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Karel is a Specialist who attends Red Fountain. In the comics, he is a woodcutter living alone in the mountains near Crystal Lake and Darkstone Village.


Karel has a light skin tone, short dark teal hair that flares out to the sides with lighter bangs that rest on the sides of his face, and blue eyes. Like many of his fellow Specialists, he is fairly muscular. He also wears two different outfits depending on which canon he appears in.

In the comics, Karel wears a light blue dress shirt with a brown sleeveless jacket on top. The sleeves of the dress shirt are rolled up to make them look short, most likely having to do with his job as a woodcutter, and the collar is flared just over his jacket. He also wears green pants bound by a brown belt with a silver buckle, and brown boots.

As a werewolf he has brown fur and a bit of white fur at the chest. He only has ripped up jeans on, as the rest of his clothes have been ripped off. And he has long black claw like nails.


Not much is known about Karel in the animated series due to him being a background character who is rarely seen and has no speaking roles.

Though, in the comics, Karel displays a distant personality. Choosing to live secluded in the mountains, Karel is a loner who does not even make trips to the nearby town at the base of the mountain. When Flora tries to get him to open up, he remains distant and keeps up his emotional walls. Even when he helps Flora and her friends, he remains firm and serious, constantly making sure that they know that they need to leave by the time he sets.

He is also shown to be rather humble as he makes it clear that coming to help a group of strangers save their friends was "nothing special." Coupled with this, Karel is also generous and caring, as he is not afraid to help travelers in need even when he does not know them and will even open his home to them to spend the night. When Flora accidentally triggers his transformation, Karel confesses to never wishing for Flora to see him in such a state and he tries to fight off his feral instincts for a brief moment to keep her safe.



In “The Show Must Go On!,” he is seen cheering during Musa’s concert.

In “The Phoenix Revealed,” he is seen dancing during the party.

In "The Wizards' Challenge," he is seen with his classmates looking at the Mark of Valtor in the sky.


The Battle for Magix

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