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Johnna is a popular singer who appears in the game Winx Club: Rockstars. She is the main antagonist.


She has a pink afro with a blue bow on it. She has pale skin, cherry lips, and dark pink eyes with dark brown eyeshadow. She wears grey earrings. She wears a black corset-type top, a dark purple t-shirt with a white collar, and a pink tie. She wears a black lace-like skirt with a pink belt. She wears black, red, green, and pink arm cuffs and black fingerless gloves. She has blue nails. She wears above-the-knee pink boots with a black strip around the top part of them and black on the bottom of the shoes.


She is mean-spirited and snobbish in the beginning as she bullies the Winx girls, but after being attacked by the Wizards of the Black Circle she becomes nicer. Johnna is smart, clever, talented, and egocentric. She does not like competition, she always wants to win.


Winx Club: Rockstars

Her plan is to steal the Winx's instruments and break the lights when they perform. She suspects the Winx are using magic to win. Johnna, after being attacked by the Wizards of the Black Circle, becomes friends with Bloom and she goes to New York City to make her first CD.

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