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Julia is a student of Tir Nan Og College.


She has pale skin, pale pink lips, and blue eyes. Her hair is light blue to her shoulders. She wears a light green band that has a light green bow.

For her attire, Julia wears the standard uniform for all Tir Nan Og College students, which consists of a sleeveless magenta vest with mint-green trim and a matching mint-green pendant that keeps a small cape bound to it, long disconnected pale pink sleeves with mint-green trim, a pink skirt with two layered magenta stripes at the bottom, and pale pink shoes that stay bound to her feet with the help of vines that wrap around her lower legs.

Her wings, which appear as simple lilac-colored wings similar to that of a butterfly's, are also always present behind her.


She is a good student, she seems attentive to her work. Although her demeanor easily changes from confident to shy.



Julia's skills are called out as amateurish by Lydia.

She first appears in The First Fairy Hunter during a class being taught by Queen Nebula. Her class is being visited by Morgana and the Winx, and Nebula asked them to show what they had learned. Julia is first asked to demonstrate and she does so by levitating her books with ease.

That is until Lydia says that she and Nadine can do so much better. This angers Julia and she calls her a braggart. Unfortunately, her confidence abates when Lydia shows off her mastery in the duplication spell.

Magical Abilities

Julia may know some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. She is shown to be able to levitate objects. 

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