wizgiz, when Stella suddenly bursts out in tears. Wizgiz understands that she is going through a tough time and advises her to leave early if she needs to. Stella claims that she is only tearing up but then begins to sob even louder. She excuses herself as Bloom asks if she can get permission to leave as well in order to console Stella. Wizgiz gives them both permission but advises them to remember a key ingredient to the lesson or else they will never understand it.

Out in the hall, Bloom asks Stella if she is okay because she has never acted like that, not even when Brandon left! It turns out that Stella had faked crying in class in order to skip it. Bloom is surprised by this but Stella insists that there is nothing wrong with it because she is still in pain from Brandon having to leave, as she cannot sleep or eat well, much less study. Since everyone knows how she is feeling, Stella believes that she should use it to her advantage and asks Bloom if she would do the same. Bloom admits that she probably would have done the same but insists that the most important thing is to get through their tough times. She assures Stella that everything will be over before they know it with Brandon and Sky coming back safe and sound and they can all hang out like they have done so before the rebellion broke out. Stella hopes that Bloom will be right and the two of them head off somewhere else.

Soon enough, the bell rings and the rest of the Winx head down to the cafeteria for lunch. There, they catch up to Bloom and Stella and are quickly met by Roxy. Tecna asks Stella if her bout of sadness has passed and Roxy asks Stella how she has been, as she has heard about what happened. Stella claims that it was only a little stress as Tecna scoffs at her "superb performance." As the girls make their way to the lunch line, Bloom asks Roxy how she has been doing at Alfea. Roxy tells Bloom that she has been studying a lot in order to become a fairy like her and the Winx. She believes that, even though she is not a close member of the group, she will still try to learn whatever she can whenever she is close by and Bloom assures her that she has nothing to worry about because she is already a great fairy.

In the lunch line, Bloom asks Stella what she will be getting, but Stella insists that she is not hungry. Bloom tries to get Stella to stop thinking about Brandon for one moment in order to eat but Stella claims that she does not care about lunch. Tecna then claims that she has a great idea to spend the afternoon if Stella gets something to eat and proposes that they skip the lab to go straight to Magix City for some shopping once Stella asks what it is. The girls are all for the idea and, later that afternoon, sneak aboard a bus to Magix.

In the city, Stella's mood begins to liven up as they go window-shopping. However, their trip is quickly cut short by some sort of commotion being made in the middle of a nearby street. As Roxy runs off to check it out, Musa urges the others to hurry towards the city square. Once there, they all quickly take notice of a man scaling one of the skyscrapers. The man scaling the skyscraper is none other than Jordan!

Needless Courage p12

Jordan scaling a skyscraper?!

Everyone marvels at the man as he makes it closer and closer to the top. Soon, the police arrive and quickly storm the skyscraper in an attempt to catch up to him. The Winx try to figure out who the daring man is and Bloom fears that she may know who it could be.

The police quickly catch up to Jordan and try to force him inside through a nearby window. Jordan, however, flings himself onto a ledge away from the window and almost falls. His shades fall off his face but he is able to regain a stable grip on the ledge. The police then rush towards the stairs to try and stop Jordan on the roof.

Jordan makes it to the roof, where the police are waiting for him. Rather than giving himself up, Jordan runs on the edge of the roof to the other side and launches himself off of the ledge, diving downwards before releasing his parachute; a parachute with the words "Magix Sport" written on it. The girls watch on, completely surprised, as the rest of the crowd cheers and applauds him. However, the police are still adamant on capturing him and proceed to pursue Jordan, hoping that they can catch him as soon as he lands.

Many of those in the crowd are confident that the man cannot be caught and follow the police cars in order to see the results. Bloom suggests that they go as well, as the man looked a lot like Jordan. Stella asks Bloom if she is sure the man looked like Jordan because she could not see him clearly and Bloom claims that while she did not get a good look at him either, only Jordan would be daring enough to do something like scaling a skyscraper. Just then, someone points out that the man landed in a nearby alleyway and everyone rushes to see. As the girls make their way, the crowd cheers Jordan on as he is hauled off by the police. Stella is surprised that it really was Jordan as Bloom wonders why he would do something like that. She then urges the girls to follow her down to the Magix Police Station in order to get more information.

