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Linphea is a realm of closely connected to its nature, which shows through the abundance of magical plant and animal life it has over other realms in the Magic Dimension. The inhabitants of Linphea live their lives maintaining a close connection with the nature around them to preserve its beauty and show their respect.

Linphea is also known for being fashion-forward as mentioned by both Flora and Stella throughout the series.


From what can be seen in the series, the people of Linphea are very connected to nature and live high up within the trees. Due to living up so high, the people of Linphea seem to lack fear of intense heights as displayed by Flora in the episode "The Black Willow's Tears," who skips across a thin, shaky, woven bridge of vines and flowers with ease.

There also exists a Council of Ancients on Linphea, and Linphea holds a monarchy like a majority of the realms in the Magic Dimension, however, currently it is unknown whether the Council of Ancients are just representatives of Linphea or if they even have the power to make choices.

The Queen of Linphea and Princess Krystal.

By Season 5, Princess Krystal, as well as her mother, Queen Rachel, are finally introduced and are seen at the Domino Royal Palace once it comes time to discuss over methods of defeating Tritannus when he begins to wreak significant havoc that could doom all the realms. Throughout this ordeal, any possible King of Linphea was not seen, which could point to two possibilities: either Krystal's father and Rachel's husband had passed on beforehand and Rachel appeared in his stead, or Linphea holds a matriarchal government, meaning that women are the ones who rule and hold most of the power.


Linphea is notable for having giant ladybugs which people often use for transportation. The oceans of Linphea contain some fish as well as the Bollabies and there lies an Ocean Gate connecting Linphea to Andros that is guarded by a Selkie named Desiryee.


Linphea is home to many flowers and plants that can also be found on other planets. The people of Linphea often use some of the plants for traveling, casting spells and creating potions among other things within their daily routine. One of the most notable plants is the Black Willow, which can turn back time if someone touches the water it produces. Its magic also makes the waterfall located outside its cave run upwards.

In the oceans of Linphea resides the Flower of the Depths, which holds the answers to the Gem of Courage: one-third of the Sirenix Quest that all fairies seeking to achieve Sirenix must go through. According to Desiryee, the ocean plants become increasingly wilder and more ferocious the deeper one dives down. The oceans also have carnivorous plants.


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Season 3

The Black Willow

The Winx head over to Linphea to find a cure for Faragonda whom Valtor imprisoned in a living tree. Flora introduces Miele to her friends. Per Flora's request, Miele asked their Elders on who to speak with about freeing Faragonda. She was told to speak with the Sage of Linphea. With that, Miele takes the girls to the Sage but encounter Storm Harpies (summoned by Stormy after being granted greater powers by Valtor and also trying to impress him). The harpies are dealt with and the Winx have an audience with the Sage, who tells them to gather the Black Willow's tears and use it on the Faragonda tree. The reason the Black Willow's tears can reverse time is because its tears are from her sad memories of her now deceased sister. The tears must be collected in a goblet.

With this information, the Winx head to Black Willow's home - the Water Stairway. Miele wanted to join but being overprotective, Flora has her stay behind because she finds it too dangerous for her.

Miele protects Flora.

Upon arrival, the girls are taken by Stairway's beauty but they also forgot how to retreive the tears. Miele, having secretly followed them, reminds them they need to collect it with a goblet. Stella takes of it; using sun magic on a rock transforms it into a goblet. She carefully gathers the tears but loses balance from a magic blast. The Trix had been spying on them with their main goal to impress Valtor and prevent the Winx from freeing Faragonda.

Flora earns her Enchantix.

They do battle while Stella gathers more tears only for Stormy to knock the goblet out of her hands, shattering it in the process. The fight leads to Miele shielding Flora from the Trix's convergence attack, causing her to plunge into the now polluted river of tears. Furious, Flora summons venus gobblers on the Trix and are entirely engulfed by them. Meanwhile, without hesitation, Flora dives into the river to save Miele; she uses a magic bubble to safely bring her to the surface after telling her she loves her. Flora starts to drown. The Trix are pleased with this but Miele is heartbroken and starts to cry. This reminds the Willow of her own sister and although the polluation had injured it, the Willow sheds a tear which heals the river.

The Black Willow punishes the Trix.

For her honorable sacrifice, Flora earns her Enchantix and safely returns to the surface, reuniting with her sister and friends. She heals the Black Willow with her Fairy Dust. With its strength back, the Black Willow punishes the Trix by throwing them into the water, turning them into pre-teens. The pre-teen Trix's powers are completely nullified due to their young age and when threatened with a timeout, they flee in a panic making the girls laugh. The tears are recollected this time and used to free Faragonda.

Season 5

"Carnivorous. They'll... eat you."

The third riddle: "Find the Flower of the Depths. It answers only to courage." directs the Winx to Linphea's Ocean of Flowers. Tritannus arrives first and steals Desiryee's, Keeper of Linphea's Ocean Gate, powers. Now, he access to this realm's ocean gate and heads for the Ocean of Flowers while Desiryee weakly floats about. She does manage to enter through the gate but collapses from exhaustion. Tritannus then infects the Flower of the Depths with his pollution powers.

The two bond.

Despite Stella's terrible driving skills, she, Flora and Musa arrive safely above the deepest part of the Ocean of Flowers. Flora believes this is where they will find the Flower of the Depths but she does warn her friends to be extremely careful as the underwater plants can be wild. Stella finds it unbelievable that these plants can be dangerous until Flora tells them that they are carnivorous and will. Eat. Them. Musa and Stella gasp but will now proceed with caution.

The Flower of the Depths is healed.

The three transform and enter the ocean. They are approached by Illiris and Sonna who informs them that Desiryee's powers have been stolen and she needs help. Musa uses her sonic powers to locate her. Flora then bonds with Desiryee and restores her powers and strength. Desiryee then leads them to the Flower of the Depths but when they do, the Flower starts attacking them because of its mutation.

Flora's Sirenix Guardian tells them the Sirenix Book will give them the final clue.

Flora heals it and the flower returns to its calm self. It sways its petals but the girls have no idea what it is trying to say. Flora asks her Sirenix Guardian to translate. The Guardian happily obliges and tells them the Flower is very proud of them and grants them the right to attain the final gem, the Gem of Courage. Then the Guardian disappears before she finishes translating... The girls are baffled but the Guardian quickly returns, she apologizes and explains she was just too excited. She finishes the Flower's translation: they will have one more test to pass and the Sirenix Book will reveal the final clue. The girls rejoice as they are almost done and head back home.

Season 6

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Season 7

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Season 8

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Season 5

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In Fairy Insider, Flora called Linphea as an "All Green Fairyland" and said they love all seasons, each bringing new flowers, plants and fruits.


  • Linphea is a variation of the Italian word Linfa, which means plant sap.
  • In the movie Magical Adventure, Flora declares herself to be the princess of Linphea, but this is later written out following the debut of Princess Krystal in Season 5.
    • It could be possible that Flora was lying to get past the guards stationed outside the royal palace of Domino and see Bloom with the rest of the Winx, or it could have been an oversight in the script writers.
  • Currently, Linphea is the only realm to make the most appearances in the World of Winx Comic Series.
  • Although the name, 'The Fifth Moon of Marigold' was used in promotional and supplementary material for the 4Kids dub, it was never used in the show. The only time the realm was named, the name 'Linphea' was used, making it one of the planets that kept its original name in the 4kids dub; the others being Solaria, Eraklyon, and Magix.