Linphea is a realm of closely connected to its nature, which shows through the abundance of magical plant and animal life it has over other realms in the Magic Dimension. The inhabitants of Linphea live their lives maintaining a close connection with the nature around them to preserve its beauty and show their respect.

Linphea is also known for being fashion-forward as mentioned by both Flora and Stella throughout the series.


From what can be seen in the series, the people of Linphea are very connected to nature and live high up within the trees. Due to living up so high, the people of Linphea seem to lack fear of intense heights as displayed by Flora in the episode "The Black Willow's Tears," who skips across a thin, shaky, woven bridge of vines and flowers with ease.

There also exists a Council of Ancients on Linphea, and Linphea holds a monarchy like a majority of the realms in the Magic Dimension, however, currently it is unknown whether the Council of Ancients are just representatives of Linphea or if they even have the power to make choices.

The Queen of Linphea and Princess Krystal.

By Season 5, Princess Krystal, as well as her mother, Queen Rachel, are finally introduced and are seen at the Domino Royal Palace once it comes time to discuss over methods of defeating Tritannus when he begins to wreak significant havoc that could doom all the realms. Throughout this ordeal, any possible King of Linphea was not seen, which could point to two possibilities: either Krystal's father and Rachel's husband had passed on beforehand and Rachel appeared in his stead, or Linphea holds a matriarchal government, meaning that women are the ones who rule and hold most of the power.


Linphea is notable for having giant ladybugs which people often use for transportation. The oceans of Linphea contain some fish as well as the Bollabies and there lies an Ocean Gate connecting Linphea to Andros that is guarded by a Selkie named Desiryee.


Linphea is home to many flowers and plants that can also be found on other planets. The people of Linphea often use some of the plants for traveling, casting spells and creating potions among other things within their daily routine. One of the most notable plants is the Black Willow, which can turn back time if someone touches the water it produces. Its magic also makes the waterfall located outside its cave run upwards.

In the oceans of Linphea resides the Flower of the Depths, which holds the answers to the Gem of Courage: one-third of the Sirenix Quest that all fairies seeking to achieve Sirenix must go through. According to Desiryee, the ocean plants become increasingly wilder and more ferocious the deeper one dives down.



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#110: The Magical Valley of Linphea

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