Winx Club

Stormy's Witch attire consists of a sleeveless dark fuchsia dress with a flared collar, matching elbow-length gloves that stop at the palm, fuchsia tights or leggings and short, dark fuchsia heeled boots with pointed toes. She also wears a pale-pink choker covered in fuchsia-colored gems with a strap just under it that flows down the center of her dress where it forms the letter "S" at her midsection before forming into a thin, curved belt.

To match her outfit, Stormy gains dark fuchsia eyeshadow and lighter colored facial makeup that adorns most of her cheeks under her eyes.

Stormy's Gloomix consists of a glowing red arm-piece that swirls around her right arm, ending in a fuchsia-colored diamond that rests on the back of her right hand. It replaces her right glove entirely.
Her Disenchantix attire consists of a dark blue, almost black two piece that resembles a bikini with pink trim, and matching near-black segmented boots with a pink rim. Various straps appear around her right shoulder, left and right biceps and left thigh; the straps on her right arm being ones that hold up a flat, near-black shoulder-pad and a pink fabric that flows down to her shins even with her arm raise. A matching pink shawl also flows down from her left hip and over her right thigh.

While retaining her dark fuchsia eyeshadow, Stormy gains fuchsia-colored facial makeup that completely covers her cheeks and the area between her eyes and eyebrows. A small jewel-string fuchsia tiara also pokes out from her hair just above her bangs.

Super Trix
While possessed by her Tharma, Stormy's dark fuchsia Witch outfit turns red and ragged as she gains a large red mask. Her skin also becomes sickly green as her nose becomes elongated and hooked like a stereotypical witch's nose.
Dark Sirenix
Stormy has her hair floating. She wears a  deep pink/purple short dress, and some tight like bottoms. She wears purple/black lipstick. Her eye makeup gets lighter and she has tentacles coming out of her back. She is also viewed in 3D. She also has stiletto type shoes on. Her hair is up and is divided into two parts resembling her ancestor Tharma.
Dark Witch
Stormy's outfit consists of a maroon tunic-like top that opens halfway in center of her chest below a dark fuchsia plate of armor with elbow-length large hanging sleeves, baggy trousers and boots. Her hair is held high in a ponytail held with a maroon tube-like piece while her light purple bangs hang down in the front. Her eyeshadow is spread over a larger area around her eyes and its edges have a triangular/flame-like pattern.
Shape-Shifting Witch
Upon merging with Occula due to absorbing the Wild Magic source, Stormy's hair is the same as her Dark Witch form, only she has feather-like extensions like Occula's at the center of her forehead. She now wears a maroon dress made out of feathers with a deep pink puffy collar, two fuchsia gems on the dress, and talons on her hands and feet. She also has gained owl wings.
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