Domino Suit
Flora's Domino Suit is a light pink jumpsuit.
Domino Gown
Flora wears a light pink dress with a flower belt that goes over her shoulders. She wears light pink gloves and she wears a crown in her hair and her hair is in her Enchantix form
Magical Adventure
Flora wears a purple sweater shirt with a green tank-top on over it. She also wears purple wrist-bands and purple pants.
Magical Adventure Gown
Flora wears a strapless dress. The top layer of the dress is dark pink and the other layers are light pink.
Glam Rock
She wears pale purple leggings, black boot heels with a pale purple heel, a pale green strapless dress that has a black line going down it, and she has a pale brown necklace on.


Her snow outfit consists of a light pink long sleeved top, under a green sleeveless dress with pink pockets, buttons. She wears light pink socks with dark pink patterns. Her shoes are light blue with pink laces.
Her dress is pink with a green sash and a headband. Her skates are hot pink and she also wears pink tights.
Power Show
In her first power show outfit, Flora wears a dark pink dress and dark pink ribbons on her arms. She also wears pink ballet slippers. She has a green and pink fan. She also has a flower tied in her neck. In her second power-show outfit, she wears a purple long-legged leotard and pink shorts. She also wears pink slippers and she has a pink flower in her hair.
Fashion & Style
She wears pale purple leggings, More Coming Soon...
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