Season 1

Stella's outfit consists of a bright green halter top, an orange skirt with a thin golden belt adorned with matching gold medals, green sandals with orange suns just above her toes, and a lilac-colored headband. Additionally, she sometimes can be seen sporting a green bag with a yellow sunflower embroidered on it.
Civilian #2
Stella has a light green tank top with three yellow oval shaped circles on it. Her mini skirt is dark orange, and has a yellow brooch on top. She wears light green flip-flops on her feet, and a purple headband in her hair.
Civilian #3
Her third Civillian outfit is made up from a dark redish-orange, halter neck style, crop top and light green flowery shorts with a orange bow belt. Her shoes are dark green wedges with orange and yellow sunflowers on top. For her accessories, she wears a yellow bracelet on her ankle and her purple headband.
Princess of Solaria

Stella's princess outfit consists of a bright orange crop top and a maxi orange, two tier, skirt. On her head, she wears a silver blue tiara that is very much similar to the design of the Ring of Solaria. Turquoise wings, with sea green tips, protrude from her back.

In the Nickelodeon version, the dress is altered. It is now an orange halter top and skirt with blue ribbons on the shoulders and belly. She wears light blue high heels on her feet. The crown is turned into simple pale blue headband, and the wings are absent.

Dance Formal
Stella's formal dress is a dark orange, halter neck style, top with a jewel in the center. The dress also consists of a dark orange skirt and a pale orange under skirt underneath. Her headband is orange, but sometimes it can change to both blue and purple colors depending on the scene. She also wears light blue bracelets on her arms, and a light blue scarf on her neck. Her shoes are not visible.
Dance Casual
Her casual dance outfit is a pale white tank top with dark orange mid-length, capri style, trousers with pale orange frills on the end. For accessories, she wears a pink headband, a swirly orange and yellow bracelet, and a green belt with a yellow heart on it. Her shoes are dark green wedges with light green straps.
Stella's explorer outfit is exactly the same as the other Winx girls: a pale yellow jumpsuit with four pockets. She wears a lilac colored short sleeved top underneath. On her feet she has brown boots with pale yellow knee high socks. For accessories she wears a lilac headband, a short green scarf, and a brown belt. Sometimes you can see her wearing a brown hat too.
Stella wears a pale yellow nightgown with matching pale yellow pom-pom slipper wedges when going to sleep.
Miss Magix Preparation Dress #1
Stella wears a red-violet colored, backless, halter top that cuts just above her navel along with a light blue mini skirt. She wears lilac wedge sandals, a lilac belt, a blue cuff bracelet, and a blue headband for accessories.
Miss Magix Preparation Dress #2
Stella wears a midnight blue, single shoulder, mini dress with a pink brooch (attached with a dark blue sash) on the right strap. She wears matching midnight blue heels and a headband.
Miss Magix Preparation Dress #3
For her third outfit, she wears a short sleeved, mint green, top and a frilly, lilac colored, mini skirt. Over the top, she wears a light pink, halter neck, top with two zig zag straps attached at the bottom (quite similar to Stormy's civilian outfit). On her feet she wears lilac high heel wedges, and a lilac headband in her hair.
Miss Magix
Stella's Miss Magix outfit is a light pink, one piece, bodysuit with a transparent darker pink skirt on top. She wears a white brooch with the number six on it, and light pink high heels. Her hair is in a high ponytail, and it decorated with light purple ribbons.
Cowgirl (Miss Magix)
For her performance Stella wears a dark orange, short sleeved, jumper with a dark teal shirt on top. The shirt is tied up in the front, so it exposes her midriff. She also wears dark orange bell-bottoms with a brown belt on top. Her shoes are brown boots with white high heels. On her head she wears a purple headband and sometimes can be seen sporting a brown cowboy style hat.
For her date outfit Stella wears a baby blue, halter neck style, mini dress with a deep blue lining. She also wears a long sleeved, icy blue colored, top underneath. For her accessories, she wears silver heels, a lilac headband, and blue, yellow and red bracelets. 
Stella wears a fuchsia pink mini dress with mint green colored long sleeves and pink cuffs on the end. Her shoes are pale pink wedges with matching mint green pom-poms on them. She wears a purple headband in her hair. 
Domino Suit
Stella's Domino outfit consists of a dark teal jacket with a furry hood along with matching dark teal trousers. She wears knee high, dark black, boots on her feet. Stella also wears a small black belt, yellow googles, and small black gloves.

