The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Domino Suit
Her jumpsuit is a light green all over, with two dark green patches over the front and shoulders. She is seen wearing a helmet with it at some points.
Domino Gown
Her gown is a spring green floor-length dress, under a darker green bodice that is sprinkled with dark blue flowers. Her hair is pulled back into pigtails, similar to her Enchantix form.

Magical Adventure

Aisha's explorer attire is a dark blue/green tank top, covered by an off the shoulder sky blue shirt. Her shorts are green with a dark blue belt, and her arms have a dark blue lacing on them. Her hair is tied back into low puffy pigtails with green bands.
Magical Adventure Gown
Aisha's Magical Adventure gown is lime green with a very pale pink corset. The dress has layers at the bottom that alternate green and pale pink. She also wears translucent elbow-length gloves.

The Mystery of the Abyss

Glam Rock
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She has a pink jacket with green trim over a light blue shirt. She has purple pants with a green scarf tied around her waist. Her boots are pink with green ties and fluffy white cuffs. She also wears a purple headband.
Rock Climbing
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She has a long blue denim dress with green pockets and a belt, both of which have leopard print. She also has green leopard print knee-length boots with blue trim. Her hair is in a high ponytail. She has bracelets and green hoop earrings.
She wears an electric green dress with a pinkish flowery skirt. She has sparkly tights and green skates. She also has wrist-length green gloves. Her hair is in two buns similar to her Enchantix outfit.
Power Show
Her first power show outfit is a cropped light green t-shirt and matching short shorts, and pink legwarmers. Her second outfit is a yellow polka dot crop top and pink sweatpants with yellow stripes.
Aisha's mermaid form has a light green tail, with a pink ruffly belt and ruffly fins. Her top is a spring green strapless bikini top with pink ruffles. Her arms are covered in green fishnets up to her elbows, and she has wings similar to her Winx ones. She wears a sparkly headband, with strands of her hair braided throughout.
Fashion & Style
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