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Winx Club Episode 505 - The Lilo
The Lilo is a magical plant introduced in Season 5.


The Lilo is the vessel for a large amount of magic power that can be absorbed when it is in bloom.


The Lilo has a green stem and two green leaves. The petals are blue with dark blue spots radiating from the yellow center.


Season 5

Winx Club Episode 505 - Lilo

Faragonda explaining the importance of the Lilo to the Winx.

In "The Lilo," Faragonda informs the Winx that since magic has returned to Earth, the Lilo will bloom for the first time in centuries. She goes on to say that the power of the Lilo can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so she sends the Winx to find it. The Trix, eavesdropping on Faragonda, head to Earth as well in order to procure the flower. It is revealed that the Lilo is in the hands of Macy, Mitzi’s younger sister. She has the intention of planting the flower in the community garden, but Mitzi insists on shopping first.


Macy with the Lilo.

The Winx, followed closely by the Trix, run all over Gardenia trying to locate the flower with Flora’s nature-sensing ability but have very little luck until they find themselves in the mall and realize that Macy is in possession of the Lilo. The Trix reveal themselves and demand the flower. As a fight between the Winx and the Trix ensues, Mitzi takes advantage of the situation to save Macy and bring her to the community garden.


The Lilo takes root.

Mitzi and Macy arrives at the garden. As Macy is about to give the plant to Vanessa when Darcy and Stormy attack her and lift her up in the air. Macy drops the Lilo to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Trix and it falls in the middle of the garden where it begins to take root and sprout, releasing its magical power at sunset. The Trix, seeing the mass of energy coming from the flower, begin to absorb the power. The Winx are quickly overpowered but the citizens of Gardenia put their belief in the Winx and they are able to defeat the Trix with a Believix convergence.


  • The name "Lilo" is of Hawaiian origin and means "Generous One".


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