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Kamud is a minor antagonist who is exclusive to the Winx Club Comic Series. He makes his debut in Issue 78: The Wizard Kamud, where he has been hired by rebel forces to help them kidnap Bloom to give them the upper hand in the war on Eraklyon.


Kamud has a light skin tone, dark grey eyes and black-and-purple striped hair that points upwards. He also has notable bags under his eyes.

Kamud wears long, black robes with long sleeves and gold accents. The robes are so long that they cover his feet and he wears a purple cape to go with it.

After returning to his old master Jazaki, Kamud no longer wears his wizard robes. Instead, he goes shirtless, revealing that he has a muscular figure, and wears light purple pants bound by dark grey bandages that cover part of his midriff. He also does not wear any shoes during his training.

Later into Issue 83, Kamud adorns himself with his purple cape now bound on him by a gold pin, and puts on black shoes.


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