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The Kangourmet is a species of Fairy Animal which appear in Season 7.


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Kangourmets are small fairy animals resembling indigo and lavender kangaroos with large green eyes. They have a mane formed by wicks in shades of light purple and light indigo and tufts of hair combining with the mane on the front legs and the tip of the tail, the latter being similar to an artichoke.

In this form Kangourmets are much larger and similar to a kaiju. The eyes become glowy red, the teeth become sharp, the mane more messy and the front legs become humanoid and muscular with claws at the fingertips, the rear legs become more muscular with red rectangular marks at the top and huge white claws on the feet. They have purple spines on the back and forearms and the tuft at the tip of the tail becomes larger.


Season 7

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Magical Abilities

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  • The name "Kangourmet" is a blend of "kangaroo" and "gourmet".


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