Little is known of Saurodonts due to how the only shot of one is of its remains but, from that shot, it can inferred that they are large reptile-like creatures that possessed a lot of natural strength similar to dinosaurs.

Swamp Monster

The Swamp Monster (5)

Despite its name, the Swamp Monster is not native to any swamp it is found in. According to Codatorta, it is a monster that escaped the realm of nightmares and sought refuge in nearby swamps due to their unfavorable environment. The Swamp Monster that the Specialists find in the Black Mud Swamp appears as a giant amorphous creature made from swamp mud with two sets of sharp black eyes and many limbs. Due to its body being made of swamp mud, the Swamp Monster can reform any lost limbs or other body parts, but it can be defeated through having its body washed away by an overabundance of water.

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