Season 3

He wears a purple turtle neck shirt, elbow-length sleeves that is decorated with yellow stripes. The shirt actually extends further down to the knee, outlined with thick, yellow lines and is split open on both sides. He has a thick red cloth tied onto his waist, purple sweats, and white shoes. This outfit also serves as his wizard outfit. This outfit bears a close resemblance to traditional Chinese clothing but lacked the silky designs.
He wears a long sleeve black top, dark blue pants with straps, white shoes, and his hair is in a bun.
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Season 4

He wears a white shirt inside and a purple and dark blue shirt with buttons, beige pants and white sneakers. His hair is cut shorter (chest length) and is braided into two tails.
Frutti Music Bar Uniform
He has a purple button up shirt on, that covers a bit of his neck, he has a dark red apron on, white shorts with pale purple lines, and light purple shoes.
Date Night
He wears a dark purple jacket and pants, a light purple shirt, and has dark brown shoes on.
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