The Laser Staff is Brandon's magical weapon. It is first seen in "The Flying School."


The laser staff is a neon green glowing rod that once expands, allowing easier grasp for the user.



In "The Flying School", Brandon receives the laser staff. Then, he uses against the Treants when Selina woke them up.

In "The Curse of Fearwood," he summons it to prepare to attack the Werewolves summoned by Selina.

In "The Magic Totem," Brandon is seen with it when the Werewolves were surrounding them.

In "Queen for a Day," Brandon summons it to attack Darcy but was interrupted when Stella uses her light magic to blind him with it which then unintentionally broke the Magic Mirror while breaking the curse that was placed on her.

In "Stella's Big Party," he uses it to hold off the fallen debris caused by Gargantua's attack.

In "The Anthem," Brandon summons it to prepare to attack the Cloud Tower Elites and then uses it against Lazuli but failed because of the Intangibility Spell.

In "The First Color of the Universe", Brandon summons it to reflect the Giant Tortoise's attack.

In "Back to Paradise Bay", he uses it against Stella, thinking she was a Sand Monster.

In "Banana Day", Brandon uses it to attack the Banana Monster but failed. He then plans on using it against the Mega Lemur but the lemur puts Stella down before that could happen.

In "The Golden Butterfly," he uses it twice in a combined attack along with the Specialists and Nex against the Trix's barrier but failed.


#124: Attack of the Centaurs

Brandon brandishes his Laser Staff to fight against an army of Centaurs in an attempt to back up the Winx as they make protecting the panicking fair-goers their main priority.

Magical Abilities

It has the power to release a green ray of green energy that can hold objects floating on the air. It also can produce large gusts of wind when Brandon spins it.


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