Season 2

For her camping outfit Stella wears a light pink midriff top with a orange, bikini style, top over it. Her shorts are orange, and her pink sweater is tied around her waist. On her feet, she wears light pink boots with orange heels and purple laces. Her hair accessory is a orange and light purple striped scarf.
Stella's swimsuit is a red one piece, with a yellow circle on the bottom left corner. She wears red flip flops, and a purple headband in her hair.
In her first outfit, Stella wears a dark red corset-style dress with dark purple lines at the hem of the skirt. She wears dark purple boots with matching dark purple gloves and headband.
Witch #2
For her second outfit, Stella has a short sleeved, red, crop top with a pale pink skull on it. She wears a crimson purple skirt with a grey belt across it, along with red, fishnet style, tights. For accessories, she has crimson purple boots, dark red arm sleeves, a grey bracelet, and a grey choker. Her hair is tied up in two pigtails with dark red hair ties.
Witch #3
For her third outfit, Stella has a dark blue, bra style, top on with matching dark blue, skinny jeans. She wears fuschia pink shoes with light purple heels. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with a pink spiky hair tie. Around her neck, Stella wears a spiky pink accessory. 
Back to School
Stella's back to school outfit is a light purple, halter neck style, top with a criss-cross on the front. She wears matching mid-length purple trousers and orange and yellow wedges. For her accessories, she has a red beaded bracelet, earrings, and a belt along with her purple headband.
Dance Formal
Stella's formal dance outfit consists of a pale yellow, halter neck style, dress top and a pale yellow skirt with dark yellow, zigzag, cuts in the material. The dress and skirt are attached together with a dark orange star brooch. Stella wears pale yellow boots on her feet and a pale yellow headband in her hair.


Stella's explorer outfit is exactly the same to both Bloom and Aisha's. It consists of a cream khaki, midriff, top and matching cream khaki shorts with pouches. She wears cream khaki boots on her feet. For accessories, Stella has a blue headband, and a purple scarf on.


Stella's explorer outfit significantly differs in the Nickelodeon version. She now wears a jade-greenish, strapless, jumpsuit with yellow lining on the top. She wears matching boots with light orange socks. She has a orange headband, and a orange scarf on, along with a white wristband.

Red Fountain Concert
Stella's Red Fountain Concert outfit is a pale blue, strapless, tube dress with a frilly skirt. Her shoes are purple heels, and she wears pale blue arm sleeves. Her accessories consist of a pink bow necklace, a purple headband, and a small red bracelet.
Gardenia Outfit
Her look is made up from a one shoulder, frilly, dark orange top with lots of ruffles and a blue star brooch near the shoulder. She wears mid-length, blue, jeans with orange ruffles on the end. For accessories, Stella has a orange circle belt, orange star earrings, a blue headband, and a frilly orange arm sleeve on. Her strap wedges are dark orange.
Stella's ski outfit is a olive green jumpsuit with greenish-yellow pockets and shoulder pads with a lavender long sleeved shirt underneath. She wears her light purple headband, and yellow googles for accessories.
Stella's robe is light green with a pale green fur on the top of the robe, on the arm sleeves, and on the hem. She also wears a light purple towel wrapped around her head.
Stella's cloak is long and dark blue in color. It features fringes at the top, and a pale blue diamond brooch.
Heavy Cloak
Stella wears a long and dark blue cloak with many layers and a big hood. It is connected at the neck with a green diamond and strings. 
Childhood Years
In her younger years, Stella is seen wearing a jungle green vest top with a golden "S" on the left side, with a pale beige skirt, and dark green rubber boots. She is also seen wearing a jungle green headband and light blue glasses.

