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Knut is an ogre. He is more strong than smart. Also, he has very bad eyesight, so he needs to wear glasses all the time. Knut used to work for the Trix, even though no pets are allowed at Cloud Tower, but at the end of Season 1, Knut defected, and is now a janitor at Alfea.


Knut has yellow skin, is bald, has bushy light brown eyebrows, is quite large and has long sideburns that ends at his jaw.


He wears a red tracksuit. He also needs to wear glasses but does not because he does not like how they make him look.

In the Specials, Knut had visible chest hair, slightly skinnier, loose tracksuit and a wrinkly face. In season 8 he also now has hair on his arms, and every where else just like the Specials.

In all of his appearances he is mostly barefoot except for his humanoid disguise and spacesuit.

Humanoid Disguise

Knut's ogre appearance is still visible but with a more human appearance. He is much shorter, less large and has light brown hair. He retains his sideburns and wears blue, oval glasses. He has light tan skin, wears a gray and maroon jacket, light blue jeans and maroon sneakers.


As a waiter he looks relatively the same just with a small red bow tie, and his season 8 design that includes more hair.


His space consists of a grey metallic chain chest armour with a black topwith short pink sleeves with black trim, grey knee length pants, he has pink zip-up boots, a double-layered pink skirt with black-trim, grey and pink fingerless gloves and a thin black belt with a purple diamond.


Knut was a wicked ogre aggressive attitude but soon after, he became noble, fearful and good. At first, he was very loyal to the Trix and had been working for them under their orders but he was considered to be futile and foolish. He has endured the Trix's verbal abuses but he is always called to clean up their mess.

He fears nothing but the Trix, however when they took over the Magical Dimension, he realizes that they are mad and are dangerous and decides to flee with Pepe to Red Fountain. This reveals that Knut does indeed have a conscience and is actually very brave; he betrayed the Trix and chose fight for good. Knut can be nervous like when he decides to go to Alfea and become its personal concierge and when he became Timmy for one of the Trix's plan.

In the third season, he falls for Stella while she was in her monster form. He shows his romantic side when he did, such as giving her flowers (though he did eat them) and trying to comfort her when she was distressed about her looks. He also has a goofy nature to his personality.

Magical Abilities

Knut teleporting

Knut, to an extent, does have some magical abilities. It is unknown if the Trix gave it to him or he had originally possessed them.

Uses of Magic

Teleportation: The only magical ability he has shown. He claps his hands together and a dusty, purple light surrounds him, he then disappears. Used in Season 1 Episode 1.


  • In the 4Kids dub, Knut is from the Ogre Realm.
  • His voice actor Marc Thompson also voiced Avalon in 4Kids.
    • For DuArt, he voices Brafilius and Jim from World of Winx.
      • He also reprises his role once again in this dub, making him the first male voice actor to do so.
  • Knut has had two jobs in the series, first being the Trix's servant (formerly) and being Alfea's janitor (presently).
    • As of Season 8, he is currently the Alfea's handyman along with Kiko.