The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Domino Suit
Her suit is mostly magenta with diamond shaped black spots on her chest. Musa's hair is in ponytails and her front bangs are across her forehead.
Domino Gown
Musa's Domino gown in a red sleeveless gown with gold trim on the skirt part. There are several yellow layers underneath. She has a red bracelet and matching hair accessories. She wears her hair loose with two small pigtails.

Magical Adventure

Magical Adventure
Her Magical Adventure outfit consists of red overalls with one strap off and a blue belt, a light pink shirt with blue trim underneath, and a purple armband on her left arm. On her right arm is a blue glove with a string tied around. She has blue flats with purple legwarmers on her feet.
Magical Adventure Gown
Her gown is mostly magenta and off one shoulder, with a wide gold ruffle along the top. It is layered similar to a flower's petals, from magenta to hot pink to orange. She also has two gold strings around her waist.

The Mystery of the Abyss

Glam Rock


This outfit consists of 2 bluish-purplish pigtails with hair hanging down in the back, pink and white headphones set on top of her head, some jewelry, a whitish bluish top, a reddish orange mermaid tail, and some white beads in her hair. Musa also has her Winx wings.
Musa's winter outfit is a pair of short red overalls, with a short-sleeved light purple sweater under it. On her arms, she wears light blue detached fingerless gloves that are decorated with darker blue snowflakes. Under the overall shorts, she wears purple, green, soft green, and light pink striped tights with red boots. Her hair is pulled back into two braided buns on each side of her head. She also wears a stocking cap with the same pattern as her tights.
Musa wears a pink midriff top with patterned blue snowflakes and held by one polka dotted strap on a shoulder and a beaded strap on the other. She also wears a short red, blue, pink and purple ruffly sheer skirt a pair of pink pantyhose with glitter on them and a pair of translucent pink gloves. She wears a pair of pink skating shoes and her hair is in a long ponytail.
Power Show
Her Power Show Outfit is a pair of purple sweat pants with turquoise stripes on the side and a turquoise tank top with a purple oval on the chest area.
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