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The Kraken Witches are Witches who appear exclusively within the Winx Club comic series. They make their debut in Issue 142: The Pearl of the Seas.


The four kraken witches have different body shapes and skin tones having green, light green, pink, and pale blue skin. From the waist down they have at least six octopus tentacles with green suckers. All four kraken witches also have small pointy ears. All four have their hair tied into a ponytail which is another tentacle. The kraken witches also have fanged teeth. They also have long chins, and hooked noses.


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In Issue 142, they make their debut half way though the issue. Were they are shown to have stolen the Magic Pearl that allows mermaids to walk on land.

Magical Abilities

As witches, they may have first-level witch spells that all witches can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. 


  • It is unknown if the Kraken WItches' part octopus appearance is the result of magic or a Witch Form or if they belong to a different species than the other human-like Witches of the Magic Dimension.
  • It is also unknown what relationship exists between the Kraken Witches and the Kraken.
  • The Kraken is a legendary sea monster from Scandinavian folklore said to dwell off the coasts of Greenland and Norway and that were said to attack ships.
  • The Kraken Witches are Caecelia, which are legendary half-women, half-octupus creatures.
  • The Kraken Witches might have been inspired by Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid, who is herself a Caecelia.
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