Season 3

Stella wears a strapless, seafoam-green dress with pink stripes and a matching pink belt with a sparkly star-shaped buckle off to her left, and pink shoes platform heels with ribbons that flow freely near her ankles. She also wears a pair of pink hoop earrings with a green star on each, and her headband is now pink rather than lilac.
Stella's First Outfit is a red gown that is about knee length, with a long ruffle on the end. It has a pink veil in the back and three flowers in the middle going up and down. She also wears a red headband with a flower on it, and bracelets. Her heels are red and has a gem on the middle.

Her second outfit is a pale midriff top and she is wearing pale makeup, she also wears a blue headband.

Her third outfit is a purple midriff top and skirt.

Her fourth outfit is a pink dress with light pink and blue ruffles on the end. She also wears armwear with ruffles and pink headband.

Her fifth outfit is a pale midriff top and a pale ruffly skirt. She wears a pink ribbon around her waist, purple gloves and a flower headband. She wears metallic colored shoes with a pink gem on the middle.

Her sixth outfit is a blue dress, she wears a purple headband. Her heels are purple. Lastly, is a rock star outfit, she wears a pink wig, a purple long sleeved midriff top. She also wears jeans, pink leg warmers and wristbands. She wears purple heels.

The last outfit seems to be a shout-out to Jem, the rock star protagonist of the 80s show and merchandise line of the same name.

Stella's raincoat is a green coat with purple cuffs, green stars, and a purple belt. She also wears blue gloves, a orange scarf, purple knee high boots with matching stars and green soles, and a orange and green zigzag hat with purple cuff. Her umbrella has stars.
Dance Formal
Stella's Dance Formal outfit consists of a hot pink sparkly dress with one shoulder sleeve on her right arm, a white off the shoulder strap on her left arm with dangling blue jewels and purple ribbons. It has tiny colorful details toward the end and changes from purple to pink to yellow. It has a tiny little ribbon at the back and has several puffs and pink ruffles at the end. Her hair is up in a ponytail with a blue star hair clip and she also wears earrings.
Stella's Disco Outfit is a green dress with pink fur. She wears pink heart earrings, two silver and a gold bead bracelet on her right arm, and a pearl barrette. She also carries a small pink fur purse.
Dance Class
She wears a ballerina-like orange outfit. She wears pink socks, orange and green wristbands. Her hair is in a bun, an orange tie is holding it in place. She wears golden ballerina shoes.
Stella's pajamas is a blue ruffly top with a pink and yellow heart on the middle. She also wears a ruffly blue shorts and pink leggings, and a pink bow on her hair. She wears yellow Slippers. Her hair is in pigtails.
Biker Chick
Stella's biker chick outfit consists of a blue and pink long-sleeve midriff with elbow pads and blue and pink pants. She also wears blue biker gloves and blue boots. She also wears a blue belt with a S belt buckle. Her helmet is blue with stars.
Stella's cloak is used to cover up her "monster" form. The coat is made of similar pink sparkly material to her Erakylon Formals outfit, however it has pink diamond decorations near the sleeves.
Stella was turned into a monster by Chimera in "Valtor's Mark". She has an olive green skin color (similar to a frog), toothless, the same original face, dark green mouth and black eyes with blue makeup. As for her dress, it is the same one that is torn down between her legs. She also appears to weigh a ton as shown when the Winx were trying to save her from falling off the roof.
Preteen Years