A few hours later, the girls are waiting across the street from the station as Musa points out Jordan leaving with a man. Bloom tells Jordan that she and the girls saw him in the city square and Jordan laughs it off, hoping that they had fun watching. The man asks the girls if they thought Jordan's stunt was magnificent as, thanks to him, thousands of the city's people were looking up at Jordan and got to see his company's name written across his parachute. He insists that Jordan has become something like a phenomenon and suspects that the girls may want to visit Jordan at his store. He then rushes off to replenish his stock, excitedly calling Jordan's performance perfect. Jordan assures the man, whose name turns out to be Mister Zooker, that he will be seeing him later.

Once Mr. Zooker is gone, Bloom confronts Jordan by claiming that it was too dangerous to risk his life over an advertising stunt. Jordan explains that he did it because Mr. Zooker's business was not selling well but Bloom still thinks that it was all nonsensical. Jordan asks why she thinks so as she knows that extreme sports are his passion and Bloom points out that he just got arrested, confessing that she thought he would be stuck in jail. Jordan claims that he was already lectured by Mr. Zooker and that he already paid the fine the police put on him, further insisting that he will be okay thanks to his little publicity stunt. Bloom asks him if he is sure all is well and Jordan thinks so. However, Bloom begins to let out her worries by asking what Jordan would do if something went wrong, like if his parachute got caught. Jordan takes notice of this and believes that it is a good sign that Bloom is worrying about him, but Bloom claims that she is only grateful to him for saving her boyfriend; that there is nothing else going on. She then tells Jordan that she was really starting to think that he was a good guy, not some "empty-head," and stomps off in a huff as the girls trail behind her.

Needless Courage p21

The girls follow Bloom as she storms off annoyed.

As the girls make their way back to Alfea, Stella comments on how harsh Bloom was and asks if she really does not care about him. Bloom insists that she does not and Tecna suspects that those who have seen Jordan's publicity stunt will buy Mr. Zooker's goods. Bloom seems upset by this and Roxy runs up to her to hold her hand, agreeing with Bloom that the stunt was just some needless bravado. Bloom thanks Roxy for trying to cheer her up and Musa points out that there were dozens of witches who also saw the stunt. She is confident that his stunt worked out in the end but Aisha starts to become confused as to what the stunt was supposed to do, advertise Zooker's company or impress some witches? Flora believes that Jordan may not be interested in witches and Musa agrees, insinuating that he may be interested in someone else. Bloom then asks the girls if they can stop talking about this since they came to Magix to do some shopping. She tells the girls that she does not want to talk about Jordan but window-shop and enjoy the rest of their day.

The next day, the girls go through their daily routine before Bloom has to work her shift at the White Horse. Soon, the cafe clears out and Bloom catches a glimpse of Jordan walking by outside. She seems to become nervous and rushes off to clean a table away from the windows. Greta catches this and reminds Bloom that she already cleaned that table. Bloom insists that she needs to keep working in order to keep from thinking about anything else and Greta begins to worry, realizing that she is still thinking of Sky. Greta insists that Bloom does not have to work so hard all the time because she also has to deal with school and she encourages Bloom to relax every now and then. Bloom agrees with Greta and asks if she can go on her break now that there are not that many customers this time around. Greta gives Bloom permission to do so as she reminds her to be back once there is a full house. Bloom goes sprinting out the cafe, onto the lakeshore towards Jordan's usual climbing spot.

Needless Courage p26

Bloom meeting up with Jordan as he climbs up a cliffside.

As she makes her way there, Jordan is already climbing up the cliffside, so she sits on a nearby boulder to wait for him to finish. Jordan quickly makes it to the top of the cliff, where he leaps from the edge, diving into the lake below. He then swims back towards the shore and greets Bloom, who greets him in return.

As he takes out a towel from his bag, he notices that Bloom is glaring at him and asks if she is still mad at him. Bloom claims that she is and that she had already witnessed three foolish things in a span of ten minutes. Jordan sits down next to her as he dries off his hair and admits that he does not understand what she is going on about. Bloom then claims that Jordan is risking his life at every turn and explains to him how he is doing so: he just climbed up a tall cliffside, leapt off the top of the cliff into shallow waters, and now he is risking his health by being all wet from the dive. Jordan points out how Bloom also risks her life as well thanks to all of her acts of heroism, but Bloom tells Jordan that that is not the same thing; that she and the Winx risk their lives for others the way policemen, fire fighters, soldiers and astronauts do. She compares Jordan's constant risks to that of reckless motorcyclists who speed through the streets without a care in the world and without any idea what they could lose. Bloom then goes on to talk about how wonderful life is and how, if Jordan were to lose his life from falling off a mountainside, he would lose everything, including the people who love him. Jordan asks if that also includes her and points out how she really does care for him if she is worrying over him so much. Bloom admits to caring for Jordan and thinks that what he does is just silly. She is still grateful to him but she may have lingering feelings for him as well. Jordan asks if she likes him even a little bit and Bloom admits that she might because he is smart and funny. Jordan then interrupts, claiming that all these things she likes about him is not enough for her to date him. Bloom is shocked by this and tells Jordan that she already has a boyfriend, but Jordan reminds her that he is currently far away and may not even come back. Bloom tells Jordan not to say things like that because she still believes that Sky will come back to her. That is when Jordan confesses his feelings for Bloom, revealing to her that he came to Magix for her sake after falling for her as soon as she and her friends flew by his cottage. Bloom confesses that she may have liked him as well but she is still reluctant. Jordan then gets an idea: he will stop risking his life by climbing things if she were to go out with him. With enough pushing, Bloom reluctantly agrees and the two of them kiss on it. They then head back towards the White Horse arm in arm.

