Winx Club

Darcy's Witch outfit is a sleeveless dark purple bodysuit with Capri-style pants. She also wears light purple gloves, dark purple ankle boots with pointed toes and small openings at the each side, and a lilac-colored choker covered in dark purple jewels. Under the choker lies a strap that flows down the middle of the bodysuit, where it forms a "D" at her midsection before forming into her belt.

To match with the rest of her outfit, Darcy gains dark purple eyeshadow, with bits of it on her cheeks around the bottom corners of her eyes.

Darcy's Gloomix consists of a glowing purple arm-piece that swirls around her left arm, ending in a purple diamond that rests at the middle of the back of her hand. It replaces her left glove entirely.
Her Disenchantix attire consists of a dark blue, almost black two piece that resembles a bikini with lavender trim, and matching near-black segmented boots with a lavender rim. Various straps appear around her left and right biceps and right thigh; the straps around her right bicep being ones that hold up a long lavender-colored fabric that flows down to her feet even with her arm raised at its highest. A matching lavender-colored shawl flows down from her right hip and over her left thigh, while a flat, near-black shoulder-pad can also be seen resting on her right shoulder.

While retaining her dark purple eyeshadow, Darcy gains light purple facial makeup that completely covers her cheeks and the area between her eyes and eyebrows. A small lavender-colored tiara also rests at the crest of her forehead just above her bangs.

Super Trix
While possessed by Lysslis, Darcy's dark purple Witch outfit turns red and ragged as she gains a large red mask. Her skin also turns green and her nose is elongated.
Dark Sirenix
Darcy's Dark Sirenix attire is made up of a deep-purple bathing suit with various oddly shaped openings that either show off bare skin or a mesh of scales that are a lighter shade of purple. At her feet, the bathing suit forms into heels with spurs that resemble fins. Bits of deep-purple also surround her face, sticking to her cheeks and curling down on her forehead just above her eyebrows. Numerous deep-purple tentacles (usually up to 8) jut out from her back and wriggle around.

For her makeup, she wears her signature purple eyeshadow and near-black lipstick.

Dark Witch
Darcy's Dark Witch outfit consists of a purple tunic-like top with openings on her shoulders and large sleeves that open up at the elbow and flow down to her feet (revealing a lavender underside), a deep-purple plate of armor that covers her chest and forms into a belt over lavender-colored section of her top, baggy purple trousers and deep-purple ankle-high boots.

Her hair is now held up high in a ponytail by a purple tube-like hairpiece while her light brown bangs hang down in the front. She also gains dark purple facial makeup that is spread around her eyes with edges that resemble flames.

Shape-Shifting Witch
Upon fusing with Kemmy and absorbing Wild Magic straight from its source, Darcy gains purple feather-like scales all over her neck, torso, waist and arms with jagged, olive-colored markings that converge at the purple diamond-shaped gem located at the center of her waist just above her legs. Speaking of her legs, they are now covered in darker purple scales covered in olive markings, while her feet have become more reptilian with three-pointed clawed toes. She also gains a curled tail that matches the color and pattern of her legs with small spikes that align at the base.

Darcy's hair has also grown as it now flows down to her clawed feet despite being tied up in a high ponytail by a pale yellow spiked hairband as her lighter colored bangs, which are now curlier instead of jagged, rest along the sides of her face. Her hair (excluding her bangs) has also gained purple streaks and another purple diamond-shaped gem rests at the crown of her head.

Dark purple markings also appear around the edges of her face and eyes as she dons on matching dark purple lipstick and eyeshadow. Small purple horns can also be seen poking out from the far ends of Darcy's forehead.

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