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The Labyrinth of the Minotaur is a big maze found in Ancient Solaria.


It is a big maze found in Ancient Solaria. According to Darcy, Ariadne, the Keeper of the Labyrinth and a goddess, it is a place where someone can find what he or she seeks. Once someone enters the labyrinth, he or she cannot leave it without returning to the entrance.


Season 6

In "Queen for a Day", Darcy steals Stella's crown and goes into the Legendarium World. Stella transforms and finds herself in a huge labyrinth and met by a masked woman, Ariadne, who tells her that the crown is within the halls. Stella enters the labyrinth, where everything looked the same, almost impossible to navigate, and soon gets lost. Later, Stella is in a circular room, where she is encountered by a Minotaur. She is taken by surprise when Ariadne was suddenly behind her, revealing to be Darcy.

In "Stella's Big Party", Stella faces Darcy as the evil Ariadne and the Minotaur. Stella uses her attacks against it but the Minotaur deflect the attack by using its horns causing it to hit right back at Stella. However, Stella uses one of her special attacks which cause it to blind its eyes temporary and then she finally trap the Minotaur in a cage of light thus defeating it. After she defeats the Minotaur, Darcy fled away and made Stella lose her way in the Labyrinth, but however she fails to do so.


  • According to Greek Mythology, the Minotaur was a part-man part-bull monster imprisoned by Minos, the King of Crete, in a giant maze called the Labyrinth in his capital city of Knossos until it was killed by the hero Theseus
  • The appearance of the Labyrinth's architecture is based on that of the Palace of Knossos, which was built at Knossos by the Minoans, a very ancient civilization which had become extinct long before the appearance of Ancient Greek civilization. The ruins of the Palace of Knossos inspired the myth of the Labyrinth many centuries later.


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