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Jack is a character introduced in "Issue 127: The Legend of the Lantern".


As a young man, Jack has brown hair. When aged, he has grey hair and facial hair. He wears a green overcoat with yellow buttons and underneath is a red coat with yellow trim, a white cravet, and white sleeve puffs. He wears grey pants and brown boots.

Additionally, he has a purple cloak, in his older form. He also has grey hair, and the rest of his outfit is similar to his younger form, his overcoat just covers him more.


Jack is very caring and willing to go to great lengths for the people he cares about, including defending them from powerful forces. He has shown some hesitation toward witches and things of that nature. He can be rash, but his ultimate goal justifies the means. He is also very thankful and expresses his affection often.


Season 6

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