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Kylie is a fairy who attends Alfea.


Kylie is a light skinned girl with her pale colored lipstick/lip-gloss and usually half-closed eyes that seem to be a light color. Her hair is a bright blond color almost resembling a bob cut with short spiked bangs facing the left, and very few messy strands of hair at the top of her head, almost like a cowlick.

Kylie wears a loose, off the shoulder purple long sleeved shirt with very thin material going up the center in an upside down V shape, which may be fishnet. Kylie also has on a loose pink skirt and possibly pants, socks, or long boots underneath.

She wears a sparkly pink bikini-like tank-top that covers her chest in a wrap-like form. Along with very loose, puffed shorts with the top cut in a V-shape with pale pink lining. Like her top it is also sparkly. She also wears pale pink fingerless gloves with loose cuffs.


Kylie appears to be an excitable person shown when she expressed great joy when seeing her idols; even to the point of jumping.



In "The Fall of Magix," she is seen running in the rain. Later, she is fighting against the Army of Darkness.

In "Storming Cloud Tower," she is seen fighting against the Army of Darkness.

In "The Witches' Siege", she is seen fighting against the Army of Darkness.

In "The Witches' Downfall," she is seen fighting against the Army of Darkness. She then celebrates the addition of the world "Winx" into fairy vocabulary with her classmates.

In “The Show Must Go On!,” she is seen in Red Fountain’s courtyard. She is later seen cheering during Musa’s concert.

In "The Fairy Hunters", Kylie is one of the many students who screamed when the Winx stepped into Alfea. She approached Aisha and Tecna, told them that she knew their names and that she had heard a lot about them. Her excitement initially did not bother the two Winx fairies but when she got even more excited the two started to feel uncomfortable.

Magical Abilities

Kylie has shown to possess the ability to control sunlight.

Kylie may know some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Her magic is shown to be green, and sometimes blue in color. 


  • Kylie's sun powers are oddly shown to be blue in color. This may or may not be a coloring error.
  • The name Kylie comes from Australian origin meaning "Straight, Narrow Channel".
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