The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Domino Suit
Bloom's Domino Suit is a turquoise jumpsuit.
Domino Gown
The gown she is shown wearing at the end of the movie is dark blue at the top, a lighter blue at the bottom, and a frilly white skirting around the bottom of the dress, she wears light blue gloves that are just below her elbows,she also wears a small tiara on her head, she also wears a dark blue choker, with a small light blue heart with it.

Magical Adventure

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Adventure Outfit
Bloom wears a yellow shirt with a light pink jacket that ties in the front. She has a blue scarf and blue pants along with pink, arm gloves. Bloom wears pink boots and her hair is in a braid.
Bloom wears a blue, riding coat with hearts that are attached to the side, pink gloves, and navy blue, knee boots. Bloom's hair is in a braid.
Bloom wears a blue dress that has purple lace on the skirt. She wears blue and purple bands on her upper arms and light blue gloves. Her hair tied back in a half-ponytail, with three small beads in her hair, and small blue rose's on the top, gloves and the bands.

Mystery of the Abyss

Glam Rock
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Bloom's Gardenia snow outfit is a pale blue long sleeved shirt. She wears green leggings under a brown miniskirt. She also wears a pink hat and brown knee length boots.
In her Hallowinx outfit Bloom wears a short spaghetti strap blue dress with black tights, turquoise socks, and black boots with light blue accents and laces. She wears a blue and black choker, dangle earrings with a pink at the end, and a short blue arm warmer on one arm and a black one one the other. Her hair has blue highlights and is up in pigtails. Her wings are blue.
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Princess Magic
This dress is a sparkly sky blue/green blue dress with a sleeve over one shoulder and sky blue/pale blue ruffles coming out. The dress splits at a side/the front of her waist reveling a pale blue fabric underneath; there is a bow that goes around the dress where the split begins. Bloom wears a long-sleeved aqua top with yellow and pink trim. She also wears aqua pants tall yellow boots with pink heels, pink gloves, a pink scarf, and a yellow hat.
Music Band
Bloom wears a shot sequenced blue dress with a pink and pale blue ruffles at the bottom. She has fluffy white-blue sleeves that connect behind her head. She wears pink boots.
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