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Livy is the Pixie of Messages. Livy is not bonded to anyone, perhaps because of her duty.


Livy is a slightly tanned-skinned Pixie with bright sea blue eyes and dark blue eyelashes. Above her right eye is a sky blue mark; while on her left is a darker blue mark. Her hair is sandy blonde with a curly flip, reaching her neck while her bangs are very short and pulled back.

In PopPixie, other than having smoother hair and a dark brown side handbag, Livy appears to be the same as his Winx Club self.



Livy wears a magenta teardrop shaped hair clip, a blue and light green colored shirt, resembling an envelope, blue shorts with a single dark blue line going down the side, matching her shirt, and she is also barefooted; along with sky blue wristbands and wing anklets. Her wings are blue and sparkly, resembling insect wings.


He wears a shirt resembling an envelope, blue sleeves, wristbands, wing anklets and barefooted. But in his PopPixie version he got no magenta hair clip and no blue eyeshadows.

PopPixie Form

When transformed, Livy resembles a Dragon Fly. He wears a blue tee-shirt with lighter blue and multiple colors striped in; blue pants with green on the outside, and blue, white, and orange boots/shoes with matching armbands. Livy also has on a blue-lilac V shaped piece on his head with a small orange center and a dark blue half-circle on both sides of his head with lime green and orange on them, almost resembling eyes.


She has a habit of being forgetful, but what she lacks in memory, she makes up in heart. Sometimes when Livy has to send a message, she gets so excited that she leaves without even knowing what the message is. She usually has to write down the messages she delivers. She is also shown to bump into things quite often as a result of flying too fast and/or not watching where she is going. Livy is the fastest pixie and is hard to catch; some people believe that she has the ability of super speed. Her folded message surf board can sense if someone needs to send a message. Livy is the pixie that is mostly shown to have a family; Charmy is her cousin and Jolly is her older sister.


Livy's MagicPop

In A Pixie Fish, Livy helps undoing Fish Amore's spell by taking her to the colored waters of the Seven Streams. He constantly gives her water and after finally sending Amore in the Seven Streams' river he earn his MagicPop and is able to save her from a another fish so she could reach the Stream.

Livy cares a lot about his friends and living things, when removing a tree from the ground he put it back in place after using so it would not die.

Magical Abilities

Livy is able to fly or ran at high speeds even without his paper surfboard. On PopPixie he is also strong, easily lifting a huge tree and holding off an "aquarium car" two times his size at a high speed.


  • Livy is the English form of the name of an important Roman historian and writer, Titus Livius Patavinus.
  • The wing anklets worn by Livy are a reference to the winged sandals worn by Hermes, who is the Messenger of the Gods in Greek Mythology, similarly to how Livy is the Pixie of Messages.
  • Livy is another Pixie whose gender was changed in PopPixie. The others being Digit, Jolly and Zing.
  • Livy is one of the Pixies who not wear lipstick.