Needless Courage p30

Bloom and Jordan kiss.

Back in the cafe, Greta comments on how long Bloom has been away and Bloom agrees with how time seems to fly by when you are occupied. She then continues working the rest of her shift.

Later that evening, Bloom returns to her dorm, where the rest of the Winx greet her as they catch a show called X-Actor on TV. Bloom tells the girls that she will be going to bed early and insists that Stella can tell her all about the show in the morning when she tries to stop her. However, before she falls asleep, her phone starts vibrating. When she picks it up, Jordan is on the other end asking how she has been. Bloom tells him that her day was good but really tiring and Jordan claims that he wanted to call to wish his girlfriend goodnight. Bloom also wishes him goodnight before hanging up and going to bed. As she tries to get some sleep, Bloom begins to think about Sky again and wonders why he had to leave her.

The next morning, Bloom gets called up to the blackboard by Wizgiz in order to finish up a formula he wrote down. Unfortunately, Bloom gets the answer wrong and gets scolded in front of the class.

Once class is over, Bloom expresses her frustration over getting the solution wrong and Flora tries to cheer her up by assuring her that it was not so bad. The girls are interrupted by Knut, who hands Bloom a bouquet of flowers that someone sent to her. The girls try to figure out who could have sent them until Bloom comes across a card and realizes that the flowers were sent from Jordan. Stella remembers who Jordan is and immediately becomes protective of Bloom, hoping that she did not agree to go out with him. Bloom claims that he is trying to get her to forgive him but Stella still does not trust him. Despite this, Bloom rushes off to the bus stop outside of the Alfea gates and takes a bus to Magix, where she arrives at Jordan's workplace.

There, she meets up with Jordan, who is working at the counter. Jordan suspects that Bloom came after receiving his flowers and Bloom confirms this by telling him that they were really nice. The two girls who were at the counter beforehand demand that Jordan pay attention to what they are trying to buy and Jordan has a coworker of his named Oliver fill in for him, claiming that he is going to go on break. Jordan invites Bloom to go on a walk with him as he brags about how he is pretty much the boss of the store now thanks to his publicity stunt.

Needless Courage p36

Jordan confirming his promise.

Outside, Jordan notices that Bloom looks a bit upset and hopes that she does not regret going out with him. Bloom insists that she has not but she is just carrying some doubts and Jordan assures her that he does not want her to forget about Sky since they have had a long history together. However, since they are both here, he believes that she can start over. Bloom then asks if Jordan has any regrets and Jordan claims that he has none since he promised her not to do any more dangerous stunts. The two then kiss by a fountain.

Later, Bloom returns to Alfea and meets Musa and Stella at the top of a staircase as she rushes towards their dorm. Musa lets Bloom know that they will be headed down for dinner and Bloom promises to meet them in the main cafeteria once she changes. However, Stella stops her and suspects that Bloom went out to go see Jordan. Bloom admits to this but claims that she does not want to talk about it. Stella claims that she has every right to know since they are best friends and asks about what Bloom would plan to do about Sky. Bloom tells Stella not to use that tone of voice and insists that everything she does does not concern her, even if they are friends. The rest of the Winx come by as Bloom leaves. As she walks away, Stella tries to ask her what she will do when Sky and Brandon return but it is already too late. Tecna accuses Stella of over-exaggerating since what Bloom does is her business, but Stella claims that Bloom's business would also affect her. Stella then cries over the thought of being alone since Bloom has found another guy while she still has not.

Before they know it, Bloom and Jordan go on many different dates throughout the week.

One day, as Bloom is walking through the corridors of the school, she bumps into Flora, who asks how she has been. Bloom assures Flora that everything is going well and Flora agrees, taking notice at how much Bloom's mood as improved. However, Bloom is still worried about Stella after what she said, though, she does not feel like she did anything wrong in the end. Flora agrees, assuring Bloom that Stella will come around in due time, but Bloom still feels bad about not being able to hang out that much with Stella and the girls. Bloom then remembers that there will be a party by the beach and, since Jordan will be working all day, she and the girls can all hang out at the party. Flora finds this to be a great idea and promises to try and convince Stella into going so Bloom will not have to worry. Bloom thanks Flora and calls her a true friend as the two of them walk off together.

And so, the Winx head out once classes are over for the day. As they make it out towards the courtyard, Stella claims that she does not want to go and warns Flora that it will be her fault if she ends up being nasty towards others. However, Flora still believes that Stella will end up enjoying herself at the party. That is when Tecna asks Bloom where the party will be and Bloom reveals that it will be on a small island in the middle of the lake that they have not noticed before, also revealing that it was Jordan who took her to that same island last week. She assures the girls that they will love it there and Musa asks how they will get there. Bloom claims that they can transform and fly over, but Stella claims that she may not have enough energy to do so as she is still too upset. Flora assures Stella that they will help her up and tells Roxy the same, as she is still getting a hold of her magic. Roxy thanks Flora for the help and the girls all transform, making their way to the small island.

Needless Courage p41

Winx, Believix!

It does not take long for the girls to reach the small island in the middle of the lake and Stella comments on how she was barely able to keep up her Believix on the way there. Flora tells Stella to try and be more optimistic so it will not be such a struggle as Bloom urges the girls to follow her so that they can catch a glimpse of the beach. However, once she gets passed the corner, Bloom catches sight of Jordan on the beach being awfully close with another girl. Bloom, obviously disheartened by this, urges that they all return to Alfea instead.

Later that evening, the Winx try to assure Bloom that it was all just a misunderstanding but Bloom cannot bring herself to believe that. She tells the girls not to worry about her as she will be solving this matter soon enough. Flora notices that Bloom is about to leave and asks if she is going to talk to Jordan in town. Bloom confirms this and tells the girls not to worry about her a second time as she heads out.

Soon enough, Bloom arrives in Magix City by bus, makes her way to Jordan's apartment, and knocks on the door. Jordan opens it and is surprised that Bloom has come to visit him. He invites her in but Bloom refuses his invitation and insists that she will not be around for too long. She then gets straight to the point and asks Jordan if he was at work today. Jordan claims that he was and that he just got back, but he is interrupted by Bloom, who catches the lie. Jordan is surprised by this and Bloom reveals that she saw him on the small island enjoying himself with two witches. Jordan tries to brush it off by claiming that it was no big deal and insisting that he only loves Bloom. He tries to invite her in again but Bloom refuses, claiming that she only has one thing to say to him since she is in a hurry. She confesses to Jordan that she did not think he could be such a horrible guy and tells him that he is like a small child; one who does not understand the value of life as he often goes risking it with his childish antics and one who does not understand the true feelings of those around him.
Needless Courage p44

Bloom walks out on Jordan.

She then tells him that he wasted her feelings for him and she believes that he will end up wasting the feelings of that witch he was with earlier that day; possibly many more as well. Bloom then walks away from Jordan, hoping that he will grow up soon enough but, right now, she is not going to waste time with him. Jordan tries to explain himself but Bloom has already left.

Outside, Bloom confidently makes her way back to Alfea when her cellphone starts to go off. She takes the phone out of her purse and picks it up, only to find that Stella is on the other end. Stella apologizes for her recent behavior and tells Bloom not to break up with Jordan for her sake. Bloom accepts Stella's apology and advises her not to worry about Jordan now since they are still best friends. She then promises to tell Stella everything as she continues to confidently walk down the city streets.

Spells Used



  • Sky's pin is colored orange instead of blue on the cover.
  • Throughout the issue, the hairs that stick up from the top of Bloom and Flora's heads may go missing in a few panels.
  • On page 5, the scene where Sky and Brandon are rescued by Jordan is drawn incorrectly.
    • Since the Winx split up, only Bloom, Stella and Flora were present.
    • They are also in their corresponding outfits for this issue and not in what they wore in Love and Duty.
    • Roxy also came to help them search but she is nowhere to be seen.
  • On page 7, Stella's headband is orange but it appears to be green for the rest of the issue.




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