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Joel is a exclusive character from the Winx Club Comic Series.


He has lightly tanned skin, purple hair and brown eyes.

He wears a short sleeved red t-shirt with knee length blue trousers and blue sneakers with white laces. He is sometimes shown in the comics, wearing a blue bike helmet and rucksack.


Joel has a nice and caring personality. When he sees Stella upset, he gives her an ice cream. It is possible that one of his hobbies are cycling, due to the fact that he is shown riding a bike.


In "New Love", Joel is shown riding his bike and carrying two ice creams. He notices that Stella is upset, so he willing gives her the other ice cream and sits down next to her. After finishing the ice cream, Joel gets up to leave without telling Stella his name. He then explains to Stella, why he got her the ice cream knowing that it would put a smile on her face. He tells Stella, that they could meet the following day and leaves on his bike.

The next day, Joel and Stella meet up to go riding on their bikes, to eat more ice cream and so they can laugh and enjoy themselves. The following day, Joel sees Stella upset again, but she does not talk to him, so he tells her that it was a pleasure meeting her and that he understands. Joel then leaves on his bike.