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James is the butler to Madelyne and her parents. He was the first to know and kept secret of Madelyne's guitar preference.


James has a long face, he has brown eyes, dark brown hair and is balding from the crown to the frontal region. He has a slight tan, is rather tall and wears the standard butler uniforms: black suit with a gray vest and white dress shirt, black bow tie, pants and loafers.


James is shown to be very caring and loyal; he kept Madelyne's love for the guitar a secret and even helps her hide her guitar pick.

World of Winx

Season 1

Sad that he was unable to give Madelyne the guitar pick.

When Madelyne was looking for her guitar pick and could not find it, she asks him about it. He is unable to answer her because her parents came in and it was a secret. He reacted sadly to see Madelyne playing the piano passionless, only to please her parents, and hopes that one day, Madelyne is able to play the guitar without needing to hide it.

James then takes the family's dogs out for their walks but he is unable to control them as they are going crazy. He gets tangled up in their leashes and when approached by six girls who offer their dog-sitting services, he quickly hires them and has them start immediately.

He moves onto his next duty, sending Madelyne off to her piano concert. But before he does, he happily tries to give her her guitar pick but once again failed to because her parents were called for her. He feels sad he was not able to give it her.


  • His name is Hebrew and means "supplanter, substitute; the patron saint of Spain". [1]