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Old Doors New Mysteries is the eightieth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


The city is in need of new roads and one of them is set to run right through Musa's music hall. Sifelius was unable to convince the city into redirecting the road and decides to give Musa ownership of a warehouse located in the outskirts of Magix City with a small loan to help her fix it up. With the help of the Winx and Lukas, Musa is able to move all of the equipment to the warehouse, but there is still one big problem: the warehouse is in shambles and Sifelius' loan may not be enough for all the necessary repairs. The warehouse caretaker also seems incredibly uncooperative, which gives Musa little to no people to turn to. To make things worse, the warehouse is hiding something much more valuable within its depths and there are people out there who would do anything to make sure that Musa and her friends do not find it.


It is an ordinary day at Alfea and everyone has just finished up their classes. Bloom, Stella and Roxy catch sight of Musa and notice that she looks upset about something. Musa claims that she is upset because she got some terrible news and reveals to the three girls that all her work will be going up in smoke now that she has to leave her music hall! Stella and Roxy wonder why she would have to do so and Musa explains that Sifelius told her about the bad news in person. Apparently the city want to build a new road that will pass through the pavilion and Sifelius was not able to stop it.

Sifelius will also be leaving his home to go heal somewhere as he has been feeling sick recently and he still feels indebted to Musa and her friends. He gave Musa some money and documents to an old warehouse on the other side of town. Originally, he planned to make that warehouse into a new home but he believes that Musa would be able to do much better with it instead and he hopes that the money he gave Musa will be enough to fix it up. Unfortunately, Sifelius could not do any more to help but Musa thanked him for everything he contributed as it was still a lot. He and Musa then went their separate ways as he wished Musa good luck.


Sifelius entrusting Musa with the warehouse.

Musa is also upset because she does not know if she will be able to see Sifelius again and she has to empty out the old warehouse by herself by the end of the month. Bloom expresses how bad she feels for Musa and Sifelius but Stella believes that all of this may be a blessing in disguise. She reminds Musa that she had just become the owner of her own building and praises Sifelius for being as generous as he was. Musa agrees with that sentiment but she is still unsure as to how she is supposed to feel about all of this. She still has to get a good look at the building in person and asks the girls if they will be coming with her. Bloom and Stella promise to come with her tomorrow after all of their classes are over.

Musa then makes her way back to their dorm to drop off her papers as Bloom, Stella and Roxy head down to the main cafeteria for lunch. On their way down, Roxy asks Bloom and Stella who Sifelius is. Bloom realizes that Roxy was not with them when they met him and Stella reveals that they met him during one of their adventures. Bloom explains that Sifelius was once a great composer who withdrew from society so much so that his house became a ruined shell of its former self. All of this was due to him being absolutely devastated from the loss of his wife, Irenja. Musa found out about Sifelius after talking with an old man named Solimante, who turned out to be an old friend of his. Sifelius was harsh at first but Musa was able to get past his distrust and learned that he was a depressed old man who just needed someone to reassure him about the world. She learned that Sifelius wanted to see his wife one last time to put his mind at ease and he was able to do so thanks to a very difficult spell that the Winx used. Roxy starts to believe that they were able to resurrect Irenja until Stella clarifies that they just brought her spirit back with help from Daphne, Bloom's big sister. The two girls then explain to Roxy that, thanks to the spell, Sifelius and Irenja were reunited for a short time and performed together beautifully for one final time. After Irenja had to leave again, Sifelius promised to take better care of himself and he has been doing will ever since then. Since his sorrows were put to rest, Sifelius has grown fond of them and Musa especially as he believes that it was all her doing.

The three fairies grab their lunch and sit down at a table as Roxy asks what all of this has to do with the music hall being torn down. Stella reveals that the pavilion is part of the villa's property and that Sifelius gave Musa free use over it until today. Roxy believes that she understands the situation now and the rest of the Winx arrive for lunch. Bloom greets everyone and asks Musa if she told everyone else about what happened. Musa confirms that she did and reveals that they will all be going down to Magix City tomorrow to see the warehouse. The next day, after class, the Winx catch a bus headed for Magix City as planned.