Season 4

Stella wears an orange tube dress with spiky white frills along both hems and small circular patterns that range from being in green, yellow, gold or white. She also wears a purple belt with a green star off to her left just under her chest, as well as green high heels with white socks that have a purple dotted pattern on them similar to her dress. Her bangs are now parted off to the side rather than how they were styled prior where they covered her forehead, and she will sometimes put her hair up in a unnoticeable ponytail.
Stella's Band Outfit is a black corset tank top with orange polka dots and ruffles on the bottom. She also wears a black skirt with black leggings/tights with an orange belt with chains attached to it. Her boots are orange with a black tie wrapped on top of it. Her hair is tied up by a black tie with an orange and yellow star.
Love and Pet
Her hair is in pigtails with pink ties. She wears an orange one-piece romper with shorts, under a green sweater. She wears orange shoes with pink ankle socks. It also has yellow laces and green heels.
Stella's Exercise Outfit is an orange sweat jacket with a hoodie with green edges. She wears a pink tank top with a yellow ribbon. She also wears pink sweat pants with green edges. Her sneakers are green and orange with pink socks. Her hair is in pigtails.
Stella's Painting Outfit is a dark pink sleeveless top and a pair of overalls. She wears dark pink heels.
Stella's pajamas is a green tank top under a pink tank top. She wears orange and green sweat pants. Her hair is in pigtails. 
Stella's cowgirl outfit is a pink and orange tube crop top and a blue long skirt with a large right side slit. She wears brown cowboy boots and a hat.
Stella's travel outfit is a green long-sleeved shirt with purple stripes and purple straps under yellow overalls. Orange, yellow and green striped knee socks, and yellow sneakers. Her hair is in a ponytail.
Frutti Music Bar
Stella's Frutti Music Bar outfit is a orange tube top short sleevs with pineapples drawn above it and a matching purse, earrings and bracelets, also a green micro skirt with purple edges and orange open shoes.
She wears an orange bikini with an orange star on her bikini bottom and a purple star on the hair.
She has teal hat on the pink band on the hair. Her teal shirt and pink jacket and she wears an orange shorts. She has pink and green sneakers with a pink belt.
She wears a hot pink polka dot dress with light pink top and bottom with mint green and pale yellow ruffles at the bottom with a yellow flower and two pink ribbons. Her shoes are light pink knee high boots and her hair is down with a red headband.

Season 5

Stella wears a purple-and-orange layered dress that is fastened to her body by an orange necklace that ends in three gold stars, and knee high purple boots with orange ribbons wrapped over the half of her foot and around her ankles, ending in small bows just above her ankles. She also wears red star-shaped earrings and a purple headband with a lighter purple bow that rests on the right side of her head. Additionally, the purple sections of the dress (not counting the bow-like top) will be in zebra-print in some official stock art.
Stella wears a red orange colored top with purple straps. Her pants are light pink with yellow stripes and pink hearts on them. She has a orange and red striped trim at the top of her pants and purple cuffs on the bottom. Her hair is cut to the side with a few bangs.
Stella wears an orange hat with a purple stripe in the center of it. On top of the purple stripe is a pink flower with streamed beads around it. She wears a yellow long sleeve shirt that is below her shoulders with a purple beaded necklace. On top of the shirt is a plaid black and white vest with orange tassels and a black and white plaid shirt with orange buttons. She also has on black socks that go past her knees. Her hair is in long braided pigtails.
Stella has on a light blue sailor hat with red stripes and a red bow in the front of it. She wears a red shirt with a light blue collar, yellow buttons, and she has light blue and blue striped cuffs on the bottom of her sleeves. On the top of her pants is a red trim with a blue bow and blue beads while the rest of her pants are blue and white stripes. Her hair is in pigtails held with blue pigtail ties.
She wear a purple corset with a tiny sleeveless open dark jacket. Red pants with a black belt that decorated by a diamond and a tag wrote "S" and knee-high purple boots. Her hair is down with a side bang.
Stella wears a white and dark pink-striped top with a puffy sleeve that go to her elbow and a pink skirt underneath. She has an orange, polka-dotted scarf around her neck and her boots are orange. Her hair is down with pink, flower clips in it and she wears orange and pink bracelets on her left wrist.
Flower Princess
She wear a floor length yellow dress under an orange dress with peach strip with a lilac veil decorated with pale yellow flowers. She also wears a purple ribbon around her waist and her hair styled like Bloom. She accessories with a purple and pink bracelet on her right arm and matching necklace with a purple barrette in her hair.
Santa Suit
She wears a light blue T-shirt with long blue pants, a long red jacket and dark blue boots. She also wears a Santa hat and beard.
Vegetable Dress
She has a green dress/orange decorated with stems of lettuce and carrots. Her hat is made of orange carrots.
Volleyball Outfit
She wears a sleeveless pink jersey top with a number "2" on it. Her sports outfit matches pink shorts, knee pads, and sneakers. Her hair are french braided into two pigtails.
Underwater Explorer
She has a dark orange sleeveless jumpsuit that has numerous brown straps and belts on it. Underneath she wears a long-sleeved medium orange shirt. Her hair is down, and in its Season 5 civilian form.
She has a pink shirt with a wide purple funnel neck collar and a cropped orange top over that with an orange ribbon on one arm. She has a ruffly lavender and orange skirt with a striped belt over orange pants. Her ballet shoes are orange and she has a purple headband.
Zenith Snow
She has an orange jacket with a purple belt over a pink tunic shirt with a thin orange belt. She also has a wide pink scarf and yellow furry cuffs. She has purple leggings and orange, pink and light blue striped leg warmers. Her boots are purple with furry pale orange leg warmers. She also has an orange, pink, purple and blue hat with a yellow puff on top. She carries an purple and orange purse.
Stella's swimsuit consists of a magenta and blue zigzagged bikini top bordered with a blue tassels and an orange bow in the center. She has orange short shorts with magenta-and blue zigzags at the sides, accompanied by a magenta belt with blue beads on strings and a blue buckle with red criss-crossed threads. Her shoes are orange stiletto flip flops with teal bows. Her hair is tied into a high ponytail with side-parted bangs.
Fashion Show
Stella's Fashion Show outfit is one-piece outfit:dress with green top and three little flowers and light green skirt. Stella's hairstyle is low bun with two parts of hair down.
Alternative Casuals
Stella is wearing her casual outfit for Christmas with a mixture of red and light green.

