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Let Your Wings Shine is a game on the Nickelodeon website.


In Let Your Wings Shine there are nine mini games which you can play. The games are:

  • Bloom's game is called Fireworks Spectacular
  • Stella's game is called Wing Design Studio
  • Flora's game is called Leaf Catch
  • Musa's game is called Burst Beats
  • Tecna's game is called Memory Trainer
  • Aisha's game is called Sport Spotter
  • Faragonda's game is called Fairy Final
  • Icy's game is Trix Maze
  • Create your own Fairy



You click a glowing cannon to launch a firework. You must keep up with the pace to reach the grand finale. Complete 3 levels to win.


You must click orange leaves to make them magically disappear. Try to get 500 points before time runs out. Complete 3 levels to win.


Click on the options at the left to design your own pair of wings.


Click on two cards to see if they match. Try to match all cards before time runs out. Complete 3 levels to win.


Find any item shown on the list in the room. Click the Hint button if you're stuck. Try to find all equipment before time runs out. Complete 3 levels to win.


Click on a beat box to add a note to it. A beat box with 4 notes will bust. Complete 3 levels to win.


Hover your mouse over Kiko to start. Move your mouse carefully to draw a path through the maze. Complete 3 levels to win.


Click an answer that most applies to you, then click the next button. Answer all 10 questions to find your fairy match.

Create Your Own Fairy

Create and dress your fairy.


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