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Kalshara is one of the main antagonists in Season 7. She is the sister of Brafilius and has the ability to shape-shift at will.


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She is clever, smart, ambitious, demanding and disrespectful towards fairies and nature itself.


Season 7

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Magical Abilities

It was revealed in "Young Fairies Grow Up" that Kalshara had the ability to tame fairy animals. She is shown to have the ability to transform into any animal without any difficulty as she was the topper of Wizgiz's class. Other thing coming soon...

Known Transformations

  • Lion
  • Eagle
  • Bat
  • Dragon
  • Seal
  • Mouse
  • Hound
  • Digmole


  • Kalshara is similar to both Darkar and Duman, as all of them are shape-shifters.
  • Kalshara's DuArt voice actress, Eileen Stevens, also voices Flora in the DuArt dub.
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