Her second outfit consists of blue and baby pink.

The third outfit is a mixture of orange and purple.

Season 6

Stella wears a light pink collared-shirt with black buttons on the cuffs and ruffles down her chest and across her neck with a black bow, under a pink long-sleeved jacket with grey trimming and a grayish-purple ruffle skirt with grey hearts on it and decorated with a dark grey belt with a pink square buckle. She also wears pink tights with grey heels that are decorated with light pink bows on the tips. Her hair is down with curled pieces in front of her ears(the same as last season)and her bangs are down, but the sides are pulled in her grey headband with light grey plaid designs.
Stella wears a pink tank-top with soft green trimming, pink heart buttons on her chest, and a soft green pocket on her left chest under a soft green mini-jacket with pink polka-dots, a soft blue collar, and pink trimming on the sleeves. Her pajama pants are pink, soft green, and soft blue striped with a soft blue waistband. Her shoes are soft green flats with pink pom-poms on the tips. Her hair is in pigtails in the back and tied with pink beaded hair-ties, but some of her hair is in a bun at the top of her head and her bangs are down.
Stella wears a light purple sleeveless top with deep purple laces under a periwinkle blue top with short-sleeves and a long skirt with light pink, light purplish-pink with lilac plaid designs, and purple boxes while a large strip of pale blue lies near the top. She also wears a purple and blue flower choker, a double-lined purple and blue flower belt with translucent pink ribbons dangling from the right side, and purplish-pink fingerless gloves with a few purple and blue flowers on the front. Her shoes are light brown cowgirl boots with tan tips. Her hair is down with down bangs and the pieces in front of her ears are now braided with a purple and blue flower clip on the right braid.
Stella wears a lime green tank-top under a pink, soft green, dark blue, and gold striped top that shows her right shoulder and is tied on her right side with a pink stomach cover attached to the lower shirt and shorts. Her shorts are orange with pink trimming and yellow drawstrings. She also wears green tights, a green wristband on her elbow, and purple hoop-earrings. Her shoes are royal blue and soft green sneakers with soft green laces and deep purple, soft green, dark blue, and gold striped leg-warmers up to her shin. Her hair is parted to the left and braided with a purple ribbon tying it.
Like the other girls, she is wearing a purple hat with large brim and decorated with flowers, feathers and leaves in blue, gold, green, purple and pink. A transparent pink ruffled veil is attached to the hat.
Stella wears a soft blue dragging-dress with the front of her legs showing(thighs to feet), one puffy strap on her right shoulder, gold ribbons wrapped around her chest to her waist, pale yellow coloring inside, ruffled blue trimming on the end, and baby blue ruffles coming down to her knees under the dress. Her shoes are soft blue heels with ruffled straps on her toes and ankles and thin straps in-between with blue beads on the sides. She also wears blue earrings in the shape of diamonds that are made out of beads, a blue choker with soft blue trimming and polka-dots, a blue beaded necklace that leads from the choker, and two big gold bracelets with four small gold bracelets on her right wrist. Her hair is down to her knees and the sides are pulled back with blue barrettes with her bangs similar to Bloom's Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 style only the right side is a few centimeters longer and thicker that the left side while the middle piece is same. Her wings are translucent blue with dark blue beads on the trimming.
Stella wears an orange ankle-length dress that has one strap on her right shoulder, a cropped skirt to show some of her legs, soft pink trimming on the top and tied into a bow on her strap, and dark blue leopard spots. Her shoes are orange wedge-sandals with pale yellow ankle-straps and baby blue squares on her toe-straps. She also wears a soft pink headband with red beaded trimming that also goes around the back of her head, baby blue square earrings ending in red beads, a pale yellow belt with a tan flower on the front, a pale yellow armband on her left arm, and two bracelets on her right arm, one is baby blue and the other is tan with baby blue studs. Her hair is knee-length with bangs parted to the right.

