Season 1

Darcy's civilian attire consists of a lilac-colored top with a purple ring-like pattern that bares her midriff and is attached to a purple choker she wears around her neck, purple bell-bottoms with a small split above her ankles that exposes a lighter-colored lilac area, and black heels with pointed toes. She also wears a small pair of yellow glasses, but it is unknown whether she wears them to correct her vision or as an accessory.
Stella Disguise
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As the real Stella had been kidnapped and held hostage by her sisters, Darcy disguised herself as the Solarian princess in her usual civilian attire.

While sneaking into a race, Darcy wears a white one-piece tracksuit with navy blue accents similar to that of a Specialist uniform. She also wore a purple pointed helmet with a white backside.

Season 2

Fortress of Light Prisoner
Throughout the Trix's imprisonment and supposed rehabilitation in the Fortress of Light, Darcy wore a white robe with several blue buttons and a navy blue belt around her waist, as well as navy blue metal shoes and a glowing lime green headband. She also retains the makeup she usually gains upon transforming into her Witch form.
Cloud Tower Freshman Disguise
While sneaking into an event held at Red Fountain to stake the school out, Darcy disguised herself as a Cloud Tower witch. Her disguise consisted of a purple long-sleeved blazer with high shoulders that exposed her midriff, a matching purple miniskirt, and greyish-blue leather boots. Silky fingerless gloves that were lavender in color were worn over her hands as she carried a greyish-blue clutch purse. Her hair has also been changed from its usual green-tinted brown to teal and is held up in an updo by a big silver pin with a purple diamond at the front. She also wears glasses with gold lenses and purple frame.
Gypsy Disguise
While trying to trick Jared, a Specialist-in-training, to do her bidding, Darcy wears an outfit consisting of a red shawl worn over a pale blue ruffled blouse that bears her midriff, a long brown skirt and sandals. She also wore an abundance of jewelry, from the small headband with a diamond hanging at the center to her large hoop earrings to various gold necklaces, bracelets and belts. Her makeup also consisted of lilac-colored eyeshadow with some covering her cheeks at the sides of her face and bold red lipstick, while her hair was pinned up more slightly, as it now flowed down to her buttocks rather than to the backs of her knees.

Season 3

Wolf Disguise
While disguised as a wolf with her sisters, Darcy appears as one with completely red eyes and yellow, almost olive-colored fur. Her tail, much like her hair, is straight and wavy.
Preteen Civilian
As a preteen (around 11 to 14 years old), Darcy wore a pale pink top with most of it tied up to bare her midriff, a small purple necklace, a purple skirt that went past her knees with a blue fanny-pack around her waist and boots. She also wore large round glasses with a lilac-colored frame and gold lenses, and her hair was in a short bob-cut with straight bangs and a notable absence of her lighter-colored hairs.

Season 6

Lorie Disguise
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After the Trix transform three Alfea freshmen into frogs to take their place, Darcy disguises herself as Lorie in her everyday attire.

Ariadne (Legendarium)}

}While assuming the role of Ariadne, Goddess of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, Darcy wears a violet dress with various bands wrapped around her body and knee-high purple sandals. A large gold bracelet rests around her right forearm while a thin armlet wraps around the bicep of her left arm. Her bangs also became much shorter as the rest of her hair was tied up into a curly ponytail by a large purple hairband. Curved, purple lines also rest on her forehead just above her eyebrows as a tattoo and, when she initially appears, she wears a stark white theatre mask with thick purple borders around the eyes.

Season 8

Witch Disguise
She has long dark green hair, with light green bangs. She has grey eye's and dark pink lips, she has on a white t-shirt with a cat print on it. She has on pale blue sparkly ripped up jeans, and she has black boots on with light purple straps.
Main article: MieleIn order to get the fourth prime star, Darcy takes on the appearance of Flora's younger sister, Miele.
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