Season 1

Stormy's civilian attire consists of a fuchsia/maroon-colored crop-top with no straps as the only thing holding it up is its attachment to a matching fuchsia choker through the small metal ring that rests at the center of her top, a purple miniskirt that is tied to her waist (noted by the knot resting over a slit located at her left hip, and matching purple sandals with high heels.

In some of the earlier issues of the Winx Club Comic Series, Stormy could be seen wearing a pair of purple stockings or spats to go with her skirt.

Season 2

Fortress of Light Prisoner
Throughout the Trix's imprisonment and supposed rehabilitation in the Fortress of Light, Stormy wore a white robe with several blue buttons and a navy blue belt around her waist, as well as navy blue metal shoes and a glowing lime green headband. She also retains the makeup she usually gains upon transforming into her Witch form.
Fairy Disguises
The first of Stormy's fairy disguises occurs when she and her sisters sneak into an event held at Red Fountain to stake it out. It consists of a white sailor uniform with black and green accents that bares her midriff, light green ankle-high socks with a single black stripe running just above her ankles and black shoes. Her hair has also been changed from dark purple and pale blue to orange and yellow, and is done up in two puffs that resemble a poodle's ears. One large portion of hair is also kept to the right side of her face, where it flows down to and rests on her right shoulder.

Stormy's second fairy disguise is worn during her solo mission in an attempt to sabotage Musa's upcoming concert. It consists of a light blue, long-sleeved sweater with a red collar, bottom hem and cuffs, a dark blue miniskirt, red knee-high socks, and brown shoes with grey soles. Her hair is now brown and straightened considerably, as it now flows past her shoulders.

Season 3

Wolf Disguise
While disguised as a wolf alongside her sisters, Stormy appears as one with completely red eyes and puffy, dark purple fur similar to her hair.
Traditional Ohm Clothing
When forced to wear traditional clothing from the realm of Ohm as a "gift," Stormy wears a large yellow poncho with a red splatter pattern flowing from the top and a lighter yellow rim around the bottom hem over her usual clothes with the exception of her shoes, which were changed into small yellow ones to match the outfit.
Preteen Civilian
As a preteen (around 11 to 12 years old), Stormy wore a pink, long-sleeved, shoulderless top with green straps and the number "8" printed right in the middle, blue jeans bound by a green belt, green and purple striped socks or tights with purple leg warmers worn over them, and sneakers. Most of her hair was also kept in a poodle-style by long green hairbands, while the rest puffed up at the front of her head. She's also shown to have had freckles and wore small, black lightning bolt-shaped earrings.

Season 6

Carol Disguise
Main article: CarolAfter the Trix transform three Alfea freshmen into frogs to take their place, Stormy disguises herself as Carol in her everyday attire.
Bride of Frankenstein
Main article: Bride of FrankensteinWhile assuming the role of the Bride of Frankenstein's Monster, Stormy wears a blue gown with flared shoulders and indigo-colored petals or frills running down it in a pattern and black shoulder-length gloves that open up at her palms, revealing her sharp purple nails. Her skin becomes a shade of pale green and her hair, now completely blue, flares upward in a jagged heart shape. She also wears purple lipstick and dark purple eyeshadow.

Season 8

Witch Disguise
She has light blonde hair, with dark pink bangs. She has a more of a tan complexion, she has on a black t-shirt with a cat print on it. She has on a black belt, pale purple sparkly shorts, and boots that are the exact same to Darcy's that are black with pale purple straps.
Dance Competition
She two peg tail hair.
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