The first prototype winter outfit consisted of an orange puffy jacket with yellow hearts connected by a pink ribbon with puffy pink sleeves with the jacket itself taking the shape of the hot air balloon. 

Her second winter wear consists of an orange jacket with a light blue tunic underneath. Her tunic has a pink belt around it and she wears green fingerless gloves. Her trousers are hot pink with yellow and green leg warmers. Her boots are orange and her hair is let down.

In her third one, Stella wears a fluffy fur white coat with a pink band along her waist and two blue bows. Underneath she has an aqua blue long sleeve dress with pink mittens on each of her hands. Her tights are neon pink with light blue stripes and her high heel boots match her dress with neon pink soles and purple ties.

Winter Gear
Like all of the Winx and specialists, her winter gear consists of a helmet with a yellow visor and a pair of skis. 
Stella wears a long dark green tunic with a belt and a long-sleeved pink shirt covering her arms. She wears a pink skirt and long pink socks and dark green knee-high boots. She wears blue teardrops necklace. Her hair is fishtail halfway and the rest in a ponytail.
Stella wears a strapless purple outfit and on the top she wears a midriff which is a lighter shade of purple than the full of her top. There is a translucent fabric on her midriff which hangs on her left shoulder. Her tutu is in ruffles of lilac, purple and magenta respectively. She wears sparkly lilac leggings with purple leg-warmers. Her ballet shoes are purple. Her hair is tied up in a bun with her bangs and tendrils hanging. The wings are off-white and of elegant shape. They were originally very big but turned smaller later by Stella.
Street Cleaner
Stella wears a orange long sleeved shirt with a light green collar under dark green overalls with orange stripes on the leg sleeves with light green ankle boots. Her hair is a little similar to her civilian but with flat bangs and a dark green headband.
Stella wears a pink, off-the-shoulder top under a ruffled, blue mini-dress with purple trim along the straps, a yellow star at the chest, and a pink bow on the right side of her waist. She has a pink bracelet with a yellow star with beads on it and light pink leggings under her mini-dress. Her earrings are pink and star-shaped. Her shoes are blue. She also wears a three-flower necklace . Her hair is in a high ponytail and has a pink clip on it in the shape of a petal.
Gothic Costume
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Carnival Costume
Stella wears a purple jacket which has golden border with a lilac top underneath with a black lace. She wears a black skirt with purple ruffles over her sparkly purple leggings underneath. Over the leggings she wears lilac socks that stop below her knee. She wears black boots. There are two gold bangles on her left wrist. She wears a purple hat with a lilac ribbon and a black ribbon necklace which has a purple flower on it. Her earrings are purple hoops. Her wings are yellow and moth-shaped. There are also holes in the wings.
Mother's Day Spring Collection Outfit
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Calavera (Flower Style)
Stella wears an orange dress which has yellow dots and purple flowers on it. She has purple flowers around her waist. Her earrings are gold hoops and her hair is tied in a high ponytail with bangs and a long lilac ribbon. Her heels are orange with pink straps. She wears a gold and red bracelet.
Swim Gear
Her swim gear is a one piece variant of her calveria dress along with a yellow life jacket. 
Red Dress
Stella's outfit consists of a cherry red dress with an aqua O ring belt connected with two bands on each side. She has a matching red necklace and a headband with white patterned stripes.
Track Suit
Stella outfit consists of a pink puffed shirt with light blue cuffs and aqua blue pants. Her boots are pink and blue with yellow soles and striped shoe laces. Her headband is light blue with pink patterned stripes.
She wears a pink/purple apron over her civillian outfit. 
Stella wears a sleeveless cream colored black patterned dress with purple lining on the bottom and a gold belt around her waist. She accessorizes with a purple scarf, earrings, and gloves. Her shoes are purple low heels and her hair is similar to her Domino outfit with bangs parted right and a little longer. Her wings are round and purple with blue under lining and decorated with stars.

Season 7

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Civilian (Preppy Girl)
Stella wears a short-sleeved, plaid pink top with dark blue cuffs over a pale pink dress shirt with a dark blue tie that has a small star pin in the middle, a dark orange belt and matching skirt that both have dark blue sections with buttons in them, orange knee-high socks with a pink hem and pink platform shoes with dark blue soles. She also wears purple star earrings and her hair is now tied up into a ponytail and held that way with a big pink bow that has dark blue stars on it.
Tourist (Fairy Jungle)
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Time Travel (Fashion Gold)
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Stella's hair becomes curly/wavy with two strands of hair hanging down, one and each side. Her outfit consists of (More coming soon...).
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Coming soon...
She wears a purple one-strap top and an orange scarf around her neck with black beads on it. She wears purple rectangular earrings with two black beads and one orange bead on the end. She wears scarlet pants with purple and scarlet spike-like threadings around her waist. She wears magenta shoes with purple highlights.
Medieval #1
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Medieval #2
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Stella has eye length bangs and her hair is in one braid. She is wearing a tied-up orange housecoat with an uneven length, small white polka dots, a long pink neckline, and pink cuffs, a long pale yellow pajama pants with cupcakes that have a pink liner and pink frosting, and deep pink flats with no straps or anything on it.
Urban (Sporty Chic)
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Animal Rescue (Etno Chic)
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Coming soon...
Paradise Bay
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Banana Leaf
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Coming soon...
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Season 8

Stella wears a purple long-sleeved coat with a lighter purple stitchmark pattern over a strapless pale purple dress with a dark purple dotted pattern and white frills along the topmost hem, brown leggings, and purple knee-high boots; the topmost section of the boots being a brighter purple with white frills along both ends. She also wears a small medallion around her neck and keeps her hair up in a ponytail with a blue bow (or purple in official artworks).
She is wearing a dark indigo high-necked orchid top with a fuzzy orange midriff jacket with sleeves that reach the elbows. She wears a black belt with silver beads at the edges and matching fingerless biker gloves with orange stars on them. She wears a lavender skirt with a black harp design on it and pale blue ruffles on the edge. She wears aqua leather leggings and small black boots with lavender soles and some lavender on top as well. Her hair is wilder with 4 black glittery star-shaped clips and pink highlights.
Ball Dress
Beach #1
Royal Gown
Flower Ballet
Dance Competition
Main article: IcyIn order to steal the remaining prime stars from Valtor, Stella takes on the appearance of Icy to get into Valtor's Palace.
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