Winx Club

Season 1 - 5, 8

Red Foutain
From Seasons 1 - 5, Riven wears a blue and white uniform with a blue cape. The gem on the cape clasp is dark red.

As of Season 8, his uniform is much more high-tech. He wears a skin tight dark purple bodysuit with light-gray thin inner-lines that mark the suit. His entire jaw, chin and ears are encased in the same material as his bodysuit which is connect to the neck. There are thicker, slightly transparent metal plates on his forearms, hips, smaller pieces centered on the side of his thighs and wrap around the area above his ankle. He wears silver gloves and on back of his hands are yellow, round gems. From the center of his chest is a round, yellow gem which is held in place by four thick, slightly transparent metal plates. These metal plates then wrap around to his back which is connect to an oval, silver jet pack that houses Riven's weapon of choice and transparent mechanical wings that allow flight, hyper-thrust, -frost and -charge. These hyper modes are activated by pressing the yellow gem, which flashes and beeps to signify the activation. The gem is also the source of all the suit's functions and must be repaired if damaged. His feet also has thick white soles.

As showcased by Nex, this new suit has an underwater mode. The overall appearance of the suit remains unchanged. However, the transparent metals on his forearms change to fins, gloves become webbed, back of the calves have smaller fins, and the area between his feet and sole extend into flippers. The encasement of the jaw, chin and ears sport a breathing apparatus which covers the entire face. The thin inner-linings glow a bright color as do the fins, flippers and webbed gloves. All aid in visual acuity and smoother, faster movement in the water.

Season 6

Linphea College
This outfit sports a cape and has more layers than the standard Red Fountain uniform particularly in the areas of the shoulders, chest, forearms and legs. It is mostly colored in shades of blue. The outfit's shoulder pads are extended further outward and have a magenta diamond-shaped gem on the center of his chest.
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