As they ride on the bus, Musa fears that they may have gotten lost as she does not recognize any of their surroundings. Tecna assures her that she has a map and tells the girls that they will be getting off after the next two stops.


The warehouse.

When the girls exit the bus, Bloom realizes that they are in the outskirts of the city. Flora insists that it is not so bad as there are plenty of plants around and Musa realizes that the warehouse is just beyond the big fence just across from them. Unfortunately, the warehouse looks like it had been abandoned for more than a decade.

Musa quickly notices that there is a lock on the fence and Bloom asks if Sifelius gave her a key for it. Musa claims that he did not and suspects that he may have forgot to, but then the girls are interrupted by someone shouting at them from behind. It turns out that the man is the warehouse's caretaker and he demands that they leave because he does not want to have to deal with more intruders. Musa reveals to the caretaker that she is the warehouse's new owner and asks if Sifelius told him about it. She shows the caretaker the documents she got from him and he begins to become frantic and fidgety. Musa asks if he can open the gate for her and her friends as they wish to see the inside but the caretaker cannot do so as he does not have the key on him at the moment. It turns out that he lost the key and Musa urges for him to find it because she wants to restore it. The caretaker begs for Musa to give him a few days to find the key and Musa reluctantly gives him until Thursday to find it. The girls then decide to leave the building and, as they walk away from the caretaker, Stella asks the Winx if they found him to be rather suspicious. Aisha agrees because of his weird change in his mood; going from furious to scared after learning that Musa had official documents for the building. Flora claims that she would also be scared if she were the building's caretaker and points out how bad the state of the yard is. Bloom agrees and thinks that the caretaker had been slacking off due to Sifelius never checking in on the building. Bloom also suspects that the caretaker may be fearing that he would lose his job now that Musa is the new owner but Musa is not even sure if she will need a groundskeeper or not as she still needs to get a better look of the building. Bloom asks if this means that they will be headed back to Alfea but Musa claims that she will be staying in Magix for a bit as she still needs to tell the boys back at the pavilion to pack their stuff. Bloom offers to give Musa a hand and the seven fairies make their way to the pavilion to pack up.

ODNM p12

The Winx packing up the pavilion.

The girls have managed to haul out most of the equipment in the pavilion but they are far from finished. Musa begins to stress out over how they have to pack up such a large amount of things in such a short amount of time but Bloom claims that it just shows how successful her enterprise has been. Suddenly, two young men from another side of the pavilion tell Musa that they do not want to leave as none of it is fair. First, the rich old man told Musa one thing and the next thing they know, they are being kicked out with a short amount of time to pack. Musa tries to assure them that they are moving into a bigger building and that Sifelius had nothing to do with them being kicked out; reminding the two boys that it is the city's fault because they need more roads. One of the young men claims that they can just occupy the music hall so that the city will have to deal with them and the other young man is all for the idea. Musa tries to get the two young men to calm down as the pavilion had been her business all this time and insists that there is not anything they can do to stop the city's decision. The two boys accuse Musa of not fighting enough for the pavilion until Lukas cuts in.

He greets Musa and, when he is confronted by one of the boys, tells them that they should take their stuff and leave as they have no more business with Musa. The two boys leave frustrated as they try to avoid a possible fight with Lukas. Once they are gone, Musa thanks Lukas for stepping in even if it looked like a fight was about to break out but Lukas claims that he did not have any intention of fighting. Stella is surprised that he did not want to fight as he looked like he was ready to throw punches and she thanks him as well as those two "idiots" were ready to act out at any moment. That is when Musa formally introduces Lukas to the Winx as a guitarist she plays with at work. Lukas greets all of the girls and claims that he knows how dangerous they all are. He then jokes about how him stepping in actually saved the lives of those two "idiots" and, after they have all had a good laugh, he reveals to Musa that he came after hearing about all of the work she would have to do. He came in the hopes of lending a hand and Musa thanks Lukas for the thought but reveals that they already managed to get most of the pavilion packed. She further explains that all they need to do now is take a look inside the new warehouse and hopes that all of her current clients will be able to rehearse there from now on. Lukas assures her that they will be able to as he promises to let all of the groups that he knows need a rehearsal set to Musa's new warehouse once everything is ready. Musa thanks Lukas again and Lukas makes his leave, promising to call Musa later on.

ODNM p15

Aisha and Stella prying about Lukas.

As the girls watch Lukas leave, Stella asks Musa if she has got anything to say as she finds Lukas to be quite the looker. Musa agrees that Lukas is pretty cute and very nice and Aisha points out how well he was able to deal with the two troublemakers from earlier. Stella lists off Lukas' good points and claims that Lukas would be the perfect guy for Musa. However, Musa takes it the wrong way and suspects that Stella may be eying Lukas for herself until Stella clears up the misunderstanding. Stella also noticed how Musa never seemed to have made a move on Lukas and asks for the truth. Musa admits that she does like Lukas but she has not decided whether she should date him or not thanks to her rather rocky past with Riven. Bloom advises for Musa to let things flow naturally; to take things slow with Lukas by starting off as friends and decide what she wants to do when things become clearer for her. Musa agrees with Bloom's advice as she believes that she has too many problems to deal with at the moment and she eagerly hugs Bloom and Stella as she expresses her excitement over getting to see the inside of the warehouse on Thursday.

That evening, Musa takes the initiative in calling Lukas just before she goes to sleep. She jokes over the two troublemakers from earlier until Lukas asks if she has any plans for tomorrow. Musa admits that she has no idea as she desperately wants to see the inside of the warehouse but has to wait until Thursday to do so. She tells Lukas that she is planning on heading for the warehouse tomorrow afternoon with the hopes that the caretaker may have found the key before the deadline and she asks Lukas to come with her. Lukas insists that he will come along and the two plan to meet up by the usual bus stop at 5PM tomorrow afternoon before wishing each other goodnight.

Wednesday afternoon comes sooner than expected and Lukas just makes it in time before the bus leaves. As he hops on board, he greets Musa and asks where they will be headed. Musa explains that the warehouse is located in an older part of the city and she is sure that Lukas will like the area. It does not take long for Lukas and Musa to get off of the bus just in front of the warehouse. There, Musa points out the warehouse to Lukas and tells him that the gate is locked but, when Lukas tries to open the fence, it opens perfectly fine. Musa assumes that the caretaker must have found the key and unlocked the door for her as the two of them make it past the fence to explore.

As the two of them make it closer towards the building, Musa realizes that there will be a lot more work to do than she had originally thought. Lukas assures her that a good cleaning will do wonders for the building and the two of them decide to take a look around the inside of it.

Screenshot 922

Musa and Lukas exploring the inside of the warehouse.

The two of them notice how spacious the building is and look around in case there happen to be other people (like the caretaker) inside. Musa quickly comes across a basement and the two of them notice how there is no dust on any of the items inside. They assume that the caretaker may have been there earlier and try to look around some more. However, they are soon interrupted by loud crashing sounds and some of the building starts collapsing on top of them. Acting fast, Lukas rushes Musa out of the building and safely outside. The two hold each other close as they try to make sure that they are both okay until they realize what they are doing and quickly get embarrassed by how close they were.

ODNM p21

Lukas reassuring Musa that the building can still be fixed.

The two of them take another look at the building and Musa is devastated by how bad the building's condition is now that the caretaker had left it to rot. Lukas tries to assure Musa that everything will be fine but Musa begins to panic over how much it will cost to bring the warehouse up to standards and how she will be unable to even make the music room that she wants. Lukas tells Musa not to lose heart as the building is just old and he assures her that everything will work out in the end since the building is still very spacious and she would have all of her friends by her side to help out. Lukas' words help calm Musa down and she thanks Lukas for everything he had said. The two of them decide to head back home as Musa claims that repairing the warehouse will end up being a lot harder than she originally thought.

When Musa returns to Alfea, she breaks the terrible news to the rest of the Winx and, much like before, she doubts that even the money Sifelius left her would be enough to cover all of the costs. The Winx assure Musa that they will help her with anything she needs but Musa believes that it would take way too long and she wants to get all of the repairs finished as quickly as possible before aspiring musicians waiting for a place to rehearse get impatient. She fears that those possible customers may leave to find rehearse studios elsewhere and may never come back. Tecna advises for Musa to face all of the issues one at a time and reminds her that she found the gate left open earlier. Musa confirms this and Tecna insists that the first thing they need to do is get a good look at the inside in order to figure out what their next step will be. She pats Musa on the back as he claims that the damages may not be as bad as she thinks and Musa thanks Tecna for her advice. Stella then asks where the caretaker could have been if he left the gate open and Musa claims that she and Lukas could not find him anywhere. She assumed that the caretaker must have left the gate open after unlocking it and Stella believes that that was for the best as she was not so fond of him. That is when Bloom cuts in, proposing that they all head to bed so that they will all be rested and ready to check out the building first thing tomorrow morning.

The following morning, Musa and Roxy come rushing into the dorm and Musa reveals to the rest of the Winx that they do not have to go to classes today as there is going to be an inspection held for all of the professors. As Stella rejoices over the news, Musa's cellphone starts to go off and, when she answers it, Lukas is on the other end. All of the Winx secretly listen in on the call as Musa moves to another part of the room to tell Lukas that she will be revisiting the warehouse with all of her friends. That is when Musa tells the girls that Lukas is also free for the day and asks if they can leave now in order to catch up to him. Suddenly, Stella realizes that she needs to put on her beauty mask and insist that Musa go on ahead as they can just catch up with her a little later. Musa tells Lukas that she will be headed out early as her friends will catch up with them a little later and she heads out as Stella stops Roxy from tagging along.

Once Musa is gone, Roxy asks Stella why she wanted Musa to go alone as she and Aisha were all set to leave. Stella explains that this is only the beginning of Musa and Lukas' story and claims that there is no hurry since the two lovebirds could use a little alone time. Roxy realizes what Stella is saying and Stella assures Roxy that it is fine since she was able to stop them all in time. Now they can all slowly prepare in order to give their lovebirds the alone time that they need.

ODNM p26

Musa and Lukas meet up just outside the warehouse fence.

A little while later, Musa hops off of the bus and heads for the warehouse where she quickly meets up with Lukas, who also had just arrived. Musa notices that the gate had been left wide open and asks if Lukas saw the caretaker around anywhere. Lukas insists that he had not and asks if Musa has been okay after yesterday's ordeal. Musa insists that she is fine and tells Lukas that her friends will be arriving just a bit later. Lukas then reveals that he brought some pens, papers and measuring tape in case they need to take down certain measurements and Musa praises him for thinking ahead. The two of them then head inside to take another look around.

ODNM p27

Musa and Lukas looking around again.

Musa quickly notices some scrapings on the floor and a large pile of dirt at a corner of the room as if someone had just been digging. When she turns around to ask Lukas what he thinks, Musa realizes that he had suddenly disappeared. She goes looking for Lukas until she meets an middle-aged man in another part of the room. She is then attacked and captured by the man's accomplices and he instructs them to put her with Lukas.

A short while later, the rest of the Winx arrive just outside of the warehouse by bus. Bloom urges them to pick up the pace as Stella hopes that Musa will not be too disappointed to see them. Flora wonders why Stella would think so and Stella hints that Musa may want to spend more time alone with her "boyfriend." Flora realizes that Stella may think that they might be disturbing Musa and Lukas but quickly gets confused since she and Lukas are not even dating. As the girls slip through the front gates and approach the front doors, Bloom assures Flora that Stella was only joking. Stella calls out for Musa to let her know that they have arrived but she gets no response. The rest of the Winx catch up to Stella and wonder where Musa could have gone as Tecna takes notice of how some of the building looks like it had collapsed.

The girls begin to explore the inside and quickly come across a dug up hole with a shovel placed next to it. Stella suspects that Musa may have dug the hole and the girls call out for their friend one more time only to get no answer. Aisha suspects that Musa may be in the basement and whips out her emergency flashlight to get a better look. As Aisha descends into the basement, she feels up the wall just beside her and comes across what seems like a hidden compartment. Stella and Bloom follow her down the stairs and the three fairies come across a hidden treasure trove!

ODNM p30


The rest of the Winx catch up and the six fairies decide to take a look at some of the treasure, puzzled as to why all of it is sitting in such a place. Stella even recognizes some of the items as being priceless and rather ancient! She then suspects that the warehouse must have been being used to hide the treasure by a band of thieves and reminds the girls of the caretaker's suspicious behavior. In that moment, Bloom's cellphone begins to vibrate and, when she picks it up, she is met by a low and threatening voice demanding that she and her friends listen to him or else something terrible will happen to Musa. Confused, Bloom begins to believe that this may all be a mistake until the low voice clarifies that it is not and threatens her to listen to him or else. Bloom frantically notifies the rest of the Winx that a man's voice is on the other end and that Musa had been kidnapped! She then returns to her call and guesses that the loot they came across belonged to the man and his accomplices. The man praises Bloom on being smart and asks if she understands the situation: that her "little friends" will get hurt if she does not do as he says. Bloom confirms that she understands and asks the man what they need to do. The man explains that the girls need to pull out all of the loot in the secret room so that whoever he sends to come pick it up can get it with ease. He specifies that they cannot let the police see anything and that, once everything runs smoothly, their friends will be released unharmed and they can all move passed this "ugly story." That is when Bloom demands to hear Musa's voice and the man obliges. He eases Musa's cellphone closer to her as Bloom asks if she is okay. Musa assures Bloom that she and Lukas are okay but the man hangs up the call before she can finish her message, leaving Bloom frustrated.

Tecna questions why Musa does not just use her magic to get away until Bloom reveals that Lukas is with her so if Musa tried to fly away, she would not be able to escape with him in time. Aisha wonders what they should do now and Bloom reluctantly declares that they will have to pull out all of the loot like Musa's kidnapper demanded. Stella wonders who the thieves will be sending and, just then, the warehouse caretaker appears just outside of the secret room holding a stick to defend himself.

Bloom leaves the secret room to try and talk with the caretaker but he steps back as he insists that he knew that the Winx were nothing but trouble ever since they first arrived. He tries to make a bargain with Bloom until she assures him that they are will not do anything, but she quickly realizes that the caretaker was also a part of the thieves' plan. The caretaker then explains that it was never supposed to take such a turn as Sifelius never had control over what he did and no one ever visited the broken-down warehouse for years. He was apparently paid to hide the thieves' loot inside the warehouse until they came to retrieve it once a month passed. However, things began to get complicated for the caretaker once Musa had arrived as the warehouse's new owner. He confesses about trying to buy time by "losing the key" in order to keep her out but, before he could haul out the thieves' loot, Musa showed up ahead of schedule with Lukas. Bloom interrupts the caretaker as she realizes that he was the one who caused the warehouse to collapse upon Musa's visit and the caretaker admits to this. He reveals that he was able to hide away just before Musa and Lukas stepped inside but his plan quickly backfired as the debris completely blocked out the only way to the secret room. The caretaker then insists that he warned the thieves of Musa's snooping around and they forced him to take action. He continues to claim that he returned just in time but, unfortunately for Musa, she and Lukas were getting too close to the secret room so the thieves took it upon themselves to kidnap them. The warehouse caretaker then tells the Winx that it will only get worse for Musa if they do not follow the thieves' demands and Bloom agrees, adding that at least three of them need to hurry back to school before the faculty starts searching for them. She assures the caretaker that the others can help him unload the loot and she heads out with Stella and Flora in tow before the caretaker can finish his threat. As the three of them head outside, the caretaker rushes into the secret room and frantically begins packing as he yells at Tecna and Aisha to help.

Outside, Stella asks Bloom what she has on her mind until she is shushed by Bloom. Bloom reveals that they only left so that they can find out where Musa and Lukas are being held and asks Stella if she has noticed why they have not seen any of the bandits. Stella catches on to Bloom's concerns as Bloom claims that Musa and Lukas are in more danger than they realize since they are the only two people to catch a glimpse of the thieves' faces. That is when Flora asks Bloom if she has any ideas on how to locate Musa and Lukas since has none and Bloom reveals that she also has no idea. Stella wonders why Musa has not tried to escape using her magic until Bloom claims that she would not be able to escape with Lukas if she tried. That is unless Musa was using her magic in a way that the thieves would not hear or see it. Flora realizes that Musa may be launching out a signal using her ultrasonic waves and that is when Bloom gets an idea on how they will be able to pick up the signal.

ODNM p38

Winx, Believix!

The three fairies then transform into their Believix forms and make their way back to Alfea as Stella realizes that they will need the help of their fairy pets in order to track Musa's ultrasonic wave signal.

The girls return to Alfea in no time and see that their pets have all gathered in the main hall already. Bloom asks Kiko if he has already picked up the noise and Kiko confirms that he has with his usual screech. The fairy pets swarm around them which causes Flora to conclude that they also hear Musa's signal. Bloom asks Kiko to lead them to the source of the sound and he and the fairy pets waste no time heading into the city.

Soon enough, Bloom, Stella and Flora arrive at a warehouse and the three of them, Kiko and the fairy pets quietly fly in to get a look without getting caught. They all manage to find a window to a room with the band of thieves inside as they hide out while keeping an eye on Musa and Lukas, who are both bound to chairs.

ODNM p40

The girls have found Musa and Lukas' whereabouts!

Stella comments on how two of the three thieves are too close to Lukas, meaning that if they were to attack, then he may get caught up in it. Bloom acts quickly and breaks into the room just below the thieves' hideout. From there, she uses her Dragon Fire to cut into the ceiling where Lukas should be located.

In the room above her, Lukas notices small sparks flickering just below his chair and, soon enough, the floor below him gives way and he falls through much to everyone's surprise. Bloom manages to catch Lukas with pink smoke and Stella takes the opportunity to attack from outside. She shoots a ball of sunlight through the window, blowing all of the thieves away as she, Flora and the fairy pets untie Musa. With everyone safe, Lukas and the four fairies call the police and return to the warehouse. From there, the police arrest the thieves and the caretaker as they recover all of the stolen treasure that the thieves had hidden. One of the officers advises that the Winx come to the police station later to file a formal report and Bloom assures him that they will.

Lukas and each of the Winx gather around Musa to congratulate her on finally having the warehouse all to herself, but Musa is upset over how the entire ordeal has left her with what seems like a pile of ruins. Just as she is about to give up on the warehouse entirely, Lukas comes up with an idea and runs outside.

ODNM p44

Lukas promising to come by the Winx Clubhouse (for Musa).

A few minutes later, Lukas returns with good news. After talking with one of the officers, Lukas learned that Musa has been entitled to a hefty reward after finding all of the stolen loot! To make things better, the reward will be enough to repair the building and bring it up to code! The girls all cheer at this great news until Musa insists that the reward should not just be hers since the rest of the Winx helped her. Bloom proposes that they all invest their reward money into Musa's new music hall so that they can turn it into a place that they can all enjoy. She proudly proclaims that it will be the Winx Clubhouse and the girls all rejoice at the idea. Musa then approaches Lukas and asks if he will also be hanging out with them. Naturally, Lukas promises to come as much as he can as he would not want to be anywhere else.

Spells Used


  • Throughout the issue, Roxy's shirt is drawn incorrectly as it is missing the light green spots that are supposed to be on her shoulders and her green sleeves go missing in some scenes.
    • The yellow ombre streaks in her hair are also missing.
  • As Musa is being given the warehouse documents by Sifelius on page 2, she is wearing a pink tank top and skirt rather than her Season 4 outfit in one of the panels.
  • As Bloom, Stella and Roxy head for the main cafeteria on page 4, Tecna can be seen walking with them in one panel even though she does not meet up with them until they are all down in the cafeteria.
  • As Musa is setting herself down to eat on page 6, her dark pink sleeves are missing. They disappear a second time when Musa waves goodbye to Lukas in one panel on page 15.
  • Some of the Winx's Believix forms hold minor errors.
    • Bloom's gloves and transparent short sleeves are missing.
    • Stella's gloves are missing.
    • Both of Flora's bracelets are missing.
  • As the Magix police officers assure Bloom that the thieves will be taken away at the bottom of page 42, the fairy pets are all missing their wings.


  • Warehouse Caretaker
  • Band of Thieves



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