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Linsay is a witch who attends Cloud Tower.


Linsay has fair skin, and green eye's. She has blonde hair that is shaved at the sides, but still has a long straight back and a punk like style in the front with pink dyed ends. She wears a black choker with silver spikes. She also has on a black vest and a red t-shirt on. She wears black high boots, a short purple skirt that's ripped up along the bottom, a dark purple belt, black fingerless wrist high gloves, and a purple bracelet on.  


She can be very reckless and uses her powers to do so. She cares a lot for her friend Mifty, and is showed to be worried when Mifty looks uncertain, or down. She's not a fan of the Winx, but when Griffin scolds her for not being helpful to the winx girls she pouts and gives the Winx important information. She also a huge fun lover which usually is the reason why she's so reckless.


Season 7

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