Winx Club

Meeting Dance Formal
The outfit Flora wears to the Traditional Meeting Dance consists of a bright green multi-layered dress covered in leaves and red flower patterns with one real red flower resting at her right hip. Some of the leaves also act as an under-the-shoulder strap for her right shoulder, as the rest are located at the hems of the layers toward the bottom. Her shoes and hair remain the same as what she usually wears in her civilian attire, with the addition of a purple five-petaled flower that she wears in her hair.
Physical Training Uniform
While out for physical training, Flora wears a yellow jumpsuit, a small orange hoodie, matching orange legwarmers and shoes. The jumpsuit and hoodie both have a singular green stripe that runs down the sides.
Exploratory Uniform
When out exploring the Black Mud Swamp, Flora wears a short-sleeved pale green jacket over a mossy green top with matching shorts bound by an even paler green belt. She also wears folded knee-high socks that are the same color as her belt and the folds of her shorts and brown combat boots.
Flora's pajamas consist of a pink long-sleeved nightgown.
Various Casual Outfits
The first outfit that Flora wears casually (aside from her usual civilian attire) is one that consists of a light pink long-sleeved blouse, a darker pink skirt and strapped sandals that are the same shade as her blouse. She wears this in Issue 8.

The second outfit is first seen in Issue 10 and consists of a plain yellow top with a single strap going over her right shoulder, two pairs of bangle bracelets on each of her wrists and a pink dress-like skirt with flowers outlined in a darker shade adorned it as a pattern. Her shoes are constantly obscured whenever this outfit is worn.

The third outfit is seen in Issue 11 and consists of a yellowish-green short-sleeved top similar to the one she wears with her usual civilian attire, pink sweatpants with a vine-like pattern at the ends and pink sandals.

The fourth outfit is seen in the beginning of Issue 13 and resembles much of the second outfit as it consists of a bright yellow top that seems to be kept up by a knot tied over her right shoulder with a thin strap running over the left one, as well as a wavy pink, knee-length skirt and matching pink heels with straps that run up most of her lower legs. For accessories, Flora retains her usual hoop earrings and wears a pair of bangles on each wrist.

The first pair of pajamas that Flora is seen in is in Issue 18, which consists of a shoulderless long-sleeved shirt and pants; both of with are light blue in color with darker blue polkadots and frilled trimmings.

The second pair of pajamas Flora wears consists of a big shoulderless pink blouse with short sleeves with bright green frilly trimmings and matching pink shorts with green trim. This is worn in Issue 30.

Lastly, the third pair of pajamas Flora can be seen wearing is in Issue 32, which consists of a bright green short-sleeved button-up blouse with fluffy pink trimmings and a matching pink ribbon located at the waist that is often tied to keep the blouse closed.

Retrieval Mission Outfit
During the Shaab Stone Retrieval Mission, Flora wears a small yellow sleeveless vest with two large pockets on her chest, pink cargo shorts bound by a darker pink belt and short pink boots.
Café Date
Whenever she is out for a casual date at a café (namely the White Horse), Flora will wear a small pink short-sleeved top, a light blue miniskirt and pink pumps.
Her casual attire consists of a yellowish-green short-sleeved top with a light pink collar, blue capri jeans and short pink boots.
Flora's civilian outfit consists of a light green top with long blue sleeves and lighter blue flower patterns. The sleeves each have light green cuffs while the collar and lower hem of the top are pink. Her skirt matches her top; being light green with a light blue floral pattern and a blue lower half, all while the whole skirt is held to Flora's waist by a pink ribbon. She also wears thigh-high socks that are light green with the same light blue floral pattern and pink hems along with what appear to be dark blue rain boots; each of which have two pink stripes that run across the tops of the boots and the middle of Flora's foot. Two pink ribbons can also be found on the left side of each boot. 

Civilian #1

The civilian outfit that Flora is more commonly seen in consists of a light blue vest with the collar flared, two large pockets—one on each side of her chest—and long pink sleeves with the cuffs folded and held down by two pairs of buttons. Below the top hangs a pink accessory in the shape of a flower with four petals and the way in which it dangles varies from issue to issue. She also wears light blue shorts bound by a dark pink belt, pink leggings with a darker pink floral pattern either laid out all over or only over the outer sides of her thighs, and light green knee-high boots.

Civilian #2
Her other civilian outfit consists of a yellow dress with short sleeves and a pattern made up of small red flowers. There is an opening that allows for her upper chest to be visible, as the chest area and lower hem of the dress are pink in color. Her shoes are almost never seen as her feet are always obscured whenever this outfit is worn.
Medieval Simulation
While living in a medieval kingdom simulated by the Simulation Room's main computer, Flora wears a long blue dress with short sleeves. The ends of the sleeves as well as the belt around her waist are pink as the midsection of the lower part of the dress is a bright lime green. Additionally, the midsection of the torso is a shade of orange or tan that matches Flora's skin tone. She also wears a fuschia-colored cloak over her shoulders.
While vacationing in the resort realm of Holimagix, one of the outfits Flora wears consists of a blue dress with two pink stripes; one that runs just under her waist and the other that runs across the dress' skirt. She also can be seen wearing pink sandals.

Another one of her outfits consists of a bright yellowish-green top with straps that dangle off her shoulders and a pink miniskirt.


The first of Flora's swimsuits is a sky blue two-piece; the bottom of which looks more like a miniskirt.

The second of Flora's swimsuits is a simple light green two-piece.

The third of Flora's swimsuits which she wears in Issue 49 consists of a pink two-piece with a small blue floral pattern.

Heavy Weather Coat
While out traveling to Dark Lake Academy in the storm-riddled realm of Serenia, Flora wears a large pink coat with large bits of fluff adorning the collar, the hems of the sleeves and the bottommost hem. A large green stripe runs down the coat vertically from the collar to the bottommost hem of the coat as a darker pink belt wraps around Flora's waist to keep the coat firmly secured to her figure. She can also be seen wearing pink flats.
Thordal Attire
During her stay in the Kingdom of Thordal, Flora wears a lime green dress with short sleeves. Both the torso and bottom-half of the dress are cut off into three sections; the middle of which are a darker shade of green and pink respectively. She also wears a lime green belt with a gold diamond-shaped buckle around her waist, as well as a light blue cloak over her shoulders that trails behind her like a cape. The inside of her cloak is also pink. The dress is also so long that her shoes are constantly obscured.
Altaduna Attire
While traversing the hot desert climate of Altaduna, Flora wears a red tank top with straps that hang past her shoulders, bright green shorts bound by a sky blue belt and orange boots. She also carries purple backpack for most of the trip.
Business Casual
Flora's business casual attire consists of a bright yellow-green top with medium-length sleeves that end with pink ruffles. The bottommost hem of the top also ends with pink ruffles and shows off a bit of her midriff. She also wears a small pink scarf around her neck over the top. Additionally, she wears a pink plaid skirt over bright yellow-green tights patterned in small green dots, and pink knee-high boots whose toe section and heel are green in color.
Flora's nightgown is short and green with pink accents and buttons. The slippers she wears are also pink.

Flora's swimsuit consists of a simple yellow two-piece bikini.
Ski Wear
While out skiing down the snowy slopes of the White Mountain Realm, Flora wears a pink snowsuit with a dark pink collar and zipper, and big yellow flower or leaf-shaped patterns adorning the right side of the suit that extend to the outer sides of her legs. She also wears mittens and boots that are dark pink in color—the boots also having yellow fluff at their tops—and a yellow knit cap with a dark pink puff ball at the tip.
The first pair of pajamas Flora is seen in is in Issue 66, which consists of a lime green nightgown with puffy short sleeves, a pink collar and small pink flowers patterned all over.

The second pair of pajamas Flora wears is in Issue 85, which consists of a soft green-colored tank top and shorts; both of which have a light pink trim and yellow floral pattern.

The third pair of pajamas Flora wears is in Issue 103, which consists of a soft green long-sleeved blouse with a folded collar and pink floral pattern. Whatever she wears below the waist is unknown as only her torso is shown when wearing it.

Flora's civilian attire consists of a light pink spaghetti-strap top with light green ruffles, a light green skirt with light pink accents over short pink leggings that end in a green stripe and green sandals. She also wears puffy pink arm-warmers bound by thin green bracelets.

When seen again in Issue 74, more details are added, like how the chest area of the top is a darker shade of pink compared to the rest of the top, the skirt is now puffy shorts, a small green butterfly appears at the very ends of the outer sides of her dark pink leggings, and how her shoes are now normal pink flats instead of green sandals.

Holiday Beach
While vacationing in Holiday Beach, Flora wears an outfit that consist of a strapless pink dress bound by a yellow belt with a square buckle and pink sandals with heels. The outer sides of the dress are a much lighter shade of pink and have a red polkadot pattern. She also carried around a green handbag.
Scuba Diving Suit
The suit Flora wears to go scuba diving is light purple in color with accents that are slightly darker in color and have a green floral pattern.
Flora's Hallowinx outfit consists of light pinkish-purple dress with with black crossed straps (each having tiny bat accessories at the cross-sections), a black choker with a small pink flower hanging off the bottom and multiple black stripes adorning the puffier sections of the dress. A black ribbon is worn around her waist and tied into a bow. She also wears black stockings with pinkish-purple ruffles and matching pinkish-purple knee-high boots with black heels that are held to her legs with many black ribbons. She also wears two asymmetrical black gloves; the one on her left arm being at shoulder-length as it opens out on her wrist and the one on her right arm being more like an elongated bracelet with pinkish-purple laces, some of which hang off of and flow from it whenever that arm is moved. Additionally, Flora wears a black headband with a purple floral accessory, fake pink fairy wings with a black diamond-like pattern that runs across them almost horizontally, and has multiple streaks of hair dyed pink; most prominently, her bangs. Lastly, for make-up, Flora wears pink eyeshadow and lipstick, and can sometimes be seen with a small black star-like pattern on her right cheek just under her right eye.
Stalax Resort Wear
During her vacation with the Winx on the realm of Stalax, Flora wears a pink jacket with a green stripe running down the middle vertically and pale pink fluff adorning the bottom end of the jacket and the ends of the sleeves. She also wears lilac-colored pants or tights, bright green knee-high snow boots, pale pink gloves and a light green hat that has a pale pink floral pattern and matching pale pink puff that pokes out from the top.

Custom Soccer Uniform
While engaged in a friendly soccer match between the Alfea Fairies and Cloud Tower Witches, Flora wears a custom-made uniform by Stella, which consists of a pink-and-green striped shirt with short sleeves (each with a black line running just over the hem) and the number "10" printed in black on the front, black sports shorts with lime green ends and a green knot, pink knee-high socks with lime green stripes, and black-and-white checkered sports sneakers with pink soles and lime green laces.

Her hair is also tied into two low pigtails and, as the goalie for Alfea's team, she wears a pair of black goalie gloves.

Andros Mermaid Ball
While attending a ball on Andros, Flora wears a soft green ballgown with seafoam green accents. She wears a dark purple ribbon around her waist that allows for the torso of the dress to fan out over the larger lower half. Below that lies a split in the ballgown that reveals the lilac-colored midsection. Flora also wears long seafoam green gloves with small ribbons tied around her wrists, a small soft green-colored choker around her neck, and a purple rose in her hair, which is slightly done up as four long honey-blonde strands of hair jut out to frame her face.

Gardening Apron
The apron Flora can be seen wearing over her civilian attire while doing a bit of gardening on the cover of Issue 180 is a simple white one with a single large pocket as the center, which has a pink border at its opening and a simple pink flower in the middle.

World of Winx

Flora's picnic outfit consists of a bright green short-sleeved top covered in a pattern made up of butterflies and flowers worn over a pink tank top and matching bright green shorts with the same butterfly/flower pattern and pink stripes. Most of her hair is combed back and tied into one large braid.
Linphean Water Sports
While participating in the acrobatics competition on Linphea, Flora wears a pink one-piece swimsuit with green trim that wraps around the areas right below her chest and around her thighs. Her hair is also combed back and tied into a large braid.
Halloween Poster
In a poster promoting a Halloween party, Flora can be seen wearing a sand-colored top with her hair tied into a ponytail.
Halloween Pirate
From top to bottom, Flora's Halloween costume consists of a big green pirate hat with gold trim, a matching green coat with a midnight blue-colored collar and large midnight blue-colored, skull-shaped button worn over a short purple dress with a midnight blue-colored belt worn around her waist, midnight blue tights that become green just under her knees and open, midnight blue-colored knee-high boots bound by grey laces with gold buttons, soles and heels.
New Year's Party
While attending a New Year's Party, Flora wears a sleeveless pink multi-layered dress with two thin green straps that wrap around her right shoulder, and a short skirt that ends in fuschia-colored frills. She also wears green strap-heels, small pink earrings, and has her hair in an updo.
While acting as a dogsitter, Flora wears dark blue overalls that end in a miniskirt over a bright green, long-sleeved shirt with small blue flowers dotting the shirt all over, and pink cuffs and collar. Her overalls are also bound to her waist by a small pink belt, and she also wears sky blue socks with pink flats.
While out gardening, Flora wears a white, short-sleeved shirt under a pair of overalls that end in shorts and have one big pocket on the chest area. A slim pink belt runs along Flora's waist, and she also wears light pink sneakers.

Retro Chic
Flora's Retro Chic outfit consists of a soft pink dress covered in small purple flowers and leaves, and purple heels bound to her feet by thin straps. She also wears large red hoop-earrings.
Flora's swimsuit consists of a pink two-piece with gold trim. The pink portions of the top piece have her, Bloom and Stella's faces printed on it (the three of them being in their Dreamix), while the bottom piece is covered in stars and hearts. She also wears pink sunglasses on her forehead and her hair is tied into one large braid.
Ice Princess
Flora's Ice Princess attire consists of a pale blue top with puffy, ruffled short sleeves that are disconnected from the top, and what appears to be white-and-purple striped short shorts. Her accessories consist of an icy blue bracelet worn around her left wrist, a pair of snowflake earrings with 2 snowflakes each, and dark purple crystal-like hairclips. Her hair, while done up into a ponytail topped with a bun, also has purple highlights dyed into it.

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