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Kalshara is one of the main antagonists in Season 7. She is Brafilius' sister and has the ability to shape-shift into any animal she wants.


Her appearance is a mixture of human and big cat. From her old form she has only kept her brown eyes. Her hair is white-gray. She wears them open with the bangs combed back and reaches her waist. Her legs are those of a big cat. The fur is dark gray with red stripes. The fur on the knee is fraying. The fur on her thighs is light gray. The fur of her lower legs continues on her forearms. The remaining fur on the upper body is beige and covered with red dots. Their long tail is also beige, but ends up getting darker. Her head is also a bit darker in terms of the color of the fur, but lighter again on the cheeks and chin area. She wears a gray top with a red mini vest and a blue fur collar. She also wears a red skirt, which is very tattered and mostly consists of stripes. Since Kalshara is a shapeshifter, she can assume various animal forms, which are listed under "Magical Abilities".

She had fair skin, and brown eyes. she had long dark blue hair, that spiked up at the top and has a long braid in the back. She wears the previous Alfea uniform, which is a burgundy dress that reaches her knees. She also wore high heels with a golden buckle on top.

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She is clever, smart, ambitious, demanding, and disrespectful toward fairies (despite the fact that she herself is a fairy) and nature itself.


Season 7

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The bird caged.

In "The Alfea Natural Park," as Bloom holds Kiko, a bird of prey swoops in and abducts the Digmole, shocking everyone. Roxy alerts the girls that the bird is not a Fairy Animal as Fairy Animals do not attack each other. In an attempt to stop it, the Winx transform into Bloomix fairies and go after the bird.

Breaking the news to Roxy.

After several attempts to attack the bird and deliver the Digmole to safety, the Winx ultimately come back to Roxy empty-handed as the bird has gone past the confines of the park. Stella tells Roxy that the bird was incredibly strong, and Bloom apologizes to the Winx that they could not protect the Digmole. Later, the Winx and Roxy brief Faragonda on the events of the day, saying the bird, who came from outside the park, definitely had fairy powers as it attacked them and crossed the barrier with ease. Roxy offers to do research on the bird to find out which species it belongs to as Faragonda poses the question of why the Digmole was abducted.

The caged Fairy Animals.

Later, the bird of prey enters her lair full of caged Fairy Animals and transforms into the cat-like shapeshifter, Kalshara. She greets her brother, Brafilius, with the last Digmole in the Magic Dimension, much to his surprise. She orders Brafilius to lock him up, but he cannot seem to do so successfully as the creature slips out of his way a few times. Kalshara eventually does so herself and states that this Digmole is the first step in acquiring an army of Fairy Animals at her command.

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Magical Abilities

Kalshara is capable of taming Fairy Animals. Moreover, she excels at shapeshifting as she can easily perform it, but this power boosts when she exposes herself to wild magic.

As a fairy, Kalshara may know some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.

Uses of Magic

  • "Guardians of nature, I entreat you all. Grant me entry to the Fairy Animals' hall" - Used to open the doors to the Hall of Fairy Animals.

Known Transformations


  • Kalshara is similar to both Darkar and Duman, as all of them are shape-shifters.
  • Kalshara's DuArt voice actress, Eileen Stevens, also voices Flora in the same dub.
  • Currently, both she and Acheron are the only villains who have neither appeared nor been mentioned in the Winx Club Comic Series.