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The Legendarium, a magical book created by Acheron that was owned by Selina, appears in Season 6. She usually shrinks and hangs it on the belt around her skirt. The Legendarium book was owned by Selina in which she used to help the Trix. By the end of Season 6, Bloom traps the Trix inside the book. Selina then returns the Legendarium back to Eldora.


The keeper of the Legendarium can summon any number of wild creatures from the book just by reading it out loud. According to Eldora, the Legendarium is a dimension where fictional characters are real, which means, it is a magical link between the imaginary world and the real world. When the Legendarium World is accessed, the legends become real.


Legendarium is a brown book which has many patterns, a purple circle with a symbol in the center, a lock, and a hook on its cover. Inside of it has many drawings and stories about the legendary creatures of the Magic Dimension and Earth.

Known Legends


From legends and tales comes the power of strife... Legendarium, bring these storybook monsters to life!


Gloomy Wood Trolls

This is the legend of the Gloomy Wood Trolls. They used to live in the woods of Magix, spreading terror and destruction. Until they were defeated by the Pixies.


The ancient knights, who took the shape of huge trees.

Flying Basilisk

A long time ago, terrible creatures with a petrifying stare, used to live in the woods of Linphea.

Pandemonium Sprites

Once upon a time, evil sprites were trapped in an elaborate system of caves. And every night, they try to escape.

Vortex of Flames

Under the Palace of Domino is the Vortex of Flames. Its magic is so fierce, not even Bloom could stand up to it. The Vortex of Flames is also home to the Fire Eaters.

Fire Eaters

In the Vortex of Flames live the Fire Eaters.


Ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, preserved as Mummies deep under the Earth.


In ancient Egypt, only those who solve the riddle of the Sphinx are saved from its wrath.

Green Dragons of the Great Wall

A long time ago, the most powerful creatures that ever existed lived along the Great Wall.

Children of the Night

Once upon a time, darkness was everlasting on Earth. This is the story of the Children of the Night.

Hawk Spirit

A long time ago, there lived a Hawk Spirit, a dangerous being.

Ectoplasm Specters

Once upon a time, the Forest of Flowers was haunted by a malevolent force.


Once upon a time, in the Forest of Flowers, Lenugias grew in abundance. These magical flowers protected all of the forest's inhabitants.

Three Powerful Witches

They had an insatiable appetite for power, and they hated everything good, especially fairies.

Oculta, Pirate Zombies

This is the story about the pirate ship of Oculta, which ruled the seven seas for a hundred years. Many pirates were lost, but none ever left the ship until it finally sank.


From the darkest times, comes the curse of Fearwood Forest, where mere, mortal men and women, howled at the moon.

Magic Mirror

Once upon a time, there was an evil queen, who possessed a mystical, magic mirror.


Once upon a time, there was a monster who ate everything or anyone who stood in its way of devouring.

Frankenstein's Monster

Technology in its earliest form brought about a man-made monster, strapped together by knots and bolts.


A story about a brilliant, cunning dwarf who lived in the clearing of Alfea. He's the master of all things deceitful, and his long exposure to the enchanted field of Alfea has made him immune to all spells. Once upon a time, there was an evil dwarf named Rumpelstiltskin.

Alfea Champions

Three famous fairies, whose feats have been passed on from generations.

Great Lizard Spirit

Rise, oh, Great Lizard Spirit, and take control over the magic that dares to defy you!



Irritable and cruel, they galloped through the centuries sowing ruin and destruction... Nobody could resist the fury of their hooves!


There is a powerful and evil Fossegrim that lives in the underground lake of the Golden Auditorium!

Magical Abilities

It is indestructible and powerful that can bring legendary creatures to life, can inform its keeper about all the myths of the Magic Dimension and can protect its keeper in a magic bubble full of negative energy. It is shown that it can take away fairies' power, except the Dragon's Flame. As shown via the Treants and the Green Dragons, the Legendarium can make good and friendly, and evil legendary creatures that follow the user's command.

The Legendarium World

Main article: Legendarium World

The Trix in the Legendarium World.

The Legendarium World is a "bridge" between the real world and the imaginary world. It cannot be found in the Magic Dimension. There are only two possible ways to enter it:

  • People can access it with the use of the Ancestral Wands.
  • The keeper of the Legendarium can let anyone enter it.

The Winx and Eldora in the Legendarium World.

Although anyone can enter this world with the use of the scepters of the seven ancient fairies, who transported themselves from the Legendarium World to the Real World, the users can only keep themselves in there for a very short period of time. The consequence of staying there is becoming a part of the fictional world forever.

According to Selina, when she puts someone in it, they can only stay there for a short period of time in the book and she must first pick which character she must use to make her target teleport inside the Legendarium. This enables the target to automatically merge their abilities with those of the legends they are going to portray. Example, when they went to the Occulta, the Trix became the Three Powerful Witches, giving their magic a boost. Next, Icy became the Snow Queen, boosting all of her ice magic, a costume change and a complete control over her domain. Then, Darcy portrayed Ariadne, which gave her the ability to remember all the twists and turns of the labyrinth. Lastly, Stormy became the Bride of Frankenstein's Monster. With this, her lightning energy was empowered, but not much. In the very last episodes of the season, like Acheron, anyone can be trapped there forever unless a very powerful